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General Design Requirements for PCS Modernization Purpose: Define the Vision for PCS Functional Requirements and Priorities by State Workgroup Members Business Area (Permitting, Program Management, Compliance Monitoring, and Enforcement), High Level Data Flow, Success Criteria, and Priorities for a Modernized PCS Arkansas Anna Hubbard New Hampshire Mary Ruel California Carl Brown, John Norton New Jersey Bryan Barrett, Deborah Hammond Colorado Harry Collier, Kathleen Wahlbert Florida Ilia Herrera, Mike Tanski, Lisa Wadsworth New York Dick Cukrovany, Andrew Kreshnik, Jerry Looby, Shayne Mitchell, Bud Tozer, MuHao Wang Illinois Missy Cain North Carolina Bob Sledge Indiana Felicia George Ohio Curt Marshall Iowa Charles Furrey, Ted Petersen Oklahoma Edward Dihrberg, Ralph Johnson, Don Mooney Louisiana Stephanie Braden, Tim Brewster, Brandon Harris Pennsylvania Robert Bauer Maine Marlene Edwards, Stuart Rose South Dakota Stacey Reed, Bryan Zinda Minnesota Joan Demeuriesse Mississippi Jerry Cain, Don Watts, Paul Zetterholm Missouri Dann East Texas Anne Dobbs, Jim Kerlin, Daphine McMurrer, Mohammed Moheeth, Sheila Smith, Robert Villareal Nebraska Ronald Asch Virginia Sue Heddings, Laura Kelly, Allison Kittle, Roland Owens Washington Mike Herold Wyoming Leah Krafft Outcome: NPDES Requirements Document, Background for the Detailed Design Teams and foundation for the Detailed Design Document. 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Data Requirements Workgroups for PCS Modernization Purpose: Determine the universe of data elements vital to managing, evaluating and reporting on the NPDES program. 6 Program workgroups: State Subject Matter Experts Bio-solids CAFOs Florida Maurice Barker Florida Vince Seibold

New Jersey Pat Brown, Steve Boyer Minnesota Jim Sullivan Mississippi Jerry Cain Missouri Dann East Tennessee Evelyn Haskin Washington Kyle Dorsey Wisconsin Greg Kester CSO/SSO Maryland William Lee Mississippi Rusty Lyons New Hampshire Sharon Ducharme South Carolina Glen Trogatter General Program needs Storm water Florida Geoff Rabinowitz Oklahoma Steve Weber South Carolina Anthony James Tennessee Christopher Moran Pretreatment Harry Wilson Arkansas David Ramsey Nebraska Rudy Fieldler Connecticut Art Mauger Tennessee Mary Wyatt Florida Chuck Ziegmont Texas Rebecca Villalba Georgia Billy Wayne Sykes Illinois Mike Garretson Mississippi Melanie Morris, Don Watts New York Chuck Haugh Texas Cindy Stanislawski elements, and the NPDES Data Requirement workgroup recommendations document. 2001 Oct.. 2002 May Mike Tenczar Mississippi Outcome: Full data element list, proposed WENDB data 2000 Arizona 2003 2004 2005 2006 Detail Design Workgroups for PCS Modernization Purpose: Create the System Design or Technical Blueprint 5 technical workgroups Business Rules, Screen Design, Reports, Background Processing, Data Flows 1 Face to Face Review Team (one week in DC) Screen Design State Participants

Business Rules Data Flows California Pamela Barksdale California John Ellison Louisiana Melvin Mitchell Iowa Charles Furrey Minnesota Mary Kimlinger Missouri Dann East New York Chuck Haugh New Jersey Terry Beyn Ohio Brian Hull Texas Cindy Stanislawski North Carolina Jeanine Philips, Walt Scneper Ohio Sandra Kemper Washington Reports Warren Opfer California Pamela Barksdale Colorado Leslie Simpson Georgia Jennifer Patch Missouri Dann East New York Bud Tozer Texas Richard Williams Face to Face Review Colorado Leslie Simpson, Lori Gerzina Georgia Allison Creeger, Jennifer Patch Georgia Allison Cregger Background Processing Iowa Charles Furrey Illinois Tarea Lee California Michael Gjerde Louisiana Melvin Mitchell Texas Phillip Lopez Missouri Dann East New York Bud Tozer New York Chuck Haugh North Carolina Jeanine Phillips, Walt Scheper Ohio Randy Crowell Ohio Sandra Kemper, Randy Crowell Texas Cindy Stanislawski

Oklahoma Ed Dillinghan, Jennifer Martin Washington Warren Opfer Outcome: 16,000 page Detailed Design document 2000 2001 2002 Oct . 2003 Sept 2004 2005 2006 PCS Steering Committee Purpose: Assist EPA in Making Major PCS Modernization decisions, determine WENDB PCS core data requirements and recommend policy update requirements based on workgroup recommendations. State Committee Members 2001 2003 2005 Region 1 State Rep CT Mike Harder CT Arthur Mauger CT Arthur Mauger Region 2 State Reg NY Bob Cronin NY Chuck Haugh NY Chauck Haugh Region 3 State Rep VA Martin Ferguson VA Joanne Lam VA John Golder Region 4 State Rep GA John Coates, Bob Scott GA Bob Scott GA Bob Scott Region 5 State Rep IL Ken Rogers IL Michael Garretson IL Michael Garretson Region 6 State Rep TX Cindy Stanislawski TX Cindy Stanislawski AK David Ramsey Region 7 State Rep IA Charles Furrey IA Charles Furrey IA Charley Furrey Region 8 State Rep SD Stacie Reed SD (WY) Stacie Reed (Leah Krafft)

UT Edith Van Vleet Region 9 State Rep AZ Don Shroyer AZ Don Shroyer AZ Don Shroyer Region 10 State Rep WA Melody Selby WA Melody Selby WA Raman Iyer Outcome: Recommended to PCS Executive Council WENDB PCS Core Data Requirements and Policy Updates based upon the Data Requirements and Detailed Design Workgroup Recommendations 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Data Migration Workgroup for PCS Modernization Purpose: Define data clean-up procedures, and test and review PCS to ICISNPDES migration activities. State Workgroup Members Arkansas David Ramsey Colorado Leslie Simpson, Terry Bagan Tania Watson Missouri Dann East/Sany Smith New Jersey Terry Beym Connecticut Suzette Flecha/karen Maltese/ Terri Aeyone New York Chuck Haugh, Bud Tozer Liz Lukowski, Steve Vogler Georgia Jennifer Patch Ohio Randy Crowe Hawaii Scott Miyashiro, Ann Teruya Rhode Island Deb Merrill Utah Edith Van Vleet Indiana Charles Dunn, Rose McDaniel Jeff Ewick Virginia Joanne Lam, Susan Tragesser Wisconsin Keri Behm Louisiana Joette Keanley, Kelly Petersen Reggie Coleman, Christine Mayeux, Keith Davis, Kathryn Huddle Maryland Brenda Water/Bill Lee Outcome: State Guidance document, PCS to ICIS mapping and the PCS Data Clean-up list. As needed 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 May 2005 Oct. 2006

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