Urban Models

Urban Models

Matching!Pick up the sheet on your way in 1. Industrial Revolution 2. Islamic City 3. Feudal City 4. Gateway City 5. Great Migration 6. Medieval City

7. European Cities 8. Colonial Cities 9. Latin American City a) The movement of African Americans from the Southern United States to the Northern United States b) Largely centers of military power

characterized by poverty and a lack of culture c) Centers of learning in the 14th-17th century d) A mixture of indigenous American and European architecture e) Led to tremendous population growth and urbanization f) Entry points for foreign exports

g) Contains a church as the city center and densely packed streets h) Contain a mosque in the city center and densely packed streets i) Clear sectors move out from the city center, highlighted by important large roadways

Warm Up! 1. Name 3 factors that led to suburbanization in the 1950s. 2. Identify two factors that caused ghettoization to occur in inner city neighborhoods. 3. Identify how the following helped cause revitalization and gentrification in urban areas: 1.

2. 3. 4. Economic factors Demographic factors City government policies Sense of place

Sharpstown! Urban Models First, Some Vocabulary Central Business DistrictMain business hub of the urban area. (Mainly tertiary industries)

Industrial areaArea with manufacturing or warehouses Zone of transitionA mixture of manufacturing and low class residential areas Working class residentialLow income housing High class residentialHigh income housing SuburbResidential area outside of the city CommutersResidents in suburbs who travel into the CBD daily to work.

Concentric Zone Model Burgesss Concentric Zone Model Published in 1923 Based on North American, industrialized cities

The idea that cities are generally laid out in 5 rings from CBD to suburb Example: Chicago Why Are Sectors Where They Are? Land costLand is more

expensive closer to the CBD, which leads to intensive land use (skyscrapers) Also high population density near the CBD because of land cost When cities were industrial citiesmanufacturing and

ports near CBD to facilitate trade Land gets cheaper further away from the CBD, so larger houses are available. How is Burgesss model similar to von Thunens model?

Similarities with relative location Both have a central CBD Both have intensive land use near the CBD, extensive as you move further away Both use land rent (cost) to explain location

What problems do they both have with their models? Problems with both von Thunen and Burgess Both assume there is only 1 CBD Both assume

transportation costs the same in all directions Both assume the terrain is the same in all directions Sector Model

Hoyts Sector Model Published in 1939 by Hoyt Involves corridors that shoot out from the center of the city Corridors tend to follow

railways, rivers, highways, etc which affect land value positively or negatively Areas around nice corridors are more wealthy, areas around industrial corridors are

less wealthy Example: Chicago Example: Chicago Multiple Nuclei Model Harris and Ullmans Multiple Nuclei Model

Instead of only having one CBD, many cities have developed multiple commercial centers, even in suburbs Some new nuclei involve a specialized industry, like a medical center

Some are edge cities Some around universities Example: Los Angeles Los Angeles Which one is Houston?

Which model? Give the name of the model and the author. Why? http://www.trulia.com/home_prices/Texas/Ho uston-heat_map/

Which one now? Give the name of the model AND the author. Why? Downtown Houston Medical Center Houston Galleria Area

Which model? Author? Review! 1. What is a central business district? 2. Why is industry and low income housing generally located near the CBD?

3. Why do residential areas generally get nicer the further from the CBD one gets? 4. Why do urban regions move in corridors in Hoyts sector model? 5. What does it mean if a city has multiple nuclei? (Harris and Ullmans Model)

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