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At a glancea quick lookFirst lookAt a glanceFirst lookTop topicsTips & tricksLet’s get started! We'll guide you through startup and tell you abit about your phone’s features.And when you're ready, customize your phone to match yourstyle with Motorola Shells (sold separately and not available inall countries).Note: Software updates happen frequently, so your phone maylook a little different.TV Antenna or Headset Jack(antenna for DTV phones only)11:35Micro SIM Card Slot(under back cover)microSD MemoryCard Slot(under back cover)Power ButtonSecondMicro SIMCard Slot(dual SIMphones only,under backcover)Volume ButtonsGooglePlay StoreBackHomeOverviewMenuMoreBackNextMicro USB/ChargerMicrophone Start: Ready to start? See “Start”. Top topics: Just want a quick list of what your phone cando? See “Top topics”. Help: All your questions about your new phone answeredHelp. Want evenright on your phone. Tap Apps more? See “Get help & more”.Note: Certain apps and features may not be available in allcountries.This product meets the applicable national orinternational RF exposure guidance (SAR guideline)when used normally against your head or, when wornor carried, at a distance of 1.5 cm from the body. The SARguideline includes a considerable safety margin designed toassure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.

At a glanceTop topicsAt a glanceFirst lookTop topicsCheck out what your phone can do.MenuMoreBackNextFind these fast: Wi-Fi, airplanemode, flashlight, and more.“Quick settings”Choose new wallpaper, sounds,and more.“Redecorate yourhome screen”Probably more megapixels thanyour average camera.“Take photos”On some phones, you can watchhigh definition TV.“Quick Start: DigitalHDTV”Go on the internet.“Browse”Browse, shop, and downloadapps.“Download apps”Keep your info safe. Lock yourscreen and more.“Protect”Never get lost again.“Locate & navigate”Save data charges. Use Wi-Fi.“Wi-Fi networks”Stuck? Confused?“Help & more”

Startlet’s get up & runningRemove the back coverStartRemove the back coverPut in the cards & power onBattery lifeSign inOld phone to new phoneYour phone is water resistant, but it depends on you putting thecover on properly. If you need to remove the cover to insertcards, be sure to replace it properly to ensure water resistance.Take off the back cover.Put your finger in the bottom corner hole in the cover andpry it off. Don’t be afraid to use a little muscle.Put on the back cover.Press all the way around the camera area and thecover’s edges for a water-resistant seal.MenuMoreBackNextCaution: Don't use tools to remove the cover—doing so maydamage your phone.Water resistance note: This device is IPX7 waterresistant—not waterproof. Avoid prolonged exposure towater. Do not submerge in more than three feet of water orfor longer than 30 minutes.

StartStartRemove the back coverPut in the cards & power onBattery lifeSign inOld phone to new phonePut in the cards & power onDual SIM phone settingsNote: In some countries, you can use a second SIM card.With a dual SIM phone, you can use one or two SIM cards. Ifthere's only one SIM in the phone, it's ready to use. With twocards inserted, you can use either or both.Put in the SIM and optional microSD cards.Caution: Make sure you use the correct size SIM cards, don’tcut the SIM card, and don’t use adapters with your SIM cards.1Put in the SIM and memory cards.With the gold contacts facing down, push in a card.Micro SIM 1microSD(optional)Micro SIMMiniSIM2Nano SIM& AdapterNote: The memorycard (microSD) won’tgo in as far as the SIM.Power on.PPress and holdPower until thescreen lightsup.MenuMoreBackNextMicroSIM 2(dual SIMphones only)To set up your phone to use two SIM cards, insert both cards,turn on your phone, and follow the prompts. To finish dual SIMsetup, drag down the status bar at the top of the home screenand tap Welcome to your dual SIM.Tip: With two SIM cards, you the top of your home

StartDual SIM with intelligent callingStartRemove the back coverPut in the cards & power onBattery lifeSign inOld phone to new phoneYour phone learns your usage patterns to choose the best SIMfor an outgoing call. Your phone automatically prompts you inthe status bar to enable this feature. Or, you can enable itanytime by touching Apps Settings SIM cards Callsettings Phone account settings Make calls with.Tip: To make the screen sleep or wake up, press the Powerbutton. To turn your phone on or off, press and hold it.Battery lifeYour phone is like a small computer that processes tons ofinformation and apps at lightning fast speed. Depending onwhat you use, that can take a lot of power.To see what’s using up battery power, tap AppsSettings Battery. To turn on Battery saver, tap Appsthen tap Menu Battery saver. Settings Battery,Tips & tricksTo save even more battery life between charges, you couldreduce:Settings, then Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use: Tap Apps tap Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to turn them off when you don’t needthem.Settings Location Mode GPS use: Tap Apps Battery saving to turn off GPS tracking.MenuMoreBackNext Display brightness: Tap Apps Settings Display Brightness level (slide dimmer setting left). Make sureAdaptive brightness is also turned on. Display timeout delay: Tap Apps Sleep (shorter setting). Settings Display Widgets that stream information to your home screen, likenews or weather. Unused online accounts that you registered: Tap AppsSettings Accounts. Tap the account you want to remove. Tap it again, then tap Menu Remove account. Recording or watching videos, listening to music, or takingpictures.Warning: Don't try to remove or replace the batteryyourself—doing so may damage the battery and could causeburning and injury. If your phone becomes unresponsive, try areboot—press and hold the Power button until the screen goesdark, and your phone restarts.

StartSign inStartRemove the back coverPut in the cards & power onBattery lifeSign inOld phone to new phoneTips & tricksIf you use Gmail , you already have a Google account—ifnot, you can create an account now. Signing into your Googleaccount lets you use Google apps, see your contacts,appointments, photos, and more.Just select your language and follow the screen prompts to getstarted. Wi-Fi network: For faster internet access or to conservedata use, swipe the status bar down with two fingers, tapand then tap Wi-Fi. There’s more in “Wi-Fi networks”., Accounts: To add, edit, or delete accounts, tap AppsSettings Accounts, then tapAdd account. To set up email accounts, see “Email”.For help with your Google account. Contacts: To get your contacts from your old phone, youhave options. If your old phone was also Android and youused the Android Backup and Restore feature, your contactsautomatically appear on your new phone. Otherwise, usethe Motorola Migrate app in “Old phone to new phone”. 11:35Note: This phone supports apps and services that may use a lotof data, so make sure your data plan meets your needs.Contact your service provider for details.Add your accountSign in to get the most out of yourdevice. iSign in to see yourcontacts, appointments,and photos.Enter your emailOR CREATE A NEW ACCOUNTSKIPMenuMoreBackNext

StartOld phone to new phoneStartRemove the back coverPut in the cards & power onBattery lifeSign inOld phone to new phoneTips & tricksCopying your personal stuff from your old Bluetooth-enabledphone to your new phone is easy.Note: If your old phone is an Android phone, download theMotorola Migrate app on Google Play on your old phonebefore you get started.Find it: On your new phone, tap Apps Migrate While you’re migrating, you can keep using your phone. Signing into your Google account copies your apps if theyare backed up to the cloud. For iPhones, you can migrate contacts and calendar eventsonly from the iCloud. For phones that support copying music, not all music can becopied. (If you want to know more, you can search online tolearn about digital rights management or DRM-protectedfiles.) Older phones that are not Android or iPhone must haveBluetooth capability.11:35Migrate your stuffCopy stuff from your old phone to thisone in just a few minutes.You may be able to transfer photos,videos, music, call history, messages,contacts and more.Send data TO this deviceSend data FROM this deviceSelect your old phone typeEXITMenuMoreBackNextSelect your oldphone type.NEXT

Home screen & appsyou have quick accessHome screen & appsQuick start: Home screen & appsHelp & moreSearchStatus & notificationsVolumeDiscover your Moto appsDownload appsTake care of your appsUpdate your phoneQuick start: Home screen & appsTips & tricksThe home screen is what you see when you first turn on yourphone. From here, you can explore apps and more. Search: Type text in the Google Search box at the top ofyour home screen, or tapto search by voice. Open app list: To see your apps, tap Apps. Widgets: To put widgets like a clock, interactive calendar,and more on your home screen, touch and hold an emptyspot on the home screen, then tap WIDGETS. Pages: To add a page, drag an app to the right side of thescreen until you see a white bar. You can add multiplepages. To show other pages of shortcuts and widgets, swipethe home screen left. Google Now : Touch and hold Home , then flick up tothe Google icon . After setup, you can access it byswiping right from the home screen. Settings: To quickly open settings, swipe the status bardown with two fingers and tap .11:35Swipe down with one finger fornotifications or with two fingersfor settings.Search by typing orsay "OK, Google".Touch and hold an emptyspot for widgets,wallpaper, and more.GooglePlay StoreTap Appsto see all your apps.MenuMoreBackNext Apps: To uninstall apps, tap Apps , touch and hold anapp, then drag it to Uninstall. (You can’t uninstall someapps).To remove an app from a home screen page, touch and holdthe app, then drag it to Remove. The app isn’t removed fromyour phone, just the home screen. Customization: For more about changing your homescreen, see “Redecorate your home screen”.

Home screen & appsHome screen & appsQuick start: Home screen & appsHelp & moreSearchStatus & notificationsVolumeDiscover your Moto appsDownload appsTake care of your appsUpdate your phoneHelp & moreTip: To close the keyboard, tapWatch a tutorial. Read a how-to. Talk to someone. Find outanything about your phone.Find it: Apps 11:35Let us suggest a fewchanges for you.Getting startedFirst things firstWatch tutorials, readhow-tos, and more.New to Andriod?Status & notificationsAt the top of the screen, icons on the left notify you about newmessages or events. If you don’t know what an icon means,swipe the status bar down for details.HelpHome.Tip: Getting too many notifications? Touch and hold anotification to see which app is sending them to you. Then youcan turn them off.Swipe down to seenotifications.11:35 AMShow me how (step by step)Wednesday, January 73 new 26Tip: To clear just one,flick it to the left or right.Learn about Motorola featuresWeekly Staff Meeting11:30-12:30 pm Conference Room 1Personalize your deviceCraig TannerDiscover appsChatCallNeed a real-live, actualhuman? Chat or call us.At the top of the home screen, tap the Google Search box for atext search or tapto search by voice.When you type, suggestions appear below the search field:MoreBackNext To search for a suggestion, tap it. To search for text in the search field, tapPublix Super MarketsSavings Just for :27 AM2Clear notifications.Tip: To quickly change common settings, swipe the status bardown with two fingers. For more, see “Quick settings”.SearchMenu11:35 pmYou are invited to a video callon the keyboard.

Home screen & appsHome screen & appsQuick start: Home screen & appsHelp & moreSearchStatus & notificationsVolumeDiscover your Moto appsDownload appsTake care of your appsUpdate your phoneIcons at the top right of your screen tell you about phone status:Network strengthNo sound/VibrateWi-Fi in range/connectedBluetooth onPriorityAirplane modeAlarm set/WarningBattery charging/fullMoto apps can simplify life and help you out. Just follow theprompts to find out more.Press the side volume button up or down to select a volumefrom high to vibrate.Find it: AppsPriorityGoogle Moto Assist: Set your phone’s behavior based on what you’redoing. For example, keep alarms quiet at night while you’resleeping.AllChange to vibrate orback to ring.Next None: Turn off all sounds and alarms. Override soundsettings from other apps. Set how long to stay in this mode,or choose indefinitely.VolumeSet the volume using theside volume buttons.Back Priority: Tapto select which interruptions to receive.You will always hear alarms. Set when you want to be in thismode, or choose indefinitely.Discover your Moto appsSet the notifications andalarms to hear.More All: Receive all notifications and alarms.Note: Apps you download on Google Play might show othericons in the status bar to alert you to specific events.NoneMenuAlso, tap one of these options for more settings:Play Store Actions: Learn how to open your camera with two twists ofyour wrist using Quick Capture. See “Photos & videos” formore details. Display: See messages, calls, and other notifications—evenif your phone is asleep.

Home screen & appsHome screen & appsQuick start: Home screen & appsHelp & moreSearchStatus & notificationsVolumeDiscover your Moto appsDownload appsTake care of your appsUpdate your phoneNo