Zonta and UN Relations The Start, Women's Rights, Zonta's Work

Zonta and UN Relations The Start, Women's Rights, Zonta's Work

Zonta and UN Relations The Start, Women Rights, Zontas Work Ideas for Zonta Clubs in District 13 By UN and CoE Committee in D-13 June 2019 Astrid Grude Eikseth, Hanne Friis, Elsemette Cassoe Hildur Helga Gisladottir, Ruta Jasioniene, Zonta and UN cooperates in two ways 1. Service projects among women and girls: money and support Madagascar

Niger Liberia 2. Advocacy work in UN for advancing the status of women: influence Jordan From the history a women pioneer Helvi Sipil from Finland was Zonta International President in 1968-70. She became the first female Assistant Secretary

General in 1972-80. She made great progress in work for women: The first UN Women Conference in Mexico 1975 The Women Convention CEDAW in 1979 Started UNIFEM help fund for women. Why should UN listen to Zonta? Zonta is a leading organization of professionals. Zonta has general consultative status in ECOSOC. (ECOSOC = Economic and Social Council) Zonta International has a high standing and cooperates with other NGOs.

(NGO = Non-Governmental Organizations) Under-Secretary-General Pfumzille Mlambo Ngzuka Benefits of Consultative Status Advocate issues of concern Provide expertise through written and oral statements Organize side events on issues Access to UN networking w UN staff & member countries Attend International conferences/events

ZI UN Committee Astrid and Leslie, NY 2015 Chairman Ingeborg Geyer 20 members Themes this biennium: Sustainable Development Goals Ingeborg Geyer Ending child marriage

Womens employment Gender pay gap Human trafficking Human rights Actions towards UN bodies, ZI districts > clubs Zonta UN Committee - sites UN Main Office New York UN Office in Vienna Palace of Nations Geneva; also

ILO UNESCO in Paris UN bodies for Women issues General Assembly HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS CEDAW-Committee Secr. - General ECOSOC

/HLPF ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) Functional Commissions CSW Funds and programs: Unicef UNFPA Trust Fund

(Commission on the Status of Women) UN WOMEN (Coordinating role) 2011 Regional Commissions ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) Standing committees CoNGO

(ex. NGO CSW NY) According to different UN tools Women Human Rights Tools Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women 1979 (CEDAW) Beijing Platform for Action 1995 (BPfA) Sustainable Development Goals 2015 (Agenda

2030) CEDAW - A bill of rights for women CEDAW stands for Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women from 1979. 188 nations have ratified it. The nations have to write gender equality into their legislation and delete discriminating decisions. They are obliged to protect women against discrimination, and ensure civil, social, economic, cultural and political rights. All governments have to establish institutions to follow up and measure the progress in the antidiscrimination efforts and report to the CEDAW

committee every 4th year. Sustainable Development Goals 2015, Agenda 2030 Example of Zontas Advocacy work: Economic Security, Violence against Women and the Workplace Event in UN: Agreement on violence against women has consequences for workplaces and womens life. We need guidelines in private sector for safe work places developed through social dialogues, it was said.

Example of Zontas Service Project: Let us Learn Madagascar About 90 percent of Madagascars population lives on less than US$2 per day, leaving children particularly vulnerable. More than a quarter of Madagascars children are excluded from formal education, and one out of three girls will become pregnant before the age of 18. Junior secondary school enrollment fees are prohibitively expensive for families, forcing parents to select one child to continue their education, often leaving girls behind. Zonta International has committed US$1,000,000 to UNICEF USA to create opportunities for vulnerable and excluded girls to realize their rights to an education in a secure and protective environment.


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