Year 4 Mental Maths Test 3 Week 6

Year 4 Mental Maths Test 3 Week 6

Year 4 Mental Maths Test 3 Week 6 Term 2

Instructions Test 4 ( end of week 6) Listen carefully to each question. I will read each question twice before you write your answer

5 second response Question 1 Write the number: Five thousand three

hundred and four . Question 2 What is the total of

3, 7 and 2? Question 3 What is 48 less than 95?

Question 4 Write the even number before 587. Question 5

Round 983m to the nearest 10 metres. Question 6

What number multiplied by itself gives 36? Question 7 Divide 45 by 5.

Question 8 Write the correct symbol/sign, greater than or less than in the empty box.

Question 9 On your answer sheet is a scale. What is the number shown by the arrow?

Question 10 Double 24. 10 second response

Question 11 Look at the sequence of numbers on your sheet. Write the missing number in the empty box.

Question 12 Pat buys a drink for 35p and a bar of chocolate for 20p.

How much change does she get from 1? Question 13 How many

sides has a tin of peas? Question 14

Estimate the weight of a banana. Circle the most appropriate weight on your answer sheet. Question 15

Circle the numbers in the box which are multiples of 3. 5 Second Answers

10 Second Answers Hand Out - Test 3 Week 6 References and additional resources.

The questions and ideas for this PowerPoint came from: Wigan LEA Numeracy Centre Year 4 Mental Arithmetic Tests Thank You PowerPoint template published by

All the planning for this unit can be found at: Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. ( All images used in this PowerPoint was found at the free Public Domain Clip Art site. ( or were included in the original document.

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