What are the elements of transformative programs

What are the elements of transformative programs

Using the GEF to achieve transformation 4 mechanisms support transformation Removal of binding constraints/barriers: towards achieving an objective/ innovation Use of cross sectoral approaches: Key to addressing multiple issues/ (achieving depth to transformation) Scaling up: Scaling up is needed to achieve impact Behavioral change: Created through combination of incentivizes, regulation, use of market forces and information flow (sustain

transformation) What else may be required to support transformation? Enabling environment and political economy: Need to address difficult issues in the political economy to push through reforms Upstream analytics, strong design and implementation is essential Sustained and continuous engagement needed Innovative approaches: need to scale innovation correctly and use adaptive practices to reduce risks What do we find this means for GEF Agencies and yourselves

Use rigorous diagnostics to identify binding constraints Design the program around the most binding constraints Agencies should focus on addressing the binding constraints/barriers where they have a comparative advantage Build on mechanisms which support transformation Build broad coalitions with key beneficiaries/stakeholders Stay the course: Continue longer term program support as needed About complexity of interventions Reduce potential complexity by selecting and sequencing interventions to address binding constraints/barriers

GEF catalyzing transformative impacts SOLAR THERMAL TECHNOILOGY NOW GLOBALIZING CSP Morocco Spain, USA,Is GEF $92 million / IBRD $200 million / CIFs $435 Mexico

Egypt IBRD CTF Govt Plus $3 billion co-financing SUPPORTING NEPADs GREAT GREEN WALL INITIATIVE TerrAfrica/ GEF, Govts, donors, communities

Multi country, multi-instrument $2 billion GEF $108 million / Co-financing $2 billion including IDA $900 million 6 Exercise: How would you go about using the GEF to support transformation? Pick a large issue from last years ECW to form your mock project and in

your small group do the following: Decide the key objective and the GEF focal areas you will address Barriers: what are the key barriers you need to address? You have limited STAR resources. The GEF Partnership comprises multiple partners which GEF agencies do you intend to engage to support you and why ? Are any key changes needed in the GEF to enable you to implement your transformative program ? Report back in xx minutes 3 minutes report

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