Who 'Dat?

Who 'Dat?

Odyssey Review Game The Homecoming. Who Dat? Characters in the

Odyssey 100 The king of Ithaca Odysseus 200 Removes the

suitors weapons from the great hall. Telemachus 300 The loyal swineherd who

brings Odysseus his bow. Eumaeus 400 Dies after seeing Odysseus make it

home. Argos 500 Recognizes Odysseus while giving him a

footbath. Eurycleia Thats What Heroes Are Made Of Epic Hero Traits Revealed in

Quotes 100 He draws between his thumb and forefinger / a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly / Odysseus in one motion strung the bow.

Battle Skills Not one of the other suitors can string the bow, but Odysseus does it in one try! 200 Now listen to your orders: / when the time comes, those gentlemen, to a man, / will be

dead against giving me a bow or quiver. / Defy them. / Eumaeus, bring the bow / and put it in my hands there at the door. / Tell the women to lock their own door tight. / Tell them if someone hears the shock of arms / or groans of men, in hall or court, not one / must show her face, but keep still her weaving. / Philoeteus, run to the outer gate

and lock it. / Throw the crossbar and lash it. Authority/Leadership Odysseus demonstrates authority as he tells Eumaeus to bring him the bow and 300 I am home, for I am he. / I bore

adversities, but in the twentieth year / I am ashore in my own land. Determination/Persistence Even after 20 years of hardships, Odysseus never gives up and returns to Ithaca!

400 Now from his breast into his eyes the ache / of longing mounted, and he wept at last, / his dear wife, clear and faithful in his arms. Loyalty/Persistence Odysseus is finally home, happy

to be reunited with his wife. Name That Epic Characteristic Applying Epic Characteristics to Quotes

100 Athena / lent him beauty, head to foot, She made him / taller, and massive, too, with crisping hair in curls like petals of wild hyacinth / but all red-golden. Divine Intervention Athena transforms Odysseus into

a strong, young, good-looking man. 200 Now watch me hit a target that no man has hit before. Boasting

Odysseus is bragging that he can hit the target that no one else could. 300 The stranger / you welcomed in your hall has not disgraced you. / I did not miss, neither did I take all day /

stringing the bow. My hand and eye are sound, / not so contemptible as the young men say. Boasting Odysseus brags that it didnt take him forever to string the bow and hit the target.

400 I find / the two of you, alone among my people, / longed for my coming. Prayers I never heard / except your own that I might come again. / So now what is in store for you Ill tell you: / If Zeus brings down the suitors by my hand / I promise marriages to both,

and cattle, / and houses built near mine. And you shall be / brothers-in-arms of my Telemachus. Hospitality Code If Eumaeus and Philoeteus help bring down the suitors, Odysseus will reward them with ladies, cattle, and homesnot too shabby!

My Name Is Nohbdy! More Characters from the Odyssey 200

She holds off the suitors with a weaving trick Penelope 400 This suitor is the

first to die because he was the ringleader. Antinous 600 This suitor tries to get Odysseus

forgiveness by promising to pay back wine and food. Eurymachus 800 This character

(the cowherd) is told to lock the outer gate. Philoeteus 1000 A disloyal maid;

calls the beggar a drunk Melantho I Know That Hero Trait Applying Epic Hero Traits to Quotes

200 Now flashed / arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle / through every socket ring, / and grazed not one, / to thud with heavy brazen head beyond. Battle Skills Odysseus is able to make his shot

go through all the holes and not hit a one. 400 You yellow dogs, you thought Id never make it / home from the land of Troy. You took my house to plunder, / twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared / bid for my

wife while I was still alive. / Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide / heaven, / contempt for what men say of you hereafter. / Your last hour has come. You die in blood. Authority/Leadership/Persistent Odysseus tells the suitors they will pay for invading his home, taking advantage of his

wife, and plotting to kill his son. 600 Not for the whole treasure of your fathers, / all you enjoy, lands, flocks, or any gold / put up by others, would I hold my hand. / There will be killing till the score is paid, / You forced yourselves upon this house.

/ Fight your way out, / or run for it, if you think youll escape death. Authority/Leadership/Cleverness Odysseus refuses to accept any payment from the suitors for their despicable behavior; their payment will be death! .The Bold, the Brave,

and the Boastful More Characters from the Odyssey 200 Calls the beggar a pig and kicks him on the way to town

Melanthius 400 Odysseuss fathers name Laertes 600

Calls Penelope coldhearted for not taking Odysseus back immediately Telemachus 800 Where Odysseus and Telemachus first go

when they return to Ithaca Eumaues 1000 Reassures Odysseus and gives him confidence that he can

whip those dogs. Athena PregoIts in There! It Could Be Anything! 200

Epic hero trait that applies to this event: Penelope holds off the suitors for 2-3 years by unweaving a loom she told them she must finish before she can marry. Intelligence/cleverness

400 Epic characteristic in this quote: Now flashed / arrow from twanging bow clean as a whistle / through every socket ring, / and grazed not one, / to thud with heavy brazen head beyond. Exaggeration

Odysseus can shoot an arrow through twelve tiny holes and not hit a one? 600 Name this character: Throws a stool at Odysseus

Antinous 800 Epic characteristic in this quote: He draws between his thumb and forefinger / a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly / Odysseus in one motion strung the bow.

Exaggeration Odysseus can string the bow in one try, yet the suitors could barely even bend it. Gods, Goddesses, and Mortals, Oh My! Characters in The

Odyssey 200 This king takes in Odysseus as a stranger, and Odysseus tells him about his travels Alcinous

400 Warns Telemachus that the suitors plan to ambush him Athena 600 Hangs the disloyal maids

Telemachus 800 Devises a bow and arrow contest Penelope 1000

Tells Penelope that Odysseus is back and has defeated the suitors Eurycleia

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