UWPD - RICH Campaign

UWPD - RICH Campaign

The Power of Congruencey P R E S E N T E D BY S H E R RY B O E G E R , M S E , LCSW DIRECTOR E M P LOY E E

Congruency In this presentation I will define congruency as: when a person is able to align their values with their behavior in their personal and work life Program Objectives Identify personal values Assess degree of congruency between

personal values and work life Examine potential changes to increase energy and resiliency Identify Personal Values Identify your top 10 values

Narrow your list to your top 5 values Now pick your #1 value Age Differences Baby Boomers tend to have severe tension around work life balance Generation Xs seen as because they

put personal life over corporate life Gen Y/Millennials accept the fact that there is no such thing as work/life balance Energy Dynamics Capacity

Demands Age Connecting Our Core Values to Work Is your job just about a paycheck, or

something deeper? Ask yourself the following questions: - What brings out the best in you? - What is the higher purpose of your job? - Is this your passion? - Who is your mentor? - Who is the person you are learning from?

What I Want to Be Known For Energy Balance Sheet Energy Deposits Energy

withdrawals Balancing Your Stress Some Energizers That Can Help - Work off stress - Talk out your worries - Get enough sleep and rest

- Balance work and recreation - Make time for yourself - What to say when talking to yourself A Great Day Think about a day where you felt fulfilled and satisfied. It can be a day

at work or one in your personal life or both. Describe that great day. - What was it about that day that made it so - great? What was different about that day? What did you do differently?

Whom were you with? Where were you? My Personal Action Plan I will do this for me: Check Us Out Sherry Ray Boeger, Director

Charles LaTorre, Consultant Mary McCaslin, Office Manager Website: www.eao.wisc.edu Main Number: 608-263-2987 Toll Free: 1-877-260-0281

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