Why Johnny Can't Log In

Why Johnny Can't Log In

A Usability Study and Critique of Two Password Managers Sonia Chiasson, PC van Oorschot , and Robert Biddle Overview Introduce PwdHash and Password Multiplier Usability Testing Study Details and Results Lessons Learned - Usability Lessons Learned - Security 2/11 Password Managers Shift the burden of creating and remembering strong passwords away from users easier for users better protection

eg. PwdHash (USENIX Security 2005) Password Multiplier(WWW2005) 3/11 PwdHash @@ in front of passwords you want to protect potentially different user passwords for each site Password Multiplier one master password, only need to remember one password and it generates the others activate with Alt+P or doubleclicking hash(pwd, dom) = PRFpwd(dom) V = fk1(username,master_pwd) site_pwd=fk2(dom,master_pwd,V) 4/11

Usability Testing Is this usable? Are there problems? Need to observe real users a few may not be enough Cannot just ask for users opinion the user is not the weakest link but your interface might be! 5/11 Study Details 26 participants various degree programs, only 4 with technical backgrounds data collection observational data recording task outcomes, difficulties, obvious misconceptions, quotes questionnaire data initial attitudes, opinion after each task, post questionnaires

5 tasks for each plug-in balanced order written instructions think-aloud protocol 6/11 Task Completion Results Success Potentially Causing Security Exposures Dangerous Success Failures Failure False Completion Failed due to Previous

PwdHash Log In 48% 44% 8% 0% N/A Migrate Pwd 42% 35% 11% 11%

N/A Remote Login 27% 42% 31% 0% N/A Update Pwd 19% 65% 8% 8%

N/A Second Login 52% 28% 4% 0% 16% Password Multiplier Log In 48% 44% 8%

0% N/A Migrate Pwd 16% 32% 28% 20% N/A Remote Login N/A N/A

N/A N/A N/A Update Pwd 16% 4% 44% 28% N/A Second Login 16% 4%

16% 0% 16% 7/11 Questionnaire Responses positive 5 4 PwdHash neutral 3 Password Multiplier 2 negative 1 Perceived

Security Giving Control Ease of Use Perceived Necessity 8/11 Lessons Learned - Usability activation well I think it did something once is not enough lack of feedback, invisibility/transparency complete tasks without activation frustration and misconceptions gave up on tasks how system deals with passwords 9/11

Lessons Learned - Security Usability problems lead to security vulnerabilities False sense of security Benefits rely on correct operation 10/11 Conclusion Usability is a concern because it can directly lead to security vulnerabilities Systems must be tested with real users transparency not always good must support users mental models 11/11 For more info: http://www.scs.carleton.ca/~schiasso/

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