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UNCLASSIFIEDDEA Intelligence ReportExecutive SummaryThis Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Intelligence Report contains new and updated information onslang terms and code words from a variety of law enforcement and open sources, and serves as an updatedversion to the product entitled “Drug Slang Code Words” published by the DEA in May. It is designedas a ready reference for law enforcement personnel who are confronted with hundreds of slang terms andcode words used to identify a wide variety of controlled substances, designer drugs, synthetic compounds,measurements, locations, weapons, and other miscellaneous terms relevant to the drug trade. Althoughevery effort was made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented, due to thedynamics of the ever-changing drug scene, subsequent additions, deletions, and corrections are inevitable.Future addendums and updates to this report will attempt to capture changed terminology to the furthest extentpossible. This compendium of slang terms and code words is alphabetically ordered, with new additionspresented in italic text, and identifies drugs and drug categories in English and foreign language derivations.Drug Slang Terms and Code WordsaAcetaminophen and Oxycodone Combination (Percocet )512s; Bananas; Blue; Blue Dynamite; Blueberries; Buttons; Ercs; Greenies; Hillbilly Heroin; Kickers; M-30s;Paulas; Percs; Rims; Tires; WheelsAlprazolam (Xanax )Bars; Benzos; Bicycle Handle Bars; Bicycle Parts; Bricks; Footballs; Handlebars; Hulk; L7; Ladders; Palitroque;Planks; School Bus; Sticks; Upjohns; White Boys; White Girls; Xanies; Yellow Boys; Zanbars; Zannies; Z-BarsAmphetamineAcelerador; Amy; Amps; Bam; B-Bombs; Beans; Bennies; Benz; Black and Whites; Black Beauties; BlackBirds; Black Bombers; Black Mollies; Blacks; Blue Boys; Bombita; Brain Ticklers; Brownies; Bumblebees;Cartwheels; Chalk; Chicken Powder; Chochos; Chocolates; Christina; Chunk; Co-Pilot; Coast-to-Coasts;Crisscross; Cross Roads; Cross Tops; Crosses; Debs; Dexies; Diablos; Diamonds; Diet Pills; Dolls; Dominoes;Double Cross; Drivers; Dulces; Fives; Flour; Footballs; French Blues; Geeked Up; Goofballs; Greenies; HeadDrugs; Hearts; Horse Heads; In-Betweens; Jelly Babies; Jelly Beans; Jolly Beans; Jugs; LA Turnaround;Leapers; Lid Poppers; Lightening; Little Bombs; Marathons; Mini Beans; Mini Bennies; Morning Shot; Nuggets;Oranges; Pastas; Pastillas; Peaches; Pep Pills; Pepper; Pingas; Pink Hearts; Pixies; Pollutants; PurpleHearts; Rhythm; Rippers; Road Dope; Roses; Rueda; Snaps; Snow Pallets; Sparkle Plenty; Sparklers; Speed;Splash; Sweeties; Sweets; Tens; Thrusters; TR-6s; Truck Drivers; Turnabouts; Uppers; Wake Ups; West CoastTurnarounds; Wheels; Whiffle Dust; White Crosses; Whites; ZoomersAmphetamine and Dextroamphetamine Combination (Adderall )A-Train; Abby; Addy; Amps; Christmas Trees; Co-Pilots; Lid Poppers; Smart Pills; Smarties; Study Buddies;Study Skittles; Truck Drivers; ZingBuprenorphine and Naloxone Combination (Suboxone )Boxes, Bupes; Oranges; Sobos; Stop Signs; Stops; SubsaSee Appendix A for an alphabetized list of drug slang and code words for common drugs.2UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIEDDEA Intelligence ReportClonazepam (Klonopin )Benzos; K; K-Pin; Pin; Super Valium; TranksCocaine7; 62; 77; 777; 921; A-1; Adidas; All-American Drug; Ancla; Angel Powder; Angie; Animals; Apache; Apodo;Arriba; Audi; Aunt Nora; Azucar; Baby Powder; Barrato; Basuco; Bazooka (cocaine paste mixed withmarijuana); Beach; Belushi (cocaine mixed with heroin); Bernice; Bernie’s Flakes; Bernie’s Gold Dust; Big Bird;Big Bloke; Big C; Big Flake; Big Rush; Billie Hoke; Bird; Birdie Powder; Blanca Nieves; Blanco; Blast; Blizzard;Blonde; Blocks; Blow; BMW; Board; Bobo; Bolitas; Bolivian Marching Powder; Bombita (cocaine mixed withheroin); Booger Sugar; Bose; Bouncing Powder; Brisa; Bump; C-Dust; Caballo; Caca; Cadillac; CaliforniaPancakes; Calves; Canelon; Candy; Car; Carney; Carrie Nation; Cars; Case; Cebolla; Cecil; Cement; Charlie;Chevy; Cheyenne; Chica; Chicanitas; Chinos; Chiva; Cielo; Clear Kind; Clear Tires; Coca; Coca-Cola; Cocazo;Coconut; Coke; Cola; Colorado; Comida; Comida Dulce; Connie; Cookie; Cosa; Coso; Cosos; Crow; CrustyTreats; Cuadro; Death Valley; Designer Jeans; Devil’s Dandruff; Diamonds; Diente; Dienton; Diesel; DiosaBlanca; Dona Blanca; Double Bubble; Double Letters; Dove; Dream; Dulces; Duracell; Durazno; Duro; Dust;Escama; Escorpino; Falopa; Fef1; Fichas; Fiesta; Fire (cocaine base); Fish (liquid cocaine); Fish Scale;Flake; Flea Market Jeans; Florida Snow; Flour; Food; Foolish Powder; Fox; Freeze; Friskie Powder; Frula;Funtime; Gabacho; Galaxy; Gallos; Gato; Gift of the Sun; Gin; Girl; Girlfriend; Glad Stuff; Gold Dust; GreenGold; Gringa; Gringito; Grout; Guerillo; Gueros; Guitar; H1; Hai Hit; Hamburger; Happy Dust; Happy Powder;Happy Trails; Heaven; Heaven Dust; Heavy One; Hen; Henry VIII; HH; HHJ; High Heat; HMH; Hooter; Hundai;Hunter; Ice Cream; Icing; Inca Message; Izzy; Jam; Jaime Blanco; Jaula; Jeep; Jelly; John Deere; Joy Flakes;Joy Powder; Juguetes; Jump Rope; Junk; K13; King’s Habit; Kordell; La Familia; Lady; Lady Snow; LateNight; Lavada; Leaf; Libreta; Line; Loaf; Love Affair; LV; Maca Flour; Madera; Mama Coca; Mandango; Manita;Maradona; Marbol; Material; Mayback (62 grams); Mayo; Melcocha; Media Lata; Mercedes; Milk; Milonga;Mojo; Mona Lisa; Monte; Morro; Mosquitos; Movie Star Drug; Muchacha; Muebles; Mujer; Napkin; Nieve; Niña;Normal; Nose Candy; Nose Powder; Old Lady; Oyster Stew; Paint; Paloma; Paleta; Palomos; Pantalones;Papas; Paradise; Paradise White; Parrot; Pearl; Pedrito; Perico; Personal; Peruvian; Peruvian Flake; PeruvianLady; Pescado; Peta; Pez; Pichicata; Pillow; Pimp; Pingas; Pingos; Pintura Blanca; Poli; Pollo; Polvo; Powder;Powder Diamonds; Puma; Puritain; Quadros; Queso Blanco; Racehorse Charlie; Rambo; Refresco; Refrescas;Regular Kind; Regular Work; Reindeer Dust; Richie; Rims; Rocky Mountain; Rolex; Rolex HH; Rooster; Scale;Schmeck; Schoolboy; Scorpion; Scottie; Seed; Serpico; Sierra; Shirt; Ski Equipment; Sleigh Ride; Sneeze;Sniff; Snow; Snow Bird; Snow Cone; Snow White; Snowball; Snowflake; Society High; Soda; Soditas; Soft;Space (cocaine mixed with PCP); Special; Speedball (cocaine mixed with heroin); Stardust; Star SpangledPowder; Studio Fuel; Suave; Sugar; Superman; Sweet Stuff; Tabique; Tablas; Talco; Talquito; Tamales; Taxi;Tecate; Teenager; Teeth; Tequila; Thunder; Tire; Tonto; Toot; Tortes; Tortuga; Toyota; T-Shirts; Tubo; Tucibi(pink variety); Turkey; Tutti-Frutti; Vaquita; Wash; Wet; Whack (cocaine mixed with PCP); White; White Bitch;White Cross; White Dove; White Girl; White Goat; White Horse; White Lady; White Mercedes Benz; WhiteMosquito; White Paint; White Powder; White Rock; White Root; White Shirt; White T; White Wall Tires; Whitey;Whiz Bang; Wings; Wooly; Work; Yayo; Yeyo; Yoda; Zapato; ZipCrack Cocaine51s; 151s; 501s; Apple Jack; Baby T; Base; Baseball; Bazooka; Beam Me Up; Beautiful Boulders; Beemer;Bill Blass; Bings; BJ; Black Rock; Blowcaine; Blowout; Blue; Bobo; Bolo; Bomb; Bone Crusher; Bone; BooBoo; Boulder; Boy; Breakfast of Champions; Bubble Gum; Bullion; Bump; Candy; Caps; Casper the Ghost;Caviar; CD; Cheap Basing; Chewies; Chingy; Clicker; Climax; Cloud; Cloud Nine; Cookies; CRC; Crib; Crunchand Munch; Devil; Devil Smoke; Dice; Dime Special; Dirty Basing; Dirty Fentanyl (crack cocaine mixed withfentanyl); Double Yoke; Durin; Eastside Player; Egg; Eye Opener; Famous Dimes; Fat Bags; Fifty-One; FishScales; Freebase; French Fries; Garbage Rock; Geek; Glo; Gold; Golf Ball; Gravel; Great White Hope; Grit;Groceries; Hail; Hamburger Helper; Hard; Hotcakes; Hubba; Ice; Ice Cubes; Issues; Jelly Beans; Johnson;Kangaroo; Kokoma; Kryptonite; Love; Mixed Jive; Moon Rock; Nickle; Nuggets; One-Fifty-One; Paste;Pebbles; Pee Wee; Piedras; Pile; Pony; Primo; Quarters; Raw; Ready Rock; Red Caps; RIP (Rest in Peace);3UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIEDDEA Intelligence ReportRoca; Rock; Rock Attack; Rocks of Hell; Rocky III; Rooster; Rox; Roxanne; Roz; Schoolcraft; Scotty; Scramble;Scruples; Seven-Up; Sherms; Sight Ball; Slab; Sleet; Smoke; Speed Boat; Square Time Bomb; Stone; SugarBlock; Takeover (crack cocaine mixed with fentanyl); Teeth; Tension; Tissue; Top Gun; Troop; Ultimate; Up; Uzi;Wave; White Ball; White Ghost; White Sugar; White Tornado; Wrecking Crew; Yahoo; Yale; YimyomEcstasy/MDMA/MollyAdam; Baby Slits; Beans; Blue Kisses; Blue Superman; Bombs; Booty Juice (dissolved in liquid); Candy;Chocolate Chips; Clarity; Dancing Shoes; Decadence; Disco Biscuits; Doctor; Domex (ecstasy mixed withPCP); Drop; E; E-Bomb; Essence; Eve; Go; Goog; Green Apple; Happy Pill; Hug; Hug Drug; Kleenex;Love Doctor; Love Drug; Love Flip (taken with mescaline); Love Potion #9; Love Trip (ecstasy mixed withmescaline); Lover’s Speed; Malcolm X; Moon Rock; Peace; Pingaz; Pingers; Rolls; Rolling; Running; ScoobySnacks; Skittle; Smacks; Slits; Smarties; Speed for Lovers; Sweets; Tacha; Thizz; Vitamin E; Vowels; WhiteMercedes; X; XTC; YokesFentanyl and Fentanyl DerivativesApache; Birria (fentanyl mixed with heroin); Blonde; Blue Diamond; Blue Dolphin; Blues; Butter; China Girl;China Town; China White; Chinese; Chinese Buffet; Chinese Food; Crazy; Crazy One; Dance Fever; Dragon;Dragon’s Breath; F; Food; Freddy; Fuf (furanyl fentanyl); Facebook (fentanyl mixed with heroin in pill form);Fent; Fenty; Fire; Friend; Girl; Goodfella; Great Bear; Gray Stuff; He-Man; Heineken; Huerfanito; Humid;Jackpot; King Ivory; Lollipop; Murder 8; Nal; Nil; Nyl; Opes; Pharmacy; Poison; Shoes; Snowflake; Tango andCash; TNT; Toe Tag Dope; White Girl; White LadiesFlunitrazepam (Rohypnol )542; Circles; Date Rape Drug; Forget Pill; La Rocha; Lunch Money; Mexican Valium; Mind Eraser; Pingus; R2;Reynolds; Roach; Roapies; Rochas; Roofies; Rope; Rophies; Ro-Shay; Trip-and-Fall; WolfiesGHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid)Blowout; Bruno Mars; Cherry Meth; Easy Lay; Everclear; Fantasy; G; Gamma Oh; GEEB; Georgia Home Boy;Goop; Great Hormones at Bedtime; Grievous Bodily Harm; G-Riffic; Gina; Jib; Liquid E; Liquid X; MonkeyJuice; Organic Quaalude; Salty Water; Scoop; Soap; WaterHeroinAbajo; A-Bomb (heroin mixed with marijuana); Achivia; Adormidera; Amarilla; Anestesia de Caballo (heroinmixed with the horse anesthetic xylazine); Antifreeze; Apodo; Arpon; Aunt Hazel; Avocado; Azucar; Bad Seed;Baja Corte (diluted heroin); Ballot; Basketball; Basura; Beast; Beyonce; Big Bag; Big H; Big Harry; Bird; BirdiePowder; Birria; Birria Blanca; Black; Black Bitch; Black Goat; Black Olives; Black Paint; Black Pearl; BlackSheep; Black Shirt; Black Tar; Blanco; Blue; Blow Dope; Blue Hero; Bombita (heroin mixed with cocaine);Bombs Away; Bonita; Boy; Bozo; Brea Negra; Brick Gum; Brown; Brown Crystal; Brown Rhine; Brown Sugar;Bubble Gum; Burrito; Butter; Caballo; Caballo Negro; Caca; Café; Cajeta; Capital H; Cardio (white heroin);Carga; Caro; Cement; Certificada (pure heroin); Chapopote; Charlie; Charlie Horse; Chavo; Cheese; Chicle;Chiclosa; China; China Blanca (white heroin); China Cat; China White; Chinese Buffet (white heroin); ChineseFood; Chinese Red; Chip; Chiva; Chiva Blanca; Chiva Loca (heroin mixed with fentanyl); Chiva Negra;Chivones; Chocolate; Chocolate Balls; Chocolate Shake; Choko; Chorizo; Churro Negro; Chutazo; Coco;4UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIEDDEA Intelligence ReportCoffee; Cohete; Comida; Crown Crap; Curley Hair; Dark; Dark Girl; Dark Kind; Dead on Arrival (DOA); Diesel;Dirt; Dog Food; Doggie; Doojee; Dope; Dorado; Down; Downtown; Dragon; Dreck; Dynamite; Dyno; El Diablo;Engines; Enrique Grande; Esquina; Esquinilla; Fairy Dust; Flea Powder; Food (white heroin); Foolish Powder;Galloping Horse; Gamot; Gato; George Smack; Girl; Globo (balloon of heroin); Goat; Golden Girl; Good andPlenty; Good H; Goofball (heroin mixed with methamphetamine); Goma; Gorda; Gras; Grasin; Gravy; Gum;H; H-Caps; Hairy; Hard Candy; Hard One; Harry; Hats; Hazel; Heaven Dust; Heavy; Helen; Helicopter; HellDust; Henry; Hercules; Hero; Him; Hombre; Horse; Hot Dope; Huera; Hummers; Jojee; Joy Flakes; JoyPowder; Junk; Kabayo; Karachi; Karate; King’s Tickets; La Tierra; Lemonade; Lenta; Lifesaver; Manteca;Marias; Marrion; Mayo; Mazpan; Meal; Menthol; Mexican Brown; Mexican Food (black tar heroin); MexicanHorse; Mexican Mud; Mexican Treat; Modelo Negra; Mojo; Mole; Mongega; Morena; Morenita; Mortal Combat;Motors; Mud; Mujer; Murcielago; Muzzle; Nanoo; Negra; Negra Tomasa; Negrita; Nice and Easy; Night;Noise; Obama; Old Steve; Pants; Patty; Peg; P-Funk; Piezas; Plata; Poison; Polvo; Polvo de Alegria; Polvode Estrellas; Polvo Feliz; Poppy; Powder; Prostituta Negra; Puppy; Pure; Rambo; Raw (uncut heroin); RedChicken; Red Eagle; Reindeer Dust; Roofing Tar; Ruby; Sack; Salt; Sand; Scag; Scat; Schmeck; Scramble(uncut heroin); Sheep; Shirts; Shoes; Skag; Skunk; Slime; Smack; Smeck; Snickers; Soda; Speedball (heroinmixed with cocaine); Spider Blue; Sticky Kind; Stufa; Sugar; Sweet Jesus; Tan; Tar; Tecata; Thunder; Tires;Tomasa; Tootsie Roll; Tragic Magic; Trees; Turtle; Vidrio; Weights; Whiskey; White; White Boy; White Girl;White Junk; White Lady; White Nurse; White Shirt; White Stuff; Wings; Witch; Witch Hazel; ZapapoteHydrocodone (Norco , Vicodin , Lorcet )357s; Bananas; Dones, Dro; Droco; Fluff; Hydros; Idiot Pills; Lemonade; Lorries; Scratch; Tabs; Triple V(Vicodin taken with Valium and Vodka); Veeks; Vics; Vikes; WatsonsHydromorphone (Dilaudid )D; Dillies; K4; Needle CandyKetamine (Ketalar )Barry Farrell; Blind Squid; Cat Food; Cat Valium; Donkey; Green; Green K; Honey Oil; Jet; Jet K; K; Keller;Kelly’s Day; K-Hold; Kit Kat; Kitty Flip; K-Ways; Purple; Special K; Special La Coke; Super Acid; Super C;Vitamin K; Wobble; WonkyKhatAbyssian Tea; African Salad; Catha; Chat; Kat; OatLSD (Lysergic Acid Die