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Article in a MagazineArticle in a NewspaperLetter to the EditorReviewReference List: Other Print Sources8-9An Entry in an EncyclopediaWork Discussed in a Secondary SourceGovernment DocumentReport from a Private OrganizationPublished Conference Paper in Book FormProceedings Published Regularly OnlineUnpublished Conference PaperAcademic Exercise/Thesis (Unpublished)Doctoral Dissertation, abstracted in DAIMaster’s Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation from a CommercialDatabaseMaster’s Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation from an InstitutionalDatabase (sometimes referred to as commonsMaster’s Thesis / Doctoral Dissertation from the WebDoctoral thesis, from a university outside the United StatesReference List: Electronic Sources10-12Article From an Online Periodical/DatabasesOnline Scholarly Journal ArticleOnline Scholarly Article with Printed Version AvailableOnline Newspaper ArticleOnline Magazine ArticleNon periodical Web Document, Web Page, or ReportChapter or Section of a Web DocumentOnline Forum or Discussion Board PostingComputer SoftwareE-books2

Reference List: Other Non-Print Sources13-14Interview, Email, and Other Personal CommunicationsMotion PictureA Motion Picture or Video Tape with International or NationalAvailabilityA Motion Picture or Video Tape with Limited AvailabilityTelevision Series Episode (Broadcast)Single Episode of a Television SeriesTelevision BroadcastA Television SeriesMusic RecordingSuggested Reading MaterialsAppendix3

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Author-Indian &Sikh; NamesOmit d/o, s/o, a/l, a/pNarrayani a/p Jeganathan.Cite as(without familynames)Inherited NamesNarrayani Jeganathan.Cite as it isRaja Ahmad Niza.Cite asRaja Ahmad Niza.Conferred titlesOmit titleTun Mahathir MohamadCite asMahathir Mohamad.LocalGovernmentInstitution asAuthorCite under state and followed bythe name of department in Malay.Pahang, Jabatan Alam Sekitar.ForeignGovernmentInstitution asAuthorCite under state or country andfollowed by the name ofdepartment in English.New Zealand, Department of External Affairs.UniqueCorporate BodyNamesIf the name starts with Foundation(Yayasan), Board (Lembaga), citeas it is given.Yayasan Sabah.Organization asAuthorCite as it is.American Psychological Association.ConferenceNames withNumbersDo not include the numbers.Fifth Asia-Pacific Physics ConferenceCite asAsia-Pacific Physics ConferenceUnknown AuthorDon‟t use „Anonymous‟.Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary (10thed.).(1993). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster.5

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