Zažívací ústrojí I. díl - Univerzita Karlova

Zažívací ústrojí I. díl - Univerzita Karlova

TOOTH dens, dentis odus, odonotos Teeth (Dentes) arcus dentalis superior (maxillaris) ellipse arcus dentalis inferior (mandibularis) parabola permanent teeth (dentes permanentes) 32

deciduous teeth (dentes decidui) 20 dens incisivus (= incisor tooth) 8/8 dens caninus (= canine tooth) 4/4 dens premolaris (= premolar tooth) 8/0 dens molaris (= molar tooth) 12/8 Teeth parts

crown (corona) neck (cervix) root (radix) pulp (pulpa)

Surfaces and directions occlusalis vestibularis (buccalis/labialis) lingualis (lower teeth) palatinalis (upper teeth)

mesialis distalis Teeth fixation gomphosis (socket) = dentoalveolar joint located in bony alveolus dentalis of jaw periodontium

parodontium = all structures around tooth Peridontium between tooth and dental alveolus (fixed to the bone of alveolus) collagen fibers (serve as alveolar periosteum) fixation apparatus of tooth = fibers of various directions

penetrates into cement rapid change of connective tissue, plasticity orthodontics atrophy in lack of proteins and vitamin C scurvy (= skorbut) Periodontium

Scurvy (scorbut) Macroscopy of tooth and its fixation Denture as a whole

mordex = denture orthodental position teeth vertically occlusion (occlusio) 80 % psalidodontia (scissors-like occlusion) = norm progenia = lower jaw longer (lower teeth in front of upper

ones) stegodontia = roof-like occlusion prognathia = upper jaw longer (upper teeth in front of lower ones) opisthodontia = lower teeth too far behind upper ones hiatodontia (= mordex apertus) Dental chart / scheme

crossed with letters tooth number designed with lower INDEX lowercase = decicuous UPPERCASE = PERMANENT crossed with numbers Roman numerals = decicuous Arabic numerals = PERMANENT

Dental chart / scheme of deciduous teeth Dental chart / scheme of permanent teeth Dental chart / scheme binumeral (Fderation Dentaire Internationale) 1-4 quadrants (from right side above clock-wise)

= PERMANENT 5-8 (similar) = deciduous numeral (American Dental Association) numerals 1-32 (from right upper third mollar clock-wise) = PERMANENT letters A-T (similar from right upper second molar) = deciduous

Teeth structure dentine dentinum (substantia eburnea) enamel enamelum (substantia adamantina) cement cementum (substantia ossea) pulp pulpa

loose connective tissue, vessels, nerves Enamel hardest tissue of body organic part secreted by ameloblasts (enameloblastus) glycoproteins

(amelogenins, enamelins) anorganic part 95% hydroxyapatite arranged vertically in prisms (rods) in between interprismatic

substance Fluoridation fluorine is sired under the enamel surface, posteruptivelly from saliva and tooth-paste re-covers defects fluorapatite is more resistant to acids (Ph 4,5) and is produced more quickly than

hydroxyapatite (pH 5,5) the more fluorapatite is in enamel, the more resistant to dental caries (tooth decay) supplement: tooth-paste, salt, at dentist Dentine calcified connective

tissue organic part collagen I, proteoglycans secreted by odontoblasts (dentinoblastus) located on internal

surface of dentine Tomes fibers (fibrae dentinales) anorganic part hydroxyapatite non-calcified dentine

predentine close to enamel and cement Pulp loose connective tissue fibroblasts

immune cells soustavy vessels nerve fibers (senstitive to pain) Cement

thin layer at neck thick layer at root fibrilar type of bone cellular part cementocytes Gum (Gingiva)

mucosa attached to periosteum stratified nonkeratinizing squamous epithelium papilla gingivalis no glands no submucosa gingivodental junction

Gum (Gingiva) linea mucogingivalis gingiva alveolaris (pars affixa gingivae) pink, stippled, keratizing free gingival groove gingiva marginalis (pars libera gingivae)

shiny, red, nonkeratinizing sulcus gingivalis junctio dentogingivalis epithelium junctionale Teeth development (Odontogenesis)

oral ectoderm mesoderm cells of neural crest ectomesenchyme enamel is derived from ectoderm other tissues are derived from

ectomesenchyme Teeth development Week 6: lamina dentalis (dental lamina) appears thickening of

stomodeum epithelium in each lamina 10 proliferation centers dental buds Stages of tooth development

dental bud (status gemmalis) local thickening of epithelium, 10 in each jaw dental cap (status galearis) ectodermal part enamel organ (organum enameleum) invagination of mesenchyme dental papilla

Stages of tooth development dental cap dental bell (status campanalis) outer dental epithelium enamel reticulum inner dental epithelium dental papilla dental pulp dental sac cement, periodontal ligaments

Stages of tooth development bell odontoblasts (dentinoblasti) derived from mesenchyme cells at inner enamel organ produce (pre)dentine Tomes fibers (fibrae dentinales)

cytoplasmatic processes left within dentine Stages of tooth development bell ameloblasts (enameloblasti) from inner enamel epithelium

basal surface becomes secretory production of enamel Stages of tooth development bell epithelial root sheath (vagina epithelialis radicis) = Hertwig sheath

transition between outer and inner enamel epithelium ingrowth into mesenchyme and induction of root formation Tooth eruption decidual teeth: 6th 24th month

enamel organ disrupted during tooth eruption Permanent teeth develop similarily to decidual teeth secondary dental lamina located at lingual side of dental lamina prolonged distally (molars)

eruption from 6th year (finished in 30th 40th year) Clinical note tetracycline antibiotics are contraindicated in children up to 8 years of age, pregnant and nursing women

high affinity to newly produced enamel brown-yellow color enamel hypoplasia

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