Venus de Milo - Council Rock School District

Venus de Milo - Council Rock School District

AP EURO Unit #6 Early 20th Century (The World Wars) Modern Art of the 20th Century Modernism radical experimentation to challenge traditional forms PPT 606 Abstract Art (1907 - onwards)

a generic term a blend of Realism and Symbolism Something has been withdrawn to consider it separately Plays with visual elements: line, shape, tone, pattern, texture, or form GEORGES BRAQUE Violin and Pitcher, 1910 (oil on canvas)

Art Nouveau New Art decorative 1890 until World War I intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms.

Describe what you see August Klimt The Kiss, 1908 Expressionism (1905-1925) German off shoot from Fauvism Charged with emotional vision of the world Try to remember what Fauvism was

What do the colors seem to do? ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER The Red Tower at Halle, 1915 (oil on canvas) Marc Chagall What am I talking

about? (describe) pioneer of modernism and a major Jewish artist. synthesized cubism and fauvism The Birthday, Marc Chagall, 1915 Can you see his emotion in the abstractness?

Cubism (1907-1915) Pablo Picasso and George Braque Paris What do I mean by Ignores traditions of perspective that? Show many views of subject at one time Often drew inspiration from art from other cultures, like Africa

Breaks subject into geometric shapes, then overlaps Can you describe what hes doing?

Pablo Picasso Ambroise Vollard, 1915 (oil on canvas) Les Demoiselle dAvignon Pablo Picasso, 1907 What is he trying to say about this

accepted part of French society? Guernica Pablo Picasso, 1937 Goal: show horrors of German carpet bombing - Evoke sympathy for Republican cause Dadaism (1916-1922) not a style of art was a form of artistic anarchy

born out of disgust for the establishment responsible WWI intent on destroying the artistic values of the past intentionally confrontational and provocative to the artistic establishment with the irrationality of their collages Purposefully provoked conservative complacency with outrageous actions at their exhibitions and meetings. Why would they do this?!

Surrealism (1924-1939) The positive response to Dadas negativity

Goal: liberate artists imagination Tap into superior reality Drew on images of dreams Often combined disassociated images Purposefully lacked conscious mind control Relate to Freud REN MAGRITTE Time Transfixed, 1938 (oil on canvas) Salvador Dali

Persistence of Memory Salvador Dali, 1931 What might he be trying to say here? Modernism Architecture

Functionalism Buildings should have a purpose Do not decorate with fancy ornamentation a house is a machine for living in Describe this architecture what you see. Characterized by clean, straight lines Symmetrical Bauhaus A school to teach all new styles of


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