NATIONAL CERTIFICATEMANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION N4(Second Paper)(5140364)19 November (X-Paper)09:00–11:00CLOSED-BOOK EXAMINATIONTWO dictionaries (bilingual and/or explanatory) are allowed.This question paper consists of 6 pages.

(5140364)-2-DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND TRAININGREPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICANATIONAL CERTIFICATEMANAGEMENT COMMUNICATION N4(Second Paper)TIME: 2 HOURSMARKS: 100INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION1.Answer ALL the questions.2.Read ALL the questions carefully.3.Number the answers according to the numbering system used in thisquestion paper.4.Write neatly and legibly.

1.1.1 Who is the sender of the message?(1)1.1.2What is the message?(2)1.1.3Name the communication category when the lady says: 'In closing:change is good!'(1)1.1.4 Give a reason for the answer in QUESTION 1.1.3.(1)1.1.5Name the communication category when the staff members thinkto themselves: 'Who's getting laid off?'.(1)1.1.6Give a reason for the answer in QUESTION 1.1.5.(1)1.1.7List FIVE attributes of a good listener. 1.2 (5)Proxemics is the study of how people use the space around them tocommunicate. Discuss the FOURcommunication.Copyright reservedcommunicationzonesusedbypeopleduring(4 2)(8)[20]Please turn over

(5140364)-4-QUESTION 2: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL INTERACTION2.1Abraham Maslow identified FIVE motivating needs which are presented in ahierarchy. Illustrate Maslow's hierarchy of needs graphically.(5)2.2Name FIVE perceptual barriers and give ONE example of each.2.3Choose a term from COLUMN B that matches a description in COLUMN A.Write only the letter (A–F) next to the question number (2.3.1–2.3.5) in theANSWER BOOK.2.3.1COLUMN ANot going to class, becauseyou did not do yourhomework (5 2)ACOLUMN Bself-imageBprimary reference group2.3.2Your view of who you areCstereotyping2.3.3Family and close friendsDgatekeeping2.3.4Friends of friends Esecondary reference group2.3.5A fixed general impressionabout the characteristics of aspecific group of peopleFprejudice(10) (5 1)(5)[20]QUESTION 3: INTERVIEWING3.1Define the term interview.3.2Indicate whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Choose theanswer and write only 'True' or 'False' next to the question number(3.2.1–3.2.5) in the ANSWER BOOK.(7)3.2.1The message in an interview is usually the questions asked.3.2.2A cellphone buzzing during an interview is a physical barrier.3.2.3An employment interview is only a persuasive interview.3.2.4An open-ended question requires a 'yes' or 'no' answer.3.2.5A posture that is neither relaxed nor confident could give theimpression that someone is insecure.(5 1) Copyright reservedPlease turn over(5)

(5140364)3.3-5-The person conducting the interview is called an interviewer. He/She plays avital role in choosing the best possible candidate for the job. Discuss EIGHT responsibilities of the interviewer during an interview.(8)[20]QUESTION 4: MASS MEDIA AND ADVERTISING4.1Take a look at the advertisement below and answer the questions.4.1.1Give FIVE functions of mass media.(5)4.1.2Which function of mass media can be identified in theadvertisement?(1)4.1.3Give a reason for the answer in QUESTION 4.1.2.(1)4.1.4State TWO ways in which the advertisement draws attention.(2)4.1.5State TWO ways in which the advertisement persuades the readerto take action.(2)4.1.6Which product is being advertised?(1)4.1.7Who is the possible target audience of the advertisement?(1) 4.2Give SEVEN techniques used in manipulative reporting.Copyright reserved (7)[20]Please turn over

(5140364)-6-QUESTION 5: MEETING PROCEDURES5.1Read the following case study and answer the questions.Mrs Boloi, the chairperson, sent out a notice and agenda for a special ad hocmeeting to be held at 08:00 on Friday 1 June. The reason for themeeting was to discuss the sudden resignation of the sales manager.The chairperson opened the meeting at 08:00. Mr Andrews, the secretary,took the minutes of the meeting. According to the constitution, a quorum oftwelve members must be present. Fifteen members attended the meeting,therefore, all decisions made at the meeting were binding and valid. the term notice.5.1.2Define the term agenda.5.1.3Define the term minutes. (3 2)(6)'According to the constitution a quorum of twelve members must be present.Fifteen members attended the meeting, therefore, all decisions made at themeeting were binding and valid.'(3)Explain the following sentence: 5.3Which type of committee meeting was held?(1)5.4Give a reason for the answer in QUESTION between a public meeting and a private meeting.5.6State FIVE important qualities that the secretary, Mr Andrews, should have.(1) (2 2)TOTAL:Copyright reserved(4)(5)[20]100