What is ESL? - campbell.k12.tn.us

What is ESL? - campbell.k12.tn.us

What is ESL The program to help non-native speakers learn English Why Does it Exist? Equal Education Opportunities Act- 1974

Lau vs Nichols 1974 Plyer vs Doe- 1982 How Does It Affect Me? NCLB- Under NCLB, we are also held accountable for sub-groups on standardized tests Federal Money- If our Limited English students fail, we are held accountable and it affects

Jobs I Know That They Understand Me! BICS 1-2 yrs- It takes 1-2 years for social language CALP 5-7 yrs- It takes 5-7 years for academic language Steps of Language Acquisition Pre-Production- They really dont speak- will

understand more than they say Early Production- will say a few words Speech Emergence- many errors in speaking and writing Intermediate Fluency- less errors Proficient What Do I Do When They Show Up at School? Language Survey

Call Title 1- Pam Walden Interpreter If you need a Spanish Interpreter, call Renee Combs Immunizations- all LEP students must have them to enroll Star Program- fill out auxiliary page

Star Program and Test Coding To properly enter ESL students in the system, the Auxiliary page must be accessed Under language- L should be chosen L- active esl 1- first year of proficiency per ELDA test 2- second year of proficiency per ELDA test N- passed the entrance but is still non- English -F- Proficient W- waives ESL Services

ELDA Test ? The ELDA ( English Language Development Assessment) is the standardized test k-12 given annually to LEP students to determine their proficiency in English. The test window is in February and March. The test is very comprehensive and includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is untimed and may be time-consuming.

It is administered by the ESL teacher. Entrance Exam? Every person that fills out the language survey and says that English is not the primary language spoken at home must be assessed. The TELPA test is given by the ESL teacher PLEASE- ask your principal to contact Title 1 ASAP when you suspect English is not the

home language How Am I Supposed to Teach Them? Modifications Shorter and simpler reading assignments as needed Pre-teaching- present and familiarize them with the material Familiarize them with vocabulary - Meet with ESL Teacher to help with

modifications Can You Repeat That Pre-School & Kindergarten Phonics, Vocabulary, Computer programs for enrichment of vocabulary and phonics Grades 1 & 2- Phonics, Reading Recovery, Read w/ Them Grade 3 12 Pre-teaching, Vocabulary, Modifications and computer programs- see Renee

Combs Also, the ESL teacher will work with the student as needed Keys To Success Natural Language Ability Level of ability in native language The younger they are- the easier to catch up MOTIVATION

Students who have a little success or wish to integrate will learn the language faster as a rule Now, What is ESL? ESL is the program of acronyms where trial and error IEPs are created daily for NELBs

(Non- English Language Background) who are either NES ( Non- English Speaking), LEP (Limited English Proficient) , T1( Transfer1) T2 (Transfer 2), or N ( proficient but nonEnglish background)

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