Why the SFF? - UKNSCC - UK National Smoking Cessation Conference

Why the SFF? - UKNSCC - UK National Smoking Cessation Conference

Why the SFF? 1 billion smokers in the world 100+ million try to stop each year <10 million use evidencebased methods 90 million use methods that limit their

chances of success If every smoker who tried to stop, used evidence-based methods tens of thousands of lives would be saved each year The truth about stopping smoking 1. We are all different: No matter what some people say, there is no single easy way to stop smoking 2. Keep trying and give yourself the best chance each time: Every attempt is another roll of the dice Use methods that give you the best chance of success 3. Every quit attempt is a success: Every day not smoking is less exposure to toxins and more money saved

What is the SFF? A book that aims to bring the science of stopping to smokers Billions of pounds and dollars have been spent on research aimed at helping smokers to stop SFF aims to encourage as many smokers as possible to make use of this investment Who is the SFF for? Every smoker who is thinking about stopping For use every time they try to stop Stop-smoking advisors For use with their clients Health professionals interested in encouraging their patients to stop

To help them give the best possible advice Style Very personal Lots of stories Interviews with ex-smokers Lots of activities to try A pledge: Everything I claim as true is backed by a source When I state my opinion I make it clear

Content Part 1: The truth about nicotine addiction and why it is often so hard to stop, even for smokers who can go long periods without smoking Part 2: 29 ingredients smokers can put into their SmokeFree Formula Each one gets a star rating showing the strength of evidence supporting it or 50% 40% 20% 10% 10%

10% No ne of th es e pr at edic qu t s itti uc ng ce ss Enjoyment Stress relief Relief of boredom Help with concentration Weight control

Socialising fai lu Main reasons smokers give: re Why people smoke The real reason When smokers try to stop they experience urges to smoke that overpower and undermine their resolve to abstain www.primetheory.com Nicotine from cigarettes Links certain situations with triggered impulses to smoke

Creates nicotine hunger when brain levels dip + Addiction to cigarettes Human brain Animal brain I really want to stop smoking: its costing me money and it will probably kill me Just smoke! 10 When the urge is stronger than resolve and

cigarettes are available, a lapse will occur Urge to smoke Time Resolve Strength of urge 11 How to stop smoking: keep these lines apart! Urge to smoke Time Resolve Strength of urge 12 Ingredients in the SmokeFree Formula Ingredient

Rating Ingredient Rating Ingredient Rating In-person support Abrupt stop (vs gradual) Deep breathing

NRT (supported) Identity change Exercise Champix Avoiding smokers

Isometric exercise Zyban Avoiding alcohol Mental exercises Cytisine

Changing routine Healthy snacks Quitline Keep busy Go to bed early Internet

One day at a time Get rid of cigs SMS support Tell others Smartphone app

Book or booklet Quit together E-cigs Count savings Glucose

Strong evidence Moderate evidence Some evidence 13 www.smokefreeformula.com About the ingredients Publication schedule Date January 2014 August 2014 November 2014 Version UK, Australian, NZ

Spanish, German Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, US, Canadian, Turkish Thanks for listening Questions and discussion

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