Welcome Special Education Liaisons

Welcome Special Education Liaisons

WELCOME SPECIAL EDUCATION LIAISONS March 27, 2012 OVERVIEW OF THE DAY Welcome/Overview Question & Answer Touring the IEPT Continuum of Supports

QLE/Instructional Improvement Learning Support Teams REACH feedback Leveled Meetings Wrap Up QUESTION & ANSWER BOX Everyone writes something on the paper at your table Any question(s) or comment(s) you are thinking about

Our SS team will do our best to answer all questions If you stump us we will find the answer and share this with you at a later time today Making a Difference for All Students INCLUSIVE EDUCATION

PLANNING TOOL (IEPT) Todays Outcomes: Touring the tool Accessing information through the Inclusive Education Library Q&A IPP IEPT SIMILARITIES Student focused Parents as partners

Assessment/ data driven- begins with classroom assessment DIFFERENCES From looking at disabilities to learner abilities and needs Focus on teacher practice and learning environment Teacher planning tool rather than goal setting Begins with Program of Studies Uses a continuum of supports

approach to determine possible strategies Planning tool informs progress report Can be used to support all learners by creating class summaries with: learning preferences reading levels writing levels INCLUSIVE EDUCATION PLANNING

TOOL Fundamental Beliefs All students can learn and be successful All students can participate and contribute to school life Goal of the IEPT

Pilot Project To build teacher capacity to better meet the diverse learning needs of all students Reflection: How does this shift in perspective influence our leadership roles in our schools? TOURING THE INCLUSIVE

EDUCATION PLANNING TOOL RESOURCE Inclusive Education Library http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/IEPT2/library/index.html Contains all the same components and resources used within the IEPT

Student perspective resources Parent Perspective resources Language arts assessments Social participation resources Medical conditions/ disabilities resources INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: REFLECTION PILOT SCHOOLS:

Q&A CONTINUUM OF SUPPORTS CONTINUUM OF SUPPORTS PURPOSE: A framework of support that provides a common language for helping students with diverse learning needs be successful Planning tool to use with teachers when discussing what students need for support Communication tool to use with parents when discussing

additional resources and supports for their son/daughter Planning tool and communication tool to use with school based administrators when making decisions around resource allocations required to ensure students with diverse learning needs have the support needed to be successful in the classroom and school CONTINUUM OF SUPPORTS HOMEWORK TASK from our last meeting (January 17 t h ): Think about one student who requires targeted or specialized supports

Fill out the tracking sheet for this student (and others if you so choose) REFER to the EXEMPLAR provided Provide feedback on this process/task YOUR TASK TODAY: At your table, please share: Your experience completing the task from Jan 17 Feedback for Student Services to consider as we move forward STUDENT SERVICES UPDATE Feedback from school visits

Thank you for your TIME - it was truly a GIFT to spend time learning and gaining knowledge about your work\ Data collection this process will improve we are considering using the Continuum of Supports framework to assist with Resource Allocations Process to Access Horizon Wanda is the gatekeeper for students to attend/register Before talking with parents/guardians, please contact her so next steps can be considered before parents become involved If parents/guardians or consultants request or suggest exploring Horizon as a programming option please direct

them to Wanda STUDENT SERVICES UPDATE Horizon New program embedded in school Pilot from February to June Students who have neurodevelopmental disorders and exhibit extreme behaviors putting themselves, other students and staff at a high risk of being verbally and physically injured All resources and supports have been exhausted at school Frequent and Intense involvement from Wanda, SS Team members, Mental Health, RCMP and Child and Family Services Meetings taking place bi-weekly or even weekly or daily at some points

Level B Assessment Tool KTEA Some of you may notice Donelda smilingwhy you ask? Lets ask her LUNCH Whats Next? Quality Learning Environment Instructional Improvement Learning Support Team...

REACH FEEDBACK LEVELS TIME: 30 minutes TASK: 1. Meet with the group that best reflects your school situation: K-12 / Elementary Schools / Middle Schools / High Schools 2. Special Education Liaison who has been working CESD the longest decides who is going to be the recorder and who is going to share their key messages with the larger

group 3.Focused discussion - Questions to guide your conversations: What is working? What is challenging you? What supports do you need? WRAP UP Have you registered with Lorrie Morris for May 3rd? Dr. Julie Causton-Theoharis Ten Ways to Create Truly Inclusive Schools and Classrooms

..\..\CARC\May 3 2012\0503 Truly Inclusive Classrooms.pdf Thank you for your participation and contributions today! Safe travels and have a FANTASTIC SPRING BREAK!

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