Welcome to… Chesterton Community College… 16 and Beyond

Welcome to… Chesterton Community College… 16 and Beyond

Welcome to Chesterton Community College 16 and Beyond The start of a hectic year!!! Tonight Tonight marks the beginning of the process for parents & carers, but not for students. Theyve already had a similar presentation. They have also had a special Post-16 Day last week when they started to write their personal statements and their online applications. The Process what happens?

Preparation using UCAS Progress Personal Statements Prospectuses & online research Choose favourite courses Estimated Grades* References *Estimated grades are what the colleges initially use to make a decision The Application Students should have their decisions made and draft UCAS application completed by 15th December. Final checks, advice and predicted grades/ references added 1st week back after

Christmas. Applications approved in January deadline is 10th January. Guidance chats February onwards Offers made by 28th March The Application Students may apply for up to 5 institutions of their choice but their choice must be a suitable course for them. There will be information sent out regarding Post16 centres interview policies Some Post-16 centres expect students to select a 1st choice centre e.g. Parkside, Hills Road (added to personal statement). It is up to the Post-16 centres to inform students

if they have a guidance interview (emails and addresses must be correct). Post-16 Providers Post-16 centres will make offers according to their own published criteria in their admissions policy; Clear guidance will be provided by Post-16 centres about how students will be expected to confirm the decline of offers made; Students will be expected to respond to offers following the instructions provided with the offer. Our Post-16 Providers Cambridge Area Partnership

CAP Cambridge & Huntingdon Regional College College of West Anglia (Cambridge) Comberton Sixth Form Cottenham Sixth Form Bishop Laney Sixth Form Hills Road Sixth Form College Impington Sixth Form Long Road Sixth Form College Netherhall Sixth Form Parkside Sixth Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology

(formerly UTC). Continue with your education at college or sixth form Start an Apprenticeshi p or Traineeship Post 16 options

20172018 Year 11 Get a job or volunteer, with training Qualifications Framework Most pupils will leave Chesterton ready to begin a Level 1, 2 or 3 course Some will begin a course that will enable them to reach Level 1 THERE ARE ALWAYS OPTIONS You can help your child work out which

level of course they should be applying for by going over their estimated grades with them Courses and Qualifications Level 3 2 1 Academic mostly

examinations Applied General 50% coursework Technical Level coursework based Apprenticeship Traineeship

employment and training A/AS-level IB BTEC/OCR Level 3 (NVQ)/C&G L3 Advanced Apprenticeship GCSE A*-C

Maths / English 9-4 BTEC/OCR Level 2 (NVQ)/C&G L2 Intermediate Apprenticeship and Traineeship GCSE D-G Maths / English 3-1

BTEC/OCR Level 1 (NVQ)/C&G L1 Traineeship and Pre-employment schemes It is possible to combine Academic and Applied General route at some providers A general guide to entry requirements A-level / IB courses

You will require a range of GCSEs including maths and English. Some subjects need specific subjects and grades. Applied general (level 3) Courses Minimum of 4 GCSEs at 4 or above (or vocational equivalent) usually including maths and/or English

Some require more than 4 GCSEs or specific subjects Applied general (level 2) Courses Minimum of 2 GCSEs at 3 (or vocational equivalent) Technical Courses You start most courses at

Level 1, progressing to Level 2 and Level 3 as your skills develop For some courses you can enter at Level 3 depending on skill level Some courses need specific subjects

To confirm entry requirements and specific subject requirements please contact post 16 centres you are considering. Maths and English for Full Time Students Students who achieve grade 3 or below in English and/or maths will need to continue working towards their GCSE. Those with grade 3 need to retake GCSE, those with 2 and below can take qualifications that lead to GCSE. Students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, may be exempt from the above, but will still need to study Maths and/or English. Nearly Done!!!

After Tonight Useful websites www.chestertoncc.net www.ucasprogress.com www.apprenticeshipsonline.com www.directgov.uk Click on the link to find out more about different types of qualifications http://www.youthoria.org/home/learning/16pluscourses/1338887527.402/ After Tonight Visit as many centres as possible Open Evening

dates have already been posted out on Parentmail and are on our website. Seek advice and help your child enter FE at the right level for them and on a course which suits them Remember, there is a place for everyone in FE. Dont discount any centre, look at them all. Encourage your child to work hard (mocks are so important) and attend! Chesterton Community College 16 and Beyond [email protected] www.chestertoncc.net

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