World War II - Joshua Kervin, M.Ed.

World War II - Joshua Kervin, M.Ed.

World War II The America War Theaters For The U.S., World War II happens in two places at the same time Referred to as theaters or fronts Pacific Front European Front Pacific front

Air and naval battles with the Japanese European Front Air and ground battles with the Germans Pacific Front The Japanese Began as a conflict between Japan and China China had no strong central government

Japan was rapidly modernizing and expanding Invaded and conquered Manchuria, a province in China War between the two nations began in 1937, when Chinese General Chiang Kai-shek began to resist Japanese imperialism This conflict became part of the larger Pacific War in World War II

Japan and the League of Nations Japans imperialism had two goals: To keep the Chinese from attacking them To gain control of much needed natural resources for a growing nation Japan was roundly condemned for their actions against the Chinese Japan was expelled from the League of Nations.

Japan and the West In addition to the Chinese, the Japanese also had other concerns Soviet Union United States The Soviets were concerned about Japanese imperialism in Asia The United States were concerned

about Japans aggression against U.S. allies and territories in the Pacific Japan and the West Japan was facing increasing pressure from the west They had a choice between withdrawing from their conquered territories (and the shame that would accompany the withdrawal), or to fight

They chose the latter, and began to plan their attack Japan attacks One December 7th, 1941, Japan launched attacks against its enemies United States at Pearl Harbor and Guam Great Britain in Hong Kong Indochina Thailand and the Philippines

Japan hoped to kick the westerners out and begin defensive campaign to hold on to their newly conquered territories Empire of Japan Soviet Union Island of Japan Manchuria

Vietnam Australia Guam Bombed and invaded after Pearl Harbor Small U.S. forces

United States surrendered Guam to the Japanese after a short battle War in the Pacific Japans were quite successful early on Captured Singapore, Burma, East Indies, most of the Philippines

Conquered Bali and Timor Defeated resistance at every turn Bombed parts of Australia The United States was scrambling to get its forces better prepared for combat Forced to retreat in the Philippines and in Guam Communications and supply lines were destroyed by the Japanese

Bataan Death March Part of the Philippines conflict The marching of thousands of prisoners of war, including over 1000 Americans, from Bataan to war prisoners camps Included many atrocities:

Beheadings Disembowelments Casual shootings Throat slitting Starvation

Beating Considered a Japanese war crime Dead soldiers on the Bataan death march General Douglas MacArthur In charge of the Armies in the Philippines

Major player in the Pacific Theater I have left Bataan, and I will return to Bataan! He would return to the Philippines and kick the Japanese out, fulfilling his enraged promise Became an American War hero, and accepted

the surrender of Japan in General of the Army Douglas MacArthur 1945 Battle of The Coral Sea Tactical victory for the Japanese, but a strategic victory for the Allies First naval battle fought where the ships involved never saw or fired on each other Aircraft carriers and planes

The U.S.S Yorktown launched a surprise attack on Japans ships invading parts of Southeast Asia Battle of the Coral Sea Japanese bombers attacked and badly damaged several U.S. carriers

U.S.S Yorktown U.S.S. Lexington Several ships of the Japanese were damaged as well Japanese damages made the Battle of Midway more even

The Lexington Lexington damaged U.S.S Yorktown The Yorktown damaged

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