World Cultures - Woodland Hills School District

World Cultures - Woodland Hills School District

World Cultures Final Review China

In what direction do most people live in China? East What are major themes of

Confucianism? Inner attitude of being humane

and loving Who is the founder of Daoism? Lao-zi

What historical structure was built in China in the earlier part of civilization? The

Great Wall What was the mandate of heaven?

Rule granted by heaven Traditional Chinese rulers

governed by this What was the mandate of heaven said to explain?

The dynastic cycle What is calligraphy? The art of writing with a brush and ink

What did one have to do in order to become a government official in traditional China? Pass a series of strenuous exams

What was the cause of the 1911 Chinese Civil War? China declared itself a republic with no

set form of government What German philosopher was said to inspire Mao Zedong? Karl Marx

What was the result of the Opium Wars? China was forced into a series of unequal treaties with European nations

What was the status of women in traditional China? Inferior to men

Who was the first leader in the Republic of China? Dr. Sun Yat-sen What modern policy has China

enacted to help solve the overpopulation problem? One child policy Japan

What is the main physical feature in Japan? Mountains

What was the main problem that the Japanese had with Shinto? Did not give answers to questions about life and death

How was a persons social class determined during the Tokugawa shogunate?

Heredity How did the majority of Japanese feel about Americans

in the 1800s? . Americans were a threat to their culture

What incident occurred on December 7, 1941? The attack on Pearl Harbor, HI

What prompted the Japan to finally surrender during World War II?

Bombing of Nagasaki What was the main goal of the Allies after WWII?

Ensure Japan would never threaten world peace again What religious beliefs do the majority of Japanese follow

today? Combination of Buddhism and Shinto What type of government does Japan have today?

Constitutional Monarchy INDIA

How do the monsoons affect South Asia? The wet monsoon is essential to survival of the region

How is Hinduism different from most world religions?

It has no founder What is the major difference between Hinduism and Buddhism?

Hinduism accepts the caste system, Buddhism does not How is India culturally diverse?

The caste system What is civil disobedience? The refusal to obey unjust laws

What is an example of civil disobedience? Boycotts

What was the result of the Amritsar massacre? Indias demand for independence from the British

What was the result of the partition of India? Mass migrations of Hindus and Muslims between India and Pakistan

What types of actions did Gandhi oppose? Violent How did Gandhi win

independence for India? Refusing to cooperate with the British government Latin America

What are the three main areas of Latin America?

South America Central America The Caribbean

What two main groups influenced Latin America? Spanish Portuguese

What is the largest country in South America? Brazil

What mountain range in located in Peru? Andes Define mestizo:

Ethnic group formed from Spanish and Portuguese settlers marrying Native Americans In what present-day country did

the Mayan civilization prosper? Mexico What civilization moved into the Mayan territory after their

decline? Aztecs What is the most prevalent religion in Latin America?

Catholicism Define machismo: Male domination

What are some causes of instability in Latin America?

Social inequality Cartels Gangs

Coups Geography What is nationalism?

Pride and loyalty to ones nation What is imperialism? One country taking over another country

What is ethnocentrism? Judging other cultures by standards of ones own culture

What is industrialization? A major switch from manual labor to the sue of machinery

What are physical features? natural elements of the environment

What are political features? Boundaries made by humans What is westernization?

The adoption of western cultures What is culture? All things that make up a peoples way

of life What does interdependent mean? The dependence on other countries for goods, knowledge, and resources

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