Vocabulary Unit #10 - Council Rock School District

Vocabulary Unit #10 - Council Rock School District


I knew my parents would not buy me a car, so I decided to acquiesce (accept quietly). Ill save my energy for an argument that I feel I can win. THE ALLURE (NOUN) The allure (attractiveness) of the perfume was that it smelled just like the

beach. ASKEW GLASSES (ADJ.) After I was hit with the volleyball, my glasses were slightly askew (crooked).


She has such a blithe (lighthearted) outlook on life that she lights up a room with her presence. CONTENTIOUS HEAVY WEIGHTRELATIONSHIP CONTENDER (ADJ.) They had such a contentious (combative)

relationship that they could argue about anything. To review your understanding of these words, Complete page 133 #1, 3, 4, 6 and 17 TO COVET (VERB)

IRather used tothan covet wasting my neighbors your timeCorvette, coveting (desiring)

what other people but then I remembered that I have, have alearn to appreciate the of good

pretty sweet ride my things own. in your own life. CRESTFALLEN CHILD (ADJ.) The little boy was crestfallen (dejected)

when she found out that Disney World was closed. DISHEVELED APPEARANCE (ADJ.) Many people think of Albert Einsteins appearance as

disheveled (untidy), but it was really just his hair that was a mess. THE EXPONENT OF HEALTH For several decades, Jack Lalanne was the nations greatest exponent

(promoter) of healthy lifestyle choices If I can exercise everyday at the age of 85, you can too. Get healthy!

GARRULOUS GROUP (ADJ) It was such a garrulous (talkative) group that it was hard to follow what anyone was rambling on about. Most Garrulous Group Award

For always having something to say, whether anyone asked you or not! To review your understanding of these words, Complete page 133-134 #5, 10, 16, 19 and 20

INSUPERABLE HERO (ADJ) That little fellow cant get past me because I am insuperable (unbeatable)! LAMENTABLE EVENT (ADJ)

The conclusion of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is certainly lamentable (regrettable). If they had each been a little less brash, they could have lived happily ever after. THE MISNOMER (NOUN) Some people think that hamburger and hotdog are misnomers because there is

no ham in that burger and no dog in that hot dog (we hope). PROFESS YOUR LOVE (VERB) The man waited until the scenery was perfect and then he

professed (confessed) his love for her. NEEDED RESPITE (NOUN) After a long day of chasing campers around the forest, the bear took a much deserved respite (rest).

To review your understanding of these words, Complete page 133-134 #7, 8, 11, 13 and 14 THE RETRIBUTION (NOUN) Many different cultures and religions believe there was a great flood that was retribution

(payback) for all of mans wrongdoings. SINUOUS RIVER (ADJ) The sinuous (winding) river had more twists and turns in it than a rollercoaster. SONOROUS SOUND (ADJ)

The sonorous sounds of the saxophone had the entire audience on their feet and dancing.

VANGUARD OF FASHION (NOUN) Wearing her Kermit skin shawl put at the vanguard (frontline) of fashion. Everyone will be wearing them soon! FOOLISH WASTREL (NOUN) The foolish wastrel

spent $1000 on an outfit he could have gotten at the Gap for $100; then, he spent the whole day watching television when he should have been doing his

homework. To review your understanding of these words, Complete page 133-134 #2, 9, 12, 15 and 18

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