PIGSINTHEPARLORBy Frank & Ida MaeHammond

Table Of ContentsForeword1. Pigs In The Parlor2. Our Spiritual Enemy3. Fight The Good Fight4. The Value Of Deliverance5. How Demons Enter6. 7 Ways To Determine The Need For Deliverance7. 7 Steps To Deliverance8. 7 Steps For Retaining Deliverance9. Filling The House10.Demon Manifestations11.Deliverance: Individual & Group; Private & Public12.Self-Deliverance13.Intercessory Prayer Warfare14.Ministry To Children15.Binding And Loosing16.Pros And Cons On Tips And Methods17.The Deliverance Team18.Should I Be A Deliverance Minister?19.Practical Suggestions For Deliverance Ministers20.Demon Groupings21.Schizophrenia22.Facing Issues And Questions23.The Final ConflictFrank Hammond's Reflections

ForewordMuch is being written today on this subject of demons.Few have dealt extensively with the practical aspects ofdeliverance from demon spirits. It is from this practicalviewpoint that this book is presented. It is intendedprimarily as a guide to deliverance.The Church is fast awakening to the need for thisministry. It represents one facet of the restorationwork of the Holy Spirit within the church today .This book is also a trumpet call to total spiritualwarfare.The Church and the individual believer must getbeyond the concept of personal deliverances to theconcept of spiritual warfare against the spiritualpotentates who are called “the spiritual hosts ofwickedness in heavenly places”. (Ephesians 6:12)Here, then, are some answers on how to go aboutdeliverance and spiritual warfare.I acknowledge with deep gratitude the influence thatDr. Derek Prince has had upon my ministry. Many ofthe principles of deliverance reflected in my writing areproducts of his sound foundational teachings. I wish toexpress my thanks to Dr. Prince for permission to quotehis “Deliverance Prayer”.Appreciation is also expressed to Phillip K. Brown and

Mrs. Margaret E. Rhudy for proofreading themanuscript.Names and initials of all persons mentioned asdeliverance examples have been changed in order toprevent any possible embarrassment. All quotationsfrom Scripture are from the Authorized Version unlessotherwise noted.Frank D. Hammond

Chapter 1Pigs in the ParlorDemon spirits can invade and indwell human bodies. Itis their objective to do so. By indwelling a person theyobtain a greater advantage in controlling that personthan when they are working from the outside. Whendemons indwell a person, he or she is said to “have”evil spirits, to be “with” evil spirits, or to be “possessed”with demons. (See Mark 9:17; Luke 4:33; Mark 1:23; 5:2;Matt. 4:24). The word translated “possessed” by theKing James version is the Greek word “daimonizomai”.Many Greek authorities say this is not an accuratetranslation. It should be translated “demonized” or“have demons”. Much misunderstanding has resultedfrom the use of the word “possessed”. This wordsuggests total ownership. In this sense, a Christiancould never be “demon possessed”. He could not beowned by demons because he is owned by Christ.“Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemedwith corruptible things, as silver and gold . but withthe precious blood of Christ.” I Pet. 1:18,19“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of theHoly Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, andye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price:therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit,WHICH ARE GOD’S.” I Cor. 6:19,20

The Christian should always consider indwellingdemons as unnecessary and undesirable TRESPASSERS.A trespasser is one who unlawfully and stealthilyencroaches upon the territory of another. Trespasserscan continue their unlawful practices until they areconfronted and challenged on the basis of one’s legalrights. Jesus has purchased the believer with His ownblood and has made him a steward over his own life.The devil has no legal right to him; however, it is up tohim to defend his rights. No demon can remain whenthe Christian seriously desires him to go! “Resist thedevil and he will flee from you" (James 4:7b).Demons consider the body of the person indwelt to betheir “house”:When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, hewalketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findethnone. Then he saith, I will return into MY HOUSE fromwhence I came out. Matt. 12:43,44aIt is not uncommon for demons to speak through aperson who is being delivered (See: Mark 1:23, 24). Ihave often heard evil spirits declare, “This is my house”They are referring to the person’s body, and are seekingto deceive the person and the deliverance minister intothinking that they have a right to that body. No demoncan back up such a claim. All demons are liars anddeceivers. Demons have no title to bodies redeemed bythe blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When demons are being commanded out of a personthey will sometimes contend “I have been here a longtime” as though tenure of occupancy gives them title toa person’s body. The Christian must be assured that nodemon has a legal right to indwell his body.Twenty-five times in the New Testament demons arecalled “unclean spirits”. The word “unclean” is thesame word used to designate certain creatures whichthe Israelites were not to eat (See Acts 10:11-14). The pigwas one of these “unclean” creatures. According to OldTestament law they were not to be eaten or eventouched. The New Testament lifts this prohibition byshowing that these creatures were spiritual types.[God] disarmed the principalities and powers rangedagainst us and made a bold display and public exampleof them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it [thecross]. Therefore let no one sit in judgment on you inmatters of FOOD AND DRINK, or with regard to a feastday or a new moon or a Sabbath. Such [things] are onlyTHE SHADOW of things that are to come, and they haveonly a SYMBOLIC value. But the reality-the substance,the solid fact of: what is foreshadowed, the body of itbelongs to Christ. Col. 2:15 17 (Amplified)As a spiritual type the pig is to the natural realm whatthe demon spirit is to the spiritual realm. Just as theIsraelite zealously protected himself from contact withpigs, the Christian is to guard himself from contact withevil spirits.

What would you do if a herd of filthy pigs came intoyour parlor and began to make themselves at home?Would you invite such a thing? Would you pay noattention to them in the hope they would soon leave oftheir own accord? Would you try to clean up their messas fast as they made it? You would do none of thesethings. You would drive them out as quickly andunceremoniously as possible! And this is to be ourattitude toward demon spirits. As soon as they arediscovered they are to be driven out.All four Gospels record the event of Jesus cleansing thetemple. This is an unusual picture of our Lord. He wasfilled with righteous indignation at what he found inthe temple. It was no time for mere words; it was a timefor action. He began personally and determinedly; topurge the temple of every defiling thing. This is anillustration of the cleansing of our bodies, which aretemples of the Holy Spirit, from all that is unclean.Demon spirits provide nothing good. They only defile.They have no more place in us than the cattle, birds andmoney changers had in the earthly temple. We can actin the same authority with which Jesus cleansed thetemple and rid ourselves of defiling evil spirits. Jesusdid not make pretty speeches or debate with those whodefiled the temple - he drove them out!As unreasonable as it may seem, some Christians arenot as ready to get rid of indwelling demons as onemight assume. Some are embarrassed to admit theneed for deliverance. The embarrassment should neverresult from having them but in failure to act promptly

in getting them out. Others have walked in agreementwith certain spirits for so long that they do not want tochange. Not all Christians really want to live in purity.Such are as those who have made friends with pigs. Buteven the prodigal son came to himself while among theswine and decided that he would separate himself andreturn to his father. Let us pray that all of God’schildren who cohabit with spiritual swine will see thatthere is a better life.A research scientist in bio chemistry told me of anexperiment in which he was engaged. It was hisobjective to isolate and identify the factors which areresponsible for hog pen odors. By determining thereason why hogs smell as they do it would to then bepossible to find an antidote. Thus, hogs could be mademore compatible with human society. It is not ourobjective to make demon spirits compatible. We arenot looking for ways to make demons easier to live withbut how to get rid of them. We want no pigs in ourparlor!

CHAPTER 2OUR SPIRITUAL ENEMIESDemons are spiritual enemies and it is theresponsibility of each Christian to deal with themdirectly in spiritual warfare.Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in thepower of his might. Put on the whole armour of God,that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of thedevil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, butagainst principalities, against powers, against the rulersof the darkness of this world, against spiritualwickedness in high places. Eph. 6:10-12For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after theflesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,but mighty through God to the pulling down ofstrongholds). II Cor. 10:3,4The scripture employs the analogy of wrestling inreference to our warfare with Satan and his hosts.Wrestling is an accurate and pointed description. Itspeaks of close-quarter fighting; of personally grapplingwith the powers of darkness. Most of us would prefer touse a giant cannon and blast away at these enemiesfrom miles away, but this is not possible. The battle isvery personal and close. The enemy is a spiritual one.The weapons are spiritual.

Wrestling also suggests pressure tactics. This tells usthat Satan’s tactic is to put pressure on us. He does thisin the areas of our thought life, emotions, decisionmaking and our physical bodies. Believers often feelpressured by the enemy in one way or another. Whenone is ignorant of Satan’s devices he may turn for reliefto tranquilizers, sleeping pills or even the psychiatrist’scouch. But God’s remedy for victory over demonicpressures is spiritual warfare. The Bible shows us howthe Christian can put pressure upon the demons anddefeat them! He must then learn the practical ways inwhich this is done. He must throw away his ineffectivefleshly weapons and take up mighty spiritual weapons.The believer must know both his own weaponry andhow to employ it, and the tactics of the enemy and howto defeat him.Ephesians chapter six, verse twelve tells us fourimportant things about our spiritual enemy. First, weare told that we are fighting against PRINCIPALITIES.The Greek word for principalities is “archai” This wordis used to describe things in a series, such as leaders,rulers and magistrates. Thus, a “series” of leaders orrulers would describe their rank and organization. Sothe word "principalities” tells us that the Satanickingdom is highly organized. Perhaps Satan’s forces aremuch the same in organization as the army of theUnited States which his the President as Commander-inChief followed by generals, colonels, majors, captains,lieutenants on down to the private. Satan is the head ofhis kingdom and has under him a rank of ruling spiritsultimate subject unto himself. The English word

"principality” is defined as “the territory or jurisdictionof a prince or the country that gives title to a prince”(Webster). Thus, we see that these ruling spirits areassigned over areas such as nations and cities. This isborne out by the account in Daniel, chapter ten. Danielwas seeking a word from God through prayer andfasting. After three weeks an angel appeared. The angelexplained that he had been delayed in getting to Danielwith God’s message by an encounter with "the prince ofthe kingdom of Persia”. He does not refer to an earthlyprince, for no mere man could withstand a heavenlymessenger. He is speaking of a demon prince. From thisit is clear that there are ruling demon spirits placed bySatan over nations and cities in order to carry out hisevil purposes. Problems that persist and plaguechurches and homes can well indicate that special evilagents have been assigned to cause trouble in theseareas as well. Thus, we discover that our spiritualwarfare embraces much more than our individuallives. We are fighting for the welfare of our homes,communities and nation. The enemy is thoroughlyorganized. His moves are made with evil designsSecond,’ we are told that our warfare is againstPOWERS. The Greek word translated “powers” is“exousias”. This word is accurately translated as“authorities”. This word tells us that the demons whoare placed over various areas or territories are givenauthority to carry out whatever orders have beenassigned. The Christian soldier need not be dismayed ordiscouraged to learn that those whom he faces havebeen given authority, for the believer has even greater

authority. He is vested with the authority of the nameof Jesus.And these signs shall follow them that believe: IN MYNAME shall they cast out devils. Mark 16:17This verse tells us that the believer has greaterauthority than the authority of demons. Demons areforced to yield to the authority of the name of Jesus.The scripture reveals that demons not only haveauthority but they have power. In Luke chapter ten,verse nineteen we read of the “power” of the enemy.The word for “power” in the Greek is “dunamis”. OurEnglish words dynamo and dynamite come from thisword. Yet this fact will not daunt the Christian warrior,for he has the promise of God’s Word that he can havegreater power than that of the enemy.“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost iscome upon you.” Acts 1:8The power of the believer comes to him with thebaptism in the Holy Spirit. Jesus knows that hisfollowers ne