Argentina Delegation August 6, 2012 Miami-Dade County Public Schools MDCPS Background Fourth largest school district Over 340 public schools; over 100 Charter schools Serving 2,400 square miles Over 345,000 students Over 45,000 employees; over 5,000 Charter employees Services 180 different home languages Mobility rate 27%

The BIG Picture The Vision Have all users connected to all information at anytime The Challenges Schools under state sanction Need to increase parental involvement Giving our users access to their systems in one area Providing our parents an easy and consistent way to monitor their childs progress Connect silo systems Reduce paper-based systems Provide easy and consistent access to information

The Foundation Active Directory Account and Auto Update MIIS and ILM Password Synchronization P-Synch District Email Outlook Exchange District wide Gradebook Global Scholar / Excelsior Metro Ethernet to each remote site Patch Management and Virus Protection Big Fix and Sophos Data Warehouse Microsoft SQL

OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing tool) - Cognos Self Service for Technology Support - HEAT MDCPS Foundation District-wide federated library catalog -Destiny District-wide assessment tool Edusoft District-wide instructional applications, including Riverdeep Destination Series Voyager Solo and Ticket to Read Jamestown Navigator Plato Learning Library Reference Databases-Groliers, SIRS, Gale, Facts on File, etc

District-wide test generator - ExamView 2011 - 2012 Implementation Timeline MS Office 365 Lync Online 2009 - 2010 SharePoint 2010 Business Partners Food Service [email protected]

Links to Learning Portal Lite May 1, 2006 2007 - 2008 District and Enterprise Community Portal Deployment; 2006 - 2007 Global Infrastructure Registration and Employee System Portal with

Collaboration 2008 - 2009 Teacher Assessment Attendance Volunteer Intervention SAP SOS SPOT Employee Self-Service SES Weekly Briefing SharePoint 2010 Internship Professional Development RiverDeep Unified Communications (OCS)

Decision Making Process Key Criteria Existing infrastructure and skill sets Scalability Technology partners and third party services Flexibility Rapid Development

Why SharePoint? Experience with Microsoft Products Mature Microsoft Exchange Environment (ADS) Successful Portal Lite Established Personnel and Student Data Warehouse Microsoft Platform throughout District Good Partner Relationship with Microsoft Mainframe and 3rd Party to Data Warehouse to Portal = Mashup Electronic Gradebook Daily Student Attendance

Student Scheduling Changes Learning Village Testing Data from Vendors ESE Monitoring Data Portal Mash-Up Data Warehouse Student Information System Student Registration Course Information 8 Mashup with Technology

Systems or Applications Used: Legacy Mainframe Systems Student Information System Third Party Web-enabled Systems Electronic Gradebook Student Class Scheduler Portals Using SharePoint Data Warehouse All Student Data All Staff Data 9 Cost to Implement Total Cost to Implement Portal - $3.5 million

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