VI - A.1 Online Revitalization

VI - A.1 Online Revitalization

Expect more to attain more: Reaching for 100% faculty certifications Quality Assurance in Online Learning November 1, 2016 1999 2 2016 3

2016 1st in online courses 1st in number of students enrolled 4 In Your Case Where is your institution on the online continuum? What steps are needed to continue your

momentum? Take aways from St. Petersburg College experience. 5 Online Review: Timeline May 2009 Blackboard purchased ANGEL March 2012 Blackboard no longer updating ANGEL

July 2013 Faculty dinners: Student success and engagement online August 2013 President extended conversation to Review of Online and invited faculty to lead the process 6 Online Review Focus Course quality

Faculty roles and responsibilities Faculty professional development Systems for continuous improvement 7 Online Review: Timeline Sept-Nov 2013 Six committees meeting weekly Team 1: Big Picture Team 2: Online Course Development and Review Team 3: Faculty Roles and Support Team 4: Student Readiness to Learn Online Team 5: Academic and Student Support Services Team 6: Organizational Structure

November 2013 Presentation to Board of Trustees January 2014 Online Steering Committee Formed 8 Online Revitalization: Steering Committee Mission To enhance student success and retention by creating resources which prepare students for learning in the online modality, and

by committing faculty, staff and administrators to high standards of quality in the content and delivery of courses and services. Adoption of Quality Matters Faculty certification Course template Standard course development Student support services 9 Online Revitalization: Timeline February 2014 Job posting for Associate Vice President February 2014

Faculty certification process developed February 2014 LMS transition started February 2014 Adoption of Quality Matters March 2014 Reorganization to Online Learning & Services

July 2014 New AVP, Online Learning & Services 10 Online Learning & Services 11 Online Revitalization Student and faculty readiness Online courses Student services accessible online 12

Faculty Certification Online/Blended Teaching Certification Online Developer Certification Online Reviewer Certification

Developing for Online/Blended

QM Rubric All Faculty LMS competency

Teaching for Online/Blended QM Peer Reviewer 13 Faculty Certification All Faculty Online/Blended Teaching

Certification Online Developer Certification Online Reviewer Certification 1,787

843 Developing for Online/Blended 147

QM Rubric 244 LMS competency Teaching for Online/Blended QM Peer Reviewer 63 14 Standard Course Development

15 Common Course Template 16 Communication Steering Committee Department meetings Faculty Governance Organization Online Revitalization Open Forums Weekly FAQs

17 Evidence of culture shift Common language 100% compliance Use of Standard Course Positive feedback Collaborative development Ongoing improvement 18 QUESTIONS? Susan Colaric Anne Cooper

St. Petersburg College

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