Welcome to Grade Six

Welcome to Grade Six


Staff School community Students are all encouraged to put forth their very best effort. Students are encouraged to attempt to solve their problems

independently. Catholic values are integrated within every aspect of our school day. COMMUNICATION Regular communication between home and school is extremely

important. NEW! Remind (App) - leave your phone number to register for updates straight to your phone Agendas (daily)

Phone Calls 780-477-3372 E-mails [email protected] Classroom Newsletter (available monthly on classroom website)

Classroom website www.stleograde6.weebly.com Demonstration of Learning Please make sure that if at any time you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. If concerns arise in the classroom, I will take time to work with your son or daughter and will involve you at home for

PROVINCIAL ACHIEVEMENT TESTS (PATs) Alberta Education Curriculum FAQ for Parents Castle Rock Key books June is review month! Dont fall behind Quest A+ Curriculum at a Glance

Check out important information such as Curriculum at a Glance and provincial achievement test (PAT) bulletins on our classroom website. stleograde6.weebly.com/Home/PAT Info This can also be found on the Alberta Education website: https://www.learnalberta.ca/content/mychildslearning/g radeataglance/grade6.pdf FIELD TRIPS We will participate in out-of-school as well as in-school field

trips this year. Please ensure that you return the field trip permission form and fees to cover transportation costs by the date indicated on the form. We cannot take your child on field trips without your permission form. NEW! This year we are no longer reprinting permission forms. Should your child misplace a form, they will need to locate it in order to attend the field trip. Field Trip fees

This year grades 4-6 have decided to charge the full $15.00 for field trips. This covers all field trips and buses. Collecting the $15 in one lump sum now instead of in $3 increments minimizes the amount of classroom disruption in the morning and helps our office. Please pay by October 5th to your childs teacher. VOLUNTEERISM/ LEADERSHIP It is expected that students participate in leadership initiatives in and around St. Leo.

This includes AMA Patrol (crossing guards) All students who attended St. Leo in 2017-18 have received the training for Patrol Guards and will receive refresher training twice during the 2018-19 school year. Please sign the permission form for your child today! If you wish your child to be exempt from participating in this leadership opportunity, please indicate to me in writing. EXTRA CURRICULAR

ACTIVITIES AND OTHER EXCITING EVENTS Sports Teams Intramurals Running Club Talent Show Read-in Week Christmas Concert Indigenous Day Safe in Six

CLASSROOM PARTIES Halloween Christmas Valentines Day End of year Please watch for upcoming events in the classroom newsletter! You are welcome to contribute a healthy snack to share on these days!

BIRTHDAYS Birthdays will be acknowledged in class and announced on broadcast. Please feel free to bring in treats for your childs special day. I just ask that you let me know beforehand that something is coming. Parents, please provide the necessary plates, forks and napkins. Again, be mindful of allergies and the easier to distribute the better.

WATER BOTTLES Your child is encouraged to bring a water bottle to class. Only water, no juice or pop or flavoring, will be permitted in these containers. They are encouraged to take these home regularly to be cleaned. SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS

Book orders will be sent out once a month. You are not under any obligation to order each month but please take a look as there are many wonderful books available at excellent prices. By ordering, it also provides the opportunity to earn books for the classroom. Please send the order form with your childs name clearly marked on it and exact cash. NEW! You can also submit orders online! Please send me a note in your childs agenda so I am aware an order is waiting.

Please note the due date at the top of the page. HOMEWORK Students are expected to read for 40 minutes every night. This effort adds up over time and makes a difference in all subject areas! Students will also be expected to complete numeracy practice every night - either through an online tool such as Mathletics, or by practicing and reviewing concepts taught in class. Students will be given ample opportunity to complete assigned

classwork during school hours. However, in the event that students require additional time to complete assignments, they will record this in their agenda, and bring home work to complete at home. GOOGLE CLASSROOM NEW! Parents! Would you like to keep up-to-date on all your childs assignments and due dates? Leave your email information with Miss Andr to be added to your childs Google Classroom! TECHNOLOGY CODE OF

CONDUCT As you have already seen and signed, students are expected to follow a Code of Conduct while using technology at school. Students are instructed on Digital Citizenship and ethical issues as well as online safety. Should an issue arise, you will be notified by me via phone call. As written in the Code of Conduct, students will face a penalty of suspension from using school technology for first and second infractions. Any subsequent infractions will require a meeting among

Parent-Student-Teacher to discuss a plan of use going forward. MISSING SUPPLIES... Often, supplies tend to go missing throughout the year. Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own supplies and materials and are equipped with multiple secure locations to maintain their organization. Should your child require any replacement supplies, you will receive a note in the agenda.

Replacement earphones cost $2 Replacement agendas cost $10 Replacement Friday envelopes cost $2 VERIFICATION OF REGISTRATION Before you leave.. Please ensure that your childs registration information is current and up-to-date. This is especially important in case of emergency, as we require a working, active phone number in order to

contact you. PHONE NUMBERS It is essential that the phone numbers on the form are correct and up to date If your number changes throughout the year, please inform the office so we can update our records FRANCOPHONE, ABORIGINAL and ENGLISH as a SECOND LANGUAGE

DECLARATION Please ensure these sections on the form have been filled in correctly on the Verification of Student Information This information is used to access funds to better support programming in the classrooms FREEDOM of INFORMATION and PRIVACY (FOIP) Consent for Use of Student Information section in the Verification of Student Information documents

Please read the information carefully Consent is a parent/guardians choice. Please be aware that not consenting can mean that students pictures will not be put in the yearbook, newsletter, media, website, etc. VERIFICATION of STUDENT INFORMATION - 2 SIGNATURES REQUIRED One on the front page One on the back page

EDMONTON PUBLIC LIBRARY (EPL) CARDS Forms have already been sent home in the Friday Envelope Please remember to return the completed form ASAP so your child can receive a library card. JOIN THE PAC! Sign up to be the room representative for Grade 6 at

the parent council meetings. These meetings are the first Monday of the month and last only about an hour. Your voice is important and we need one parent to sign up. Please let Miss Andr know if you are able to take on this role for 2018-19. QUESTIONS?

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