Welcome to High School

Welcome to High School

Welcome to Emily Carr Secondary School Grade 8 Parents Information Presentation Excellence with Character Success with Tuesday, January 24, 2012 Support Registration Process Students currently enrolled in grade 8 and attending one of our family of elementary schools.

Lorna Jackson P.S. Kleinburg P.S. Fossil Hill P.S. Elders Mills P.S. Emily Carr S.S. Blue Willow P.S. Pine Grove P.S. Pierre Berton P.S. Emily Carr S.S. Boundaries Emily Carr S.S. Boundaries Registration Process For students currently not attending one of our YRDSB schools (home schooled, Catholic, or private school) and who live within the Emily Carr boundary area: Application packages may be picked up starting tomorrow in

the Main Office. Group meetings lead by one of our administrators will be held in the order in which the completed application packages are returned to the Main Office. After these meetings with an administrator, with a guidance counsellor, and if necessary, with a SERT, candidates will be better informed about our expectations and will provide us with the essential information to prepare for each candidate. Finally, a schedule of courses will also be produced together. About ECSS We are a Semestered School 4 courses from September to January 4 courses from February to June Each semester ends with an exam week

Full Time Student Status Students are required to carry a full-time course load. Grade 9, 10, & 11 students carry eight courses Four in each semester with no study periods Grade 12 students carry a minimum of six courses (three in each semester) About ECSS

A Typical Day 4 periods per day 75 minutes each Currently 1 common lunch 1 hour in length Currently 8:10 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. Diploma Requirements O.S.S.D. 18 Compulsory Credits + 12 Optional Credits

+ = 30 Total Credits (110 hours each) + Successful Completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) + 40 Hours of Community Involvement 15 Compulsory Single Credits 4 credits in English (1 credit per grade) 1 credit in French as a second language 3 credits in Mathematics (at least 1 in grade 11 / 12) 2 credits in Science 1 credit in Canadian History 1 credit in Canadian Geography 1 credit in the Arts (Music, Visual Arts, or Drama) 1 credit in Health and Physical Education 1/2 credit in Civics & 1/2 credit in Career Studies Plus..

3 Compulsory Group Credits G1 One additional credit in English, or French, or a Native language, or a Classical or an International language, or a Social Science, or Canadian and World Studies or Guidance and Career Education including Learning Strategies or Cooperative Education* G2 One additional credit in Health and Physical Education, or Business Studies, or French, or the Arts (Music, Visual Art, or Drama), or Cooperative Education* G3 One additional credit in Science (grade 11 or 12) or an additional credit in French, or Technological Education (grades 9-12), or Computer Studies, or Cooperative Education* *A maximum of 2 credits in Cooperative Education may count as compulsory credits.

12 Optional Credits Optional credits (a.k.a. Electives) allow you to custom build your educational program depending on your chosen destination. . The Ontario Secondary School Literacy TestOSSLT Will be administered in grade 10 In-class & after school preparation

sessions in grades 9 and 10 If unsuccessful retake test in grade or Take the OSSLC if necessary Community Involvement A diploma requirement Complete a minimum of 40 hours before graduation to be completed outside normal instructional hours after June 2012. See the Guidance link of the ECSS website for details and the form to be completed and signed by the sponsor/supervisor.

(Parents) should not act as formal community activity sponsors for their own children. You may choose from four types of Courses in Grades 9 & 10 Academic Applied Essential (a.k.a.Locally Developed Courses)

Open Grade 9 & 10 Definitions of Course Types Academic (D) - theoretical in approach, abstract thinking Applied (P) - a real-life hands on approach with some theory Intended for students who complete their grade 8 expectations with assistance and extra time.

Essential or Locally Developed (L) designed for students who do not meet the Grade 7/8 provincial expectations in English, Mathematics, or Science Intended for students who complete their grade 8 expectations quickly and with little or no difficulty. Intended for students entering grade 9, who have not yet completed the grade 8 expectations. Open (O) designed to provide an opportunity to explore an area of interest for all types of learners Intended for students in all grades and for all post secondary destinations. Applied Academic

Crossover from 9 to 10 Grade 9 Academic Applied Grade 10 Applied Academic Crossover from one type to the other in English, French, or Science Math is Different Crossing over from applied to academic in Math is not necessary because both pathways may lead to the most intense grade 12 university Calculus and Vectors if you wish.

The only difference is that the academic pathway is shorter by one course. Five Popular Math Pathways Academic Pathway Applied Pathway Grade 9 academic Grade 9 applied Grade 10 academic

Grade 10 applied Grade 11 functions (U) Grade 11 functions and applications (M) Grade 12 advanced functions (U) Grade 12 math for technology (C)

Grade 12 calculus and vectors (U) Grade 12 advanced functions (U) Grade 12 calculus and vectors (U) Applied Pathway Applied Pathway Essentials Pathway Grade 9

applied Grade 9 applied Grade 9 essential Grade 10 applied Grade 10 essential Grade 11 foundations for college math (C) Grade 11 Workplace (E)

Grade 12 foundations for college math (C) Grade 12 Workplace (E) Grade 10 applied Grade 11 functions and applications (M) Grade 12 data management (U) Math Pathway for Degree Programs in Computer, Math, Science, Engineering, &

Commerce 9 Academic 10 Academic 11 University 12 University Advanced Functions 12 University Calculus and Vectors Math Pathway for Degree Programs in Computer, Math, Science, Engineering, & Commerce 9 Applied 11 University/College

10 Applied 12 College Math for Technology 12 University Advanced Functions 12 University Calculus and Vectors Math Pathway for Diploma Programs in Tech and High Skills Apprenticeship as well as Degree Programs in Business Management 9 Applied 10 Applied 11 University /College

12 University Data Management OR 12 College Tech Math Math Pathway for Diploma Programs in Business, Science, & Tech 9 Applied 10 Applied 11 College 12 College Math Pathway for Basic Skills Leading to the Workplace 9 Essentials

10 Essentials 11 Workplace 12 Workplace Course Selection A Grade 9 student at ECSS will take the following 6 compulsory subjects: English Applied, Academic or Essential Math Applied, Academic or Essential Science Applied, Academic or Essential Geography Applied or Academic French Applied or Academic Physical Education - Open Course Selection continued The other two courses will be selected

from the following list of Open type courses: Choose from these Open courses in Grade 9 Drama Exploring Computer Technology Exploring Technologies Expressing Aboriginal Cultures (may be used as an Art credit) Healthy and Active

Living (Phys. Ed.) Individual and Family Living Information Technology in Business Instrumental Winds Learning Strategies Repertoire Band Visual Arts Vocal Music

other Open Courses to look forward to in later years Communications Technology Computer Engineering

Computer Programming Construction Tech Cooperative Education Drama Production Fashion and Creative Expression Food and Nutrition Hairstyling and Aesthetics Hollywood and History Intro to Business

Media Studies Music Theatre Outdoor Education Parenting Personal and Fitness Activities Philosophy: The Big Question Photography Stage Band Repertoire Technological Design The Fashion Industry Travel and Tourism E. C. S. S. Explore

Consult Select Sign & Submit Explore our course offerings online: http://www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca Follow the instructions in your packages. Pathways to Opportunity College Employment Community Living School High Skilled Trades Apprenticeship National/International Travel/Educn

University Global Volunteering All Destinations are Equally Valuable Co-instructional Activities

Athletic Council Character Matters! Creative Writers/Book Club Dance Team Drama Council Drama Ninjas Eco-action ESP French & Italian Language Speech Arts Contest GSA Intra Murals Jazz Choir Math Club Math, Science, Computer Contests

Music Council Nintendo Club Peer Mediation Team Podcasting & Announcement Crew

Prom Committee Robotics Science Olympics Spring Drama Production Stage Band Student Ambassadors Student Council Student Tutors Weight room Club Winterlude Yearbook Committee ECSS Sports Teams FALL

Cross Country Jr. Girls Basketball Sr. Girls Basketball Girls Golf Jr. Boys Soccer Sr. Boys Soccer Tennis Jr. & Sr. Jr. Boys Volleyball Sr. Boys Volleyball WINTER

Alpine Skiing Jr. Badminton Sr. Badminton Jr. Boys Basketball Sr. Boys Basketball Swimming (mid-season) Snowboarding Jr. Girls Volleyball Sr. Girls Volleyball and even more. SPRING

Boys Baseball Jr. Boys Rugby Sr. Boys Rugby Girls Slo-Pitch Jr. Girls Soccer Sr. Girls Soccer Girls Softball Table Tennis Track & Field Ultimate ECSS presents.. Mrs. GaultSpecial Education Program

Ms. Naidu....................Drama Mr. Hope..Athletics, Thunderbird Camp, Weight Room Mr. UchidaMusic Program Mr. SchenckSchool Council Ms. VentriceImportant Dates and Community Partners

Ms. Sudhir and Ms. Kaushal President, Student Council: Next Steps Important Dates Wednesday, January 25 - Registration Packages available in the Main Office for non YRDSB students Friday, February 3 Registration Form from YRDSB grade 8s is due Friday, February 17 Course Selections due for current YRDSB grade 8s and current ECSS students At a Later Date Non YRDSB students will be called in order of completed packages received we encourage you to submit these as early as possible Tuesday, September 4 Transition Day - First Day of School for our new grade 9Thunderbirds together with a parent/guardian. First Day of School

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Transition Day For Grade 9 Students Only Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian Community Partners Al Palladini Community Centre Pierre Berton Vaughan Public Libraries

ECSS School Council YRT York Region Transit Vaughan Community Health Centre Settlement School Workers of York Region Lattitude Global Volunteering Canada Projects Abroad and Base Camp International Department Representatives Some department representatives will be in the main hallway. Some department representatives are in classrooms. Department Representatives in Classrooms

Cooperative Education, Mrs. Corneman Room 116 Family Studies, Ms. Marinelli, Room 174 Mathematics, Mrs.Al-Hassani, Mr.Giralico, Room 144 Science, Mr. Cashmore, Room 135 Visual Arts, Ms. Farrugia, Room 207 Special Education, Ms. Gault, Room 115 Physical Education, Mr. Hope, Room 138 History, Mr. Cowley, Room 249 Geography, Mr. Fitzgerald, Room 251 Technology, Mr. Hines, Room 158 Some Special Programs In the Library Dual Credits, Ms. MacDougall

SHSMs, Ms. Serio Bachelor Degree Programs at Ontario Colleges, Humber College Representative ontariocolleges.ca, DEMO for College Requirements electronicinfo.ca, DEMO for University Requirements Career Cruising, DEMO for Course Selection for current YRDSB students in all grades The End of this presentation marks the Beginning of your Transition to Grade 9 at Emily Carr Secondary School. ECSS Ambassadors will be available to guide you through the school this evening

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