www.Apushreview.com American History: Chapter 2 Review Video Transplantations and Borderlands The Early Chesapeake What is the Chesapeake? VA and MD Jamestown: 1607, first permanent English settlement Charter colony: group of individuals shared in profits and losses of colony

Starving Time: Winter 1609 1610, fevers, deaths, etc. John Smith: helped save colony from starvation Tobacco: Introduced by John Rolfe, hated by King James I Made $ for colonists, exhausted land, led to expansion, conflict with Natives Endless cycle The Early Chesapeake Cont. Expansion: Headright System: 50 acres of land New settlers received 50 acres of land If someone paid the passage of an immigrant, the buyer

would receive 50 acres (encouraged indentured servants) 1619: 2 Important Events House of Burgesses elected representatives in VA 1st group of Africans arrive in America Conflict with Natives: Powhatan confederacy no longer a threat by 1644 Dont tell me where to go! Protect me and my followers from Native Americans.

The Early Chesapeake Cont. Stay over here farmers! Maryland: Founded by the second Lord Baltimore Fared better than early Virginians did Act of Toleration Freedom of worship to all Christians Bacons Rebellion (Virginia 1676) Gov. Berkeley did not allow settlement past a line In the west many famers were underrepresented in the House of Burgesses

Conflict between Natives and westerners like Bacon Bacon almost took control, died suddenly Significance? Movement towards slaves for labor Shows tensions between rich and poor, East and West The Growth of New England Plymouth: Pilgrims were Separatists wanted to break away from the Anglican Church Mayflower Compact established a government led by majority rule Relations with Natives many Natives died a few years before from disease; Natives taught colonists to farm and hunt William Bradford governor of Plymouth

The Growth of New England Cont. Puritans: King Charles I (early 17th century) began to target Puritans (wanted to purify the Church of England, not break away) 1629 led by John Winthrop, they received a charter and eventually settled in Massachusetts Bay Puritan beliefs: Predestination, focus on reading the Bible led to schools City upon a hill Church members were the only people allowed to vote

or hold a political office Did not extend religious freedom to others I was banished because I The Growth of New England challenged the clergy and thought women should Cont. have more rights. Thomas Hooker: Founded Connecticut; established a constitution, Fundamental Orders Roger Williams

Extreme Separatist, wanted MBC to completely break away from the Church Also advocated separation of church and state and payment to Natives for land Banished to RI All religions could worship Anne Hutchinson: Challenged the power of clergy, and rights of women After her banishment, many churches restricted womens rights further The Growth of New England Cont. Native American Conflcts Pequot War:

Conflict over land and trade, Peqouts were decimated King Philips War: Started over land, lasted several years Eventually the whites won, Wampanoags were weakened The Restoration Colonies Carolina: Similar to MD, headright system, religious toleration to all Christians North: poorer farmers, isolated South: wealthy plantations, aristocratic, trade with Barbados -> slavery

NY: originally belonged to the Dutch, various groups, some religious toleration and local governments NJ: Was a proprietor colony, becomes a royal one Most citizens were small farmers I wanted to make money and The Restoration Colonies allow people to practice their Cont.religion freely.

Quakers: Believed in an inner light All could attain salvation, did not favor predestination Women had many rights in church could become preachers, speak publicly Pacifists, no paid clergy William Penn: Founded PA as a proprietor colony Paid Native Americans for their land Holy experiment toleration of many religious groups Borderlands and Middle Grounds

Caribbean Islands: Sugarcane became the most important crop slave labor Harsh slave codes Important trading partner with British North America Spanish in North America: Favored converting Natives to Christianity Enlisted them as trading partners Intermarried Borderlands and Middle Grounds Continued

Georgia: Founded by James Oglethorpe as: A border against the Spanish Haven for debtors and poor Originally excluded Africans, slavery, and Catholics Later, GA began to develop when slavery was introduced, instituted plantations modeled after SC French settled in the interior of N.A., beneficial relationship with Natives The Evolution of the British Empire

Mercantilism: Colonies exist for the benefit and wealth of the mother country Navigation Acts: Colonists could only trade with England Colonists could only ship certain goods (enumerated articles) to England - tobacco Benefits of Navigation Acts on colonies? Shipbuilding blossomed, growth of lumber and iron industries See ya Dad,

The Evolution of the British Im in charge Empire now. OK, Cont. half in Dominion of England: Created by Jamescharge. II, combined the control of several colonies under Sir Edmund Andros Andros strictly enforced the Navigation Acts, hated by many colonists

Glorious Revolution: James II is overthrown, William and Mary installed as joint rulers Andros and the Dominion of England were overthrown MA and Plymouth combined as a royal colony Jacob Leisler: Overthrew NY leader Francis Nicholson Demonstrated tensions between lower class and wealthy The Evolution of the British Empire Cont. Impact of Glorious Revolution?

Colonists successfully resisted some English policies Strengthened their belief that England should consider their views Past Essay Topics Compare and contrast the ways in which economic development affected politics in Massachusetts and Virginia in the period from 1607 to 1750. (2005) In what ways did ideas and values held by Puritans influence the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies from 1630 through the 1660s? (DBQ, 2010) Thats it! Subscribe to my channel

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