Vocabulary Unit 2.2 - CCHS English 10

Vocabulary Unit 2.2 - CCHS English 10

Vocabulary Unit 2 Quiz next Wednesday 1. adroit Skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind Adjective Synonyms: clever, deft, dexterous Antonyms: clumsy, inept, all thumbs Many rodeo performers are adroit at

twirling a rope while on horseback. 2. amicable Peaceful, friendly Adjective Synonyms: congenial, neighborly, cordial

Antonyms: hostile, antagonistic Sometimes mediation by a neutral individual can lead to an amicable settlement of dispute. 3. averse Having a deep-seated distaste; opposed, unwilling Adjective Synonyms: disinclined, loath Antonyms: favorably disposed, eager,

keen You are not likely to become a marathon runner if you are averse to strenuous exercise. 4. belligerent Adjective: Given to fighting, warlike; combative, aggressive Noun: one at war; one engaged in way Synonyms: assertive, truculent, pugnacious Antonyms: peaceful, conciliatory, placid I did not expect such a belligerent answer

to my request for directions. After each belligerent signed the peace treaty, the war was declard officially over. 5. benevolent Kindly, charitable Adjective Synonyms: benign, well-meaning Antonyms: malicious, spiteful, malevolent

The newcomers had nothing but benevolent feelings twoard all their neighbors. 6. cursory Hasty, not thorough Adjective Synonyms: quick, superficial, perfunctory Antonyms: thorough, painstaking, careful

The mayor gave a final cursory glance at the text of her speech before mounting the podium. 7. duplicity Treachery, deceitfulness Noun Synonyms: fraud, doubledealing, chicanery

We found it difficult to believe that our good friend could be capable of such duplicity. 8. extol To praise extravagantly Verb Synonyms: glorify, applaud, acclaim, hail Antonyms: criticize, belittle, disparage Many inspiring stories and plays have

been written that extol the heroic deeds of Joan of Arc. 9. feasible Possible, able to be done Adjective Synonyms: workable, practicable,

viable Antonyms: unworkable, impractical Our city needs to develop a feasible plan of action for dealing with storms and other emergencies. 10. grimace Noun: a wry face, facial distortion Verb: to make a wry face Synonyms: pained expression, facial contortion

Antonyms: smile, grin, beam The grimace of the refugee in the photograph reveals the pain of homelessness. Most people grimace at the mere sound of the dentists drill. 11. stolid not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive adjective

Synonyms: impassive, phlegmatic Antonyms: emotional, oversensitive, high-strung Stolid people can generally be expected to take most things in stride. 12. tentative Experimental in nature, uncertain, hesitant Adjective

Synonyms: provisional, inconclusive Antonyms: definite, conclusive, confirmed Negotiators have come up with a tentative agreement that will keep both sides at the bargaining table past the strike deadline. 13. unkempt Not combed; untidy; not properly maintained; unpolished, rude Adjective

Synonyms: sloppy, disheveled, disordered, rough Antonyms: well-groomed, tidy, neat, natty According to my parents, the latest fashions make me and my friends look unkempt. 14. verbatim Word for word; exactly as written or spoken Adjective, adverb

Synonyms: exact, precisely Antonyms: paraphrased Newspapers often publish the verbatim text of an important speech. 15. warily Cautiously, with great care Adverb Synonyms:

carefully, prudently, gingerly Antonyms: recklessly, heedlessly, incautiously The hikers made their way warily up the steep and rocky trail.

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