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Word Within the Word Lesson 14 Day 1 stem 1 pleo definition: more example: pleopod:

having more than two feet stem 2 stem: pod definition: foot example: podiatrist: a foot doctor

stem 3 stem: soror definition: sister example: sororicide: the killing of ones sister sorority stem 4

stem: -a definition: plural example: data: the plural of datum (information) bacteria (bacterium) stem 5 stem: val definition: worth

example: valid: a conclusion that is true or worthy Valuable; value Stem 6 para beside, near Paragraph: words that go

beside or near each other to form a thought paramedic; parapro, parallel review of stems 1-6 val: worth pleo: more pleopod: more feet valid: worthy conclusion soror: sister

para: beside, near sororcide: kill sister -a: plural data: plural datum paraphrase: means nearly the same pod: foot podiatrist: foot

doctor List 14 Day 2 Stems 7-12 Stem 7 stem: dom definition: rule

example: dominate : exercising control or rule over; prominent Stem 8 Stem: erg Definition: work Example: energy:

capacity for work or vigorous activity stem 9 stem: rhiz definition: root example: rhizoid: a

root-like extension of a fungus stem 10 stem: sapro definition: rotten example: saprophagousfeeding on decaying or rotten organic matter

stem 11 stem: schizo definition: divide example: schizophrenia- divided or split personality stem 12

stem: hippo definition: horse example: hippopotamusan aquatic mammal also called a river horse Day 2 Review

dom: rule example: dominate erg: work example: ergonomicsequipment design for the workplace rhiz: root example: rhizoid-a root-like extention of a

fungus Sapro: rotten

Example: saprohagousfeeding on rotten matter Schizo: divide Example: schizophreniadivided personalities Hippo: horse Example: hippopotamusa river horse List 14 Day 3 Stems 1318

stem 13 stem: som definition: body example: chromosome- heredity material in every organism or human body stem 14

stem: spor definition: seed example: sporophyte-the seed producing phase in the life cycle of a plant stem 15 Stem: sta

Definition: stop Example: stationary-not moving, stopped, not capable of being moved stem 16 stem: rhodo definition: rose example: rhododendronan evergreen shrub with

a rose colored flower stem 17 stem: taxis definition: arrangement example: syntax-the arrangement of words in a sentence

Taxidermy arrangement of skin stem 18 Stem: vol Definition: will Example: voluntary-done or undertaken of ones free will

volunteer List 14 Day 4 Stems 19-25 stem 19 Stem: frat Definition: brother

Example: fraternity- relating to brothers Stem 20 Stem: trich Definition: hair Example: trichosis-

any disease affecting the hair stem 21 stem: troph definition: nourishment example: dystrophy- a disorder caused by

inadequate nourishment stem 22 stem: tox definition: poison example: toxin- a poisonous substance

stem 23 Stem: sect Definition: cut Example: bisect- to cut or divide into two parts stem 24 Stem: zygo

Definition: yoke Example: zygote- the cell formed by the union of two gametes ; yoke-something that joins two things together stem 25 stem: zym

definition: ferment example: zymurgy- the branch of chemistry that deals with the fermentation process review of day 4 frat-brother fraternal-relating to

brothers trich-hair trichosis- disease affecting hair troph-nourishment dystrophy-disease caused by inadequate nutrition

tox-poison toxin-poisonous substance

sect-cut bisect-cut into two parts zygo-yoke zygote-the cell formed by a yoke of two gametes zym-ferment zymurgy-the chemistry of fermentation

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