Windows®MultiPoint™ Server - NetHope Solutions Center

Windows®MultiPoint™ Server - NetHope Solutions Center

Windows MultiPoint Server One computer. Multiple users. A familiar Windows experience. James Duffus, Group Program Manager, MultiPoint Server [email protected] From Bombo Uganda To Bellevue Washington With Growing Momentum Key Feature Summary WMS 2012 MultiPoint Server 5 LAN Thin Client Repurpose d PC Direct Video Connect USB Video Connect

Broad client client support support Broad local stations stations and and thin thin clients clients local ability to to orchestrate orchestrate ability across X86 X86 Windows Windows 7 7 across and 8 8 clients clients and Desktop Orchestration Orchestration Desktop monitor, control, control, collaborate collaborate monitor, Simplified Administration Administration

Simplified non-IT Pro Pro non-IT Familiar Windows Windows Familiar Experience Experience Windows 8 8 user user experience experience Windows Disk Protection Protection Disk reboot to to known-goodknown-goodreboot state state Application Compatibility Compatibility Application simple, single single box box VDI VDI simple, Locally connected configurations

Video Card Option Multi-function USB Device Option Lesson Eight HOST COMPUTER HOST COMPUTER USB Connection VGA / DVI Connection USB Connection VGA / DVI Connection STATION 1 STATION 3 STATION 2 STATION 1 STATION 2 STATION 3 Multi-port Video Card Option

Multi-function USB Device Option Can provide best cost/performance per seat Can provide easiest way to add stations Two cables per station (USB 2.0 / 3.0 to hubmax. 5 metersand video cable to monitor) One cable per station (max. 5 meters) 6 LAN connected configurations RDP clients can be connected over the network LAN and direct connect options can be combined for a hybrid solution RemoteFX supercharges HD video over the LAN* VGA / USB Connection Host Computer LAN Connection Legacy Desktop Laptop

RemoteFX enabled Thin Client Netbook / Tablet Network Monitor Desktop * RemoteFX impacts system performance. Refer to Systems Requirements slides for recommended host specifications. Microsoft Confidential 7 Client Station Hardware Examples Multiport Graphics Card LAN Clients 8 USB Zero Client USB/LAN Zero Client Network Monitor Economics and Evidence* Hardware Savings

66% Energy Savings 67% Ongoing Maintenance 99% Software Savings -64% 9 66% You save two out of every three dollars when you deploy computing seats with WMS * Based on The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, A Forrester Study Prepared for Microsoft. Demo: WMS 2012 10 Growing NGO / IGO Impact: Examples Kakuma Refugee Camp - Kenya Dzaleka Refugee Camp - Malawi Before After Gashora Girls Academy - Rwanda Ecole Superieure dInfotronique dHaiti

11 NGO CASE STUDY VIDEO System Recommendations These recommendations represent a rough guideline. Actual sizing requirements depend on the particular workload and hardware. Always validate sizing using your own applications and hardware. Application scenario Up to 4 stations 5-6 stations 7-10 stations 11-14 stations 15-20 stations Productivity CPU: 2C1 CPU: 2C CPU: 4C1

CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C1 Office, Web browsing, line-ofbusiness applications Mixed 2 3 RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB CPU: 2C CPU: 2C CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C1 Productivity plus: Occasional video use by some users RAM: 2GB

RAM: 4GB RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB Video intensive2 CPU: 2C CPU: 4C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C CPU: 4C+MT or 6C RAM: 6GB RAM: 8GB Productivity plus: Frequent video use by all users 1 RAM: 8 GB RAM: 2GB RAM: 4GB

CPU: 4C+MT or 6C RAM: 8 GB CPU: 4C+MT or 8C RAM: 8 GB Thin Client: RemoteFX3 USB video not - 2C = 2 cores, 4C = 4 cores, 6C = 6 cores, MT = Multithreading recommended - Video testing was performed using 360p H.264 video at its native resolution - RemoteFX, or equivalent technology for RDP, is required when 15 20 remotely connected thin clients running full motion video within their session 13 Languages for WMS 2012 Fully localized for MultiPoint Dashboard, MultiPoint Manager, and student stations Additional Windows Server 2012 language packs for sessionbased teacher and student stations* Arabic Chinese Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese HK

English French German Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Russian Spanish Turkish Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish Greek Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Romanian Serbian Latin

Slovakian Slovenian Swedish Thai Ukrainian *For VM-based desktop experience, additional Windows 8 and 7 language packs are available. Resources Availability: Download Center (Free 180-day Eval), TechNet Volume License Download Social: (Demos and Case Studies) (How-tos and Announcements) (Hundreds of WMS questions answered) Application Compatibility: 15 Thank You Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Windows MultiPoint Server 2011the second version of a Windows product targeted at educational institutionsfor use in classrooms, labs, and libraries, allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer. Users have their own independent and familiar

Windows computing experience, using their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Key Benefits/Features Cost effective workstations, connected via USB, video card or LAN Familiar Windows 7 experience: Variety of Windows 7 components and features included Simple technology: Simplified setup and classroom orchestration designed for users with limited IT experience Microsoft Differentiators Based on the latest Windows technology Supported by Microsoft with access to updates, service packs, and security fixes Familiar Windows experience HOST COMPUTE R Network Monitor / Thin Client USB Station Netbook /

Laptop Legacy PC Video Connect New for 2011 Targeted at Education Segment K-12 schools and academic institutions Scenarios: labs, classrooms, and libraries Key WMS 2011 Features Broad client client support support Broad Introduction of of LAN LAN option option provides provides Introduction ability to to connect connect remote remote clients: clients: ability [RemoteFX] thin clients, network [RemoteFX] thin clients, network

monitors, netbooks, netbooks, old old PCs PCs monitors, Easier setup setup and and Easier management management Setup and and management management of of multimultiSetup system deployments deployments is is easy; easy; designed designed system for nonnon- IT IT Pros; Pros; Domain Domain Join; Join; Split Split for Screen Screen ISV extensibility extensibility

ISV Third party party add-ins add-ins easily easily created created via via Third the HSBS Dashboard and SDK the HSBS Dashboard and SDK Additional classroom classroom Additional orchestration orchestration Simple set set of of built-in built-in features features enables enables Simple administrator to easily monitor and administrator to easily monitor and

control activities activities control Robust end end user user experience experience Robust Windows 77 desktop desktop experience; experience; Windows private USB storage; Multi-lingual UI UI private USB storage; Multi-lingual Expanded licensing licensing Expanded availability availability Premium SKU SKU for for Domain Domain Join Join available available Premium for both both Volume

Volume Licensing Licensing and and OEM OEM for 18 Ever since I was young, I dreamed of becoming a doctor this lab will help me with my research not only to see my studies in a book, but live them on the Internet. I really hope this is not only a dream, but that I can make it happen in real life. -Fabiola, grade 12, Leogane, Haiti

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