USD Copley Library Re-Class Project - University of San Diego

USD Copley Library Re-Class Project - University of San Diego

Mongolian Grill Project Mustafa Guclu GBA 573 Summer 2004 Project Overview The Mongolian Grill was based on four features : - an entertaining and interactive atmosphere - fresh and healthy food ingredients - unlimited food quantities

- customer involvement in meal preparation Project Overview Customers at Mongolian Grill were involved directly in preparing their meals at three stations the food bar the sauce, oil and spice bar the cooking station Waterloo Mongolian Grill Floor Layout

Problems with Mongolian Grill Restaurant turns away approximately 30-35 people at busy days High throughput time to prepare their food Lower sales revenues Product Characteristics/Requirements

A food bar A sauce, oil and spice bar A part-time kitchen employee Additional counter space 2 cooks who work in 30-minute intervals at the cooking station Projected Floor Layout Project Development Implementation

9 people will assist in the project Project duration is expected to last 20 days The team will only work through the business week time to complete the project The project will be implemented in 4 phases: Design, Recruiting, Remodeling, and Grill. MS Project Main Team Tasks/Roles:

Executive sponsor: This person maintains business responsibility for the project, establishes its goals and defines its interactive measurements through planning exercises. Project Manager: This person is responsible for schedules, assigned budgets and coordinated forward progress in the project. He resolves overlaps in tasks and roles, identifies unassigned tasks, manages the project and regularly reports project progress to the executive sponsor. Design Team: This team will be made up of three members. The design team will create the floor plan, purchase the

equipment, and plan each phase/process of implementation. Implementation Team: This team will be made up of five members. The implementation team consists of one electrician, two members with construction/remodeling experience, and two members who will help the construction members and go to to any maintenance needs. Feasibility Study Technical Feasibility: Instead of having one food bar,

one sauce, oil & spice bar, and one counter for grill, which were creating bottlenecks during the dining process, implementing one more for each of them at the same space will reduce waiting time for customers. Economic Feasibility: The owner has put aside $15,000 for the Mongolian Grill project to overcome economical problems that would be associated with the project. Operational Feasibility: When the project is accomplished, it would help the restaurant have more sales revenues, due to the facts that are explained in expected benefits of the project. Also, recently made survey claim that there were many complaints from the customers about waiting in line to enter the restaurant, and they request a solution for this matter.

Risk Management Every morning a meeting is organized for Mongolian Grill project team to identify the problems that are faced and risks that threaten the flow of the project. Potential Risks: one task of the project moves slower than the other tasks of the project miscommunication between project team order waiting

Expected Benefits Reduction of customer waiting time The restaurant can host 100 more people every week Annually, the profits will increase $36,000 The number of repeat customers will increase Expected Costs Estimated Costs for the Mongolian Grill Project Labor

a) b) c) d) e) Project Manager Design Team Electrician Constructors Helpers Other Expenses a) b)

c) d) Design Additional Food Bar Additional Sauce, Oil, Spice Bar Additional Counter Space Estimated Project Total Cost $/hr. Total Hours/w eek

$40 $25 $15 $15 $10 25 20 15 35 35 Total Costs $400 $3,200

$2,100 $600 $14,100 Total # of People Cost/w eek 1 3 1 2 2 $1,000 $500

$225 $525 $350 #of w eek 3 3 3 3 3 Final Analysis The

project is moving faster. Earlier finish of the project. Under budget. Customer satisfaction Thank You!

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