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Ways of the World - Kennesaw State University

Robert W. Strayer Ways of the World: A Brief Global History First Edition

CHAPTER 11 The Worlds of Islam: Afro-Eurasian Connections 6001500

Copyright 2009 by Bedford/St. Martins The Birth of a New Religion The Homeland of Islam

The Messenger and the Message The Transformation of Arabia The Making of an Arab Empire

War and Conquest Conversion to Islam Divisions in the Islamic World

Women and Men in Early Islam Islam and Cultural Encounter: A Four-Way Comparison

The Case of India The Case of Anatolia The Case of West Africa The Case of Spain

The World of Islam as a New Civilization Networks of Faith Networks of Exchange

Chapter 11 The Worlds of Islam: Afro-Eurasian Connections, 6001500

Map 11.1 The Arab Empire and the Initial Expansion of Islam, 622900 C.E. (p. 309) Map 11.2 The Growing World of Islam (9001500) (p. 317) Map 11.3 The Ottoman Empire by the Mid-Fifteenth Century (p. 320)

Map 11.4 West Africa and the World of Islam (p. 321) Spot Map 11.1 Arabia at the Time of Muhammad (p. 303) Spot Map 11.2 The Sultanate of Delhi (p. 318) The Hajj (p. 300)

Muslims, Jews, and Christians (p. 305) The Kaaba (p. 312) Men and Women at Worship (p. 315) The Great Mosque at Jenne (p. 322)

A Muslim Astronomical Observatory (p. 326)

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