Welcome New Vanguard Student Orientation

Welcome New Vanguard Student Orientation

WELCOME NEW VANGUARD STUDENT T. H . R O G E R S S C H O O L AUGUST 5, 2016 9:00 AM WELCOME TO T.H. ROGERS! Building on Our Culture This Years Theme: Learning for AllEndless Possibilities! Learning for all...PSI/MI, RDSPD (deaf), Life Skills, Vanguard

Endless possibilities...no limits! Welcome to T.H. Rogers! Building on Our Culture This Years Theme: Learning for AllEndless Possibilities! Culture of Communication Teacher websites Grade Speed weekly communication folders Culture of Thinking Cross-curricular learning Literacy emphasized in all contents Visible thinking

Culture of Respect Character education bullying awareness peer mediation WELCOME TO T.H. ROGERS! Administration, Mid-Management, Office Staff Dave Muzyka, Principal Christian Winn, Elementary Assistant Principal Donald Lam, Middle School Assistant Principal Jessica Willie, Dean of Instruction Ashley Pringle, Elementary Counselor Kristen Trey Chen, Vanguard Coordinator Mari Valdez, School Secretary

Libby Calkins, Receptionist Gwen Thompson, Budget Clerk Maria Hernandez, Finance Clerk Bertha Roodi, Attendance Clerk Sheila Foster, Student Information Yaneth Montes, Front Office Clerk

Janice Jackson, VG Office Clerk Linda Turpin, VG Office Clerk WELCOME TO T.H. ROGERS! Vanguard Faculty Kindergarten Team Shannon Rambert Team Leader; English, Language Arts & Reading Linda Methol Science & Social Studies Taylor Rayner Math Core Enrichment Team Jennifer Thelander - Art Desmond Combs - PE Angela Wilkins - Computer Norman Thomas Music

Orchestra - TBD Stephanie Hatley - Library WELCOME TO T.H. ROGERS! School Policies and Procedures MORNING ARRIVAL Arrival: 7:15 a.m. to 7:35 a.m.

All students report to the Cafeteria upon arrival. ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL Parents may eat breakfast with students on the first day of school. Beginning August 23rd, parents must drop student off in the L-shape carpool lane or park nearby and walk them to the front entrance. Parents are asked to refrain from walking students to the classroom

after the first day of school. ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL Carpool Drop-Off/Pick-Up for Students Use the L-shape loading zone located in front of the school. Turn in traveling south on Bering Drive. Parents are asked to refrain from conferencing with teacher while they are on duty as they are trying to supervise all their students. ***Refer to Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up Map*** ATTENDANCE POLICY AND

PROCEDURES Students are encouraged to attend school daily! Students must attend at least 72 days of school the first semester and 77 days the second semester according to the Texas Education Code 25.092. ATTENDANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURES Call the school and e-mail your childs homeroom teacher by 8:00 a.m. on the day of an absence. Phone: 713-917-3595 Within 3 days of an absence, a written excuse must be

submitted to Ms. Roodi in the main office. Excuses may be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] AT TENDANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURES TARDY STUDENTS Promptness to school is an expectation. If a student is not in class by 7:45 a.m., he or she will be considered tardy. Students will receive a lunch detention after the 3rd tardy. The official daily attendance time is 9:30. AT TENDANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURES

EXCUSED ABSENCES Illness of student Death in the family Quarantine Weather or road conditions making travel dangerous Participation in school activities, approved by the Principal Religious holidays (24 hours prior to day) Emergencies or unusual circumstances, approved by the Principal

LEAVING CAMPUS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY Parents must report to the main office to check out their child. An appropriate form of identification must be presented. A note from the parent(s) of a student must be sent to Ms. Roodi stating the time and reason for the early departure along with a phone number. The latest a student may be released early is 2:15 p.m.

DRESS CODE Students should be neat and clean in appearance. Clothing must not be too tight, too loose, or torn. A belt must be worn with loose-fit shorts or pants. Skirts and dresses are to be no shorter than two inches, front and back, from the top of the knee in a standing position. Label jackets/coats. Bring an extra layer! See the Parent-Student Handbook for the full dress code policy.

BIRTHDAYS Students will be given the opportunity to celebrate birthdays during the school year by parents sending store-bought cookies (no cupcakes, please) for the homeroom class. The teacher will pass out to the students during their snack time. Please, no treat bags. If you plan to send cookies, please notify the teacher for planning purposes.

Deliver the treats to the school by 8:00 FIELD TRIPS Field trips are planned throughout the year to enhance the curriculum, and dedicated parent volunteers help make it possible. Here are a few important reminders: Students and chaperones are to wear the school tie-dye field trip shirt. All school rules apply on the field trip. Actively supervise students. Notify the teacher(s) immediately of any medical emergency, lost child, or serious breach of school rule. Follow the directions of docent/guide. Siblings and family members may not participate in a schoolsponsored field trip.

COMMUNICATIONS Communication Folders Ram News is available on our website and will be sent home every Thursday . Parent-Staff Communications Contact the teacher via e-mail or phone. Check the calendar of events each week . WE NEED YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS! Parent-Teacher Conferences Contact your childs teacher with the preferred day and time for the conference. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL

MONDAY, AUGUST 22, 2016 Please complete and return ALL forms included in the First Day Packet to your childs teacher. Follow all procedures for arrival. Please say goodbye to your child and wish them well on their first day. Traffic will be heavy. Be patient! Join other THR parents for coffee sponsored by PTO in the orchestra room. A FEW IMPORTANT DATES...

Open House September 6th, 6:30PM Parents Are Partners September 13th, 7:45AM Early Dismissal September 21st, 12:45PM PTO Kindergarten Coffee September 24th, 9AM

Fall Conferences week of October 9th, times TBA You will receive a school calendar in the 2016-2017 Parent-Student Handbook! THE KINDERGARTEN LEARNING JOURNEY HISDs Kindergarten Vanguard Program serves students who have been identified as potentially gifted or

talented in intellectual ability, creativity, or leadership. Our Kindergarten programs consists of reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, health and PE, music, THE KINDERGARTEN LEARNING JOURNEY English/Lang Arts/ReadingMs. Rambert Language Arts will consist of whole group and small group instruction. Components include a read aloud, shared reading, independent reading, guided reading, writing, independent practice & workstations. Istation

will be used for the BOY, MOY, and EOY assessments. Students will be receiving a username and password to login at home. Take-home readers will be sent home on a weekly basis to practice different reading skills as well as THE KINDERGARTEN LEARNING JOURNEY MathMs. Rayner Math instruction will include whole group & small group instruction. A variety of manipulatives are used in instruction as methods for students to discover or invent a method of understanding.

Moby Max will be used as a math resource throughout the school year. Login information will be provided to use at home. Go Math and Star Math will be used as resources as well as others. THE KINDERGARTEN LEARNING JOURNEY Science & Social StudiesMs. Methol For Social Studies students will be Scholastic News and Time for Kids as well as district resources. Social Studies will be taught using the HISD curriculum

guide. We will have a Scientist of the Week for all classes. Students are responsible for putting together an experiment and bringing it to class to present. Science Fusion is another resource that will be used to teach science objectives. KINDER REPORT CARD The report card will be given 4 times throughout the year on the following dates: November 11, February 17, May 25 The grading system on the report card is as follows 1 Discovery Steps, 2 Exploring Showing Progress, and 3 Connecting Ready to apply. Teachers will be giving these marks on daily assignments, quizzes, and or tests. is considered a 3 on the report card. Excellent work!!!

is considered a 2 on the report card. May need more practice. is considered a 1 on the report card. Improvement is needed. REST & SNACK Please send a towel with your child the first day of school. Each teacher will have a time in their classroom for students to rest in the afternoon. This time can be after recess or during snack time. Please send a non-perishable, healthy snack in your childs backpack daily. We also ask that you refrain from sending any nutrelated snack as some students may have allergies. No water bottles, please. We will allow your child to visit the water fountain throughout the day. Also, please keep a change of clothes, including undergarments, in a Ziploc bag in your childs backpack.

KINDERGARTEN COMMUNITY NORMS Kindergarteners are expected to be kind and courteous to others, and engaged in learning. This year Kindergarten will be using the planner on a daily basis. All homework assignments will be written in the planner for that day. Please send the homework back to school on Fridays in

the homework folder or homework spiral. Teacher websites will be updated weekly. COMMUNICATIONS Along with the other school supplies for Kindergarten please purchase 1 character folder with pockets no brads (ex. Disney, cartoon, animal,) We will be using the character folder to communicate weekly progress in the areas of following directions, using time wisely, being prepared for class, etc. This folder will be sent home Fridays. Any daily communications will be communicated in the planner.

Any notes from the teacher will be written in the childs planner on the specific day. Please email the teacher regarding any transportation changes. HOME LEARNING Teachers will assign homework on a weekly basis. Students will have homework assignments in ELA, Sci/SS, and Math. Students will receive all assignments on Monday and have the week to complete all of them. Students will turn in their homework on Fridays in their homework folder. *Please remember I-Station, Moby Max, the HUB,

and Think Central websites may be used at home for additional resources.

PARENTS-TOPARENTS Tips for Success... In the beginning of the year, it may feel like things are very scattered: communication, deadlines, activities , etc. If you don't know an answer to something, i.e., project due date, you can always ask a teacher or Room Parent. Arrange your carpool plans before school starts. Communicate pick-up plans with your child. Explain what to do if you get lost or need help. Write your phone number(s) in the childs backpack. Remind your child that every teacher has a unique style. Consider everything thats told through the mind of a 5 or 6 year old.

Talk to your child about their food allergies and let the teachers know. Our school is not a nut-free community. For families with multiple children: *Have designated areas for your children to work at home. *Develop a family calendar with color codes or icons. *Remember that each child learns differently and is a unique individual. BEFORE WE GO Please be sure you handle the following housekeeping items before you leave today: Sign in and verify your contact information at the check-in table near room 301.

Visit the computer lab in room 401 to Register for VIPS Join PTO WELCOME to the T.H. Rogers Family!

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