What does being 'kind' mean to you? - Penrice Academy

What does being 'kind' mean to you? - Penrice Academy

Lesson 1: What is an organised act of kindness? Principle 1: Kindness Element E: Students join in organised acts of kindness What does being kind mean to you? In pairs, come up with a definition of kindness Put your definition on

the learning wall 2 minutes! No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Aesop Why is it so important to be kind?

We should show kindness to others because 1. It makes people happy and can cheer them up. 2. If were kind, other people are likely to be kind too to us and to others. 3. It makes us feel good to be kind we will feel better about ourselves. 4. It makes people less likely to feel depressed.

Researchers often found these to be key reasons why kindness matters. Kindness and the science of happiness Researchers found that inherited characteristics and home life only account for 50% of someones ability to be happy. The rest is controlled by the individual. They also discovered that those who say

they are very happy are no more sociable, beautiful or successful than the average person. Kindness and the science of happiness Happy people had found out what made them happy and included more of it in their lives. These things didnt always include material items e.g. a new pair of shoes or a new phone. Material

things only give happiness for a while and can even become a source of unhappiness. So how can we make our lives happier? One way is to be kind! kindness

NOUN the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate: she thanked them for their kindness and support" What synonyms can you think of for the word kind? synonyms: kindliness kind-heartedness

warm-heartedness tender-heartedness goodwill affectionateness affection warmth gentleness tenderness concern care Doing good does you good! Evidence shows that helping others is actually beneficial for your own mental health and wellbeing. (Mental Health Organisation) It can help reduce stress, improve your

motivational wellbeing and even benefit your physical health. Has anyone ever shown kindness to you? Share an example with your partner of a time when someone was kind to you. Was it an organised act of kindness or more spontaneous? Did they expect anything in return?

How did it make you feel? What is an organised act of kindness? Doing something kind for someone else helping them out in some way. This doesnt always need to be a big gesture the small

actions count too. Organised means thinking and planning before you act. Kindness is contagious! Discuss 1. Why might you be worried about doing something kind for someone you dont know very well or someone who seems

different from yourself? 2. Why could it be harmful (hurtful / dangerous) to not ever show kindness? 3. What types of people do you think would benefit most organised acts of kindness? Your challenge! Carry out at least one organised act of

kindness in the next week. Make someones day! Quick task: In pairs, come up with some ideas for organised acts of kindness you could try out.

What can you do? What can you do? Some suggestions Swap places with the person Compliment someone not just on behind you in the queue how they look! Offer help to someone who Sit with someone who is on their at lunch time and then clear up looks like theyre struggling own

for them! Give up your seat for someone on the bus Offer to do a chore at home, such as the hoovering Pick up someones litter and Send someone a card to cheer them put it in the bin

up (even better hand make it!) Any other ideas youd like to try out? Be prepared to share your kind acts with the group next week. If it wasnt the success you thought it would be, thats fine! Try something else instead.

Our class agreement 1. We will take the opportunity to do simple acts of kindness. 2. We will report what we have done and report any acts of kindness being repaid to us. 3. We will show kindness to all types of people where possible.

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