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HP Service Manager-UPAPDRP 1 Introduction HP Service Manager enables organizations to manage their IT infrastructures efficiently and effectively. It is a comprehensive and fully integrated IT Service Management software suite that enables IT to improve service levels, balance resources, control

costs, and mitigate risk exposure to the organization. The Service Manager best practice workflows are based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standard, a widely recognized source of guidelines for Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). Its integrated applications are designed for out-of-box implementation, with best practice work flows that help organizations support their infrastructure and drive competitive advantage in their core business. 2

HP Service Manager Property HP Service Manager: Setting the standard for IT service management solutions with a robust lifecycle approach to services support and delivery focused on business value. HP Service Manager delivers a robust scalable solution as IT deployments expand across distributed enterprises. HPSM can open request by three ways 3

1. To call service desk 2. By web portal 3.

By Email HP Service Manager Modules Service Desk (SD) Incident Management (IM) Problem Management (PM) Change Management (CM) Configuration Item Management (CIM)

Service Level Management (SLA) Knowledge Management (KM) 4 Service Desk (SD) The Service Desk is responsible for handling all User Interactions that have been entered via the self service web portal, via phone, email or another means. The Service Desk tries to handle the Interaction on first call

resolution(FCR) The Interaction Management process acts as the initial filter for all User Interactions interfacing with the other HPSM modules. An Interaction can spawn a Service Request, Incident, Change. Following are HPSM web portal access URLs URL for End-User:- http://hpsm.uppclonline.com:8080/webtier-9.20/ess.do URL for Operator:- http://hpsm.uppclonline.com:8080/webtier-9.20/index.do Interaction Response SLA for Service Desk Agent is 10 Minutes. 5

Service Desk: Agent Responsibly Register interactions based on contact with user. Match user interaction to incidents, Solve and close interactions. Provide status updates to users on request. Register incident based on a user interaction and assign to the correct support group. Register Service Request, based on a user interaction.

Validate a solution provided by a support group. Report and verify a solution to a user. Monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets of all incidents registered and escalate, if required. Communicate about service outages to all users. 6 Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request Contd..

Fields on the Interaction Ticket Screen Interaction ID: A non-modifiable field which contains a unique alphanumeric code representing the ticket, this number can be used as search criteria in the search feature. All Interaction tickets in the Service Desk Module begin with SD a unique Interaction number is created each time the ticket is saved 7

Source: Is a drop down choice to document the medium the User used to contact IT Support. Possible options include phone, voicemail, email, paper mail, walk-in. Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request Contd.. Client/Contact: These sections include all necessary contact information for the particular End User calling

in. The Notify By field is included in case the End User prefers to be contacted by a method other than through notifications generated via email. Contact: Is different from Client when another individual is calling on behalf of a UPPCL Client. For instance, an Administrative Assistant calling on behalf of faculty. In this case the Contact this field is used to record their contact information The Affected Component field is a dropdown field to help further describe the Interaction. The fields within the Affected Items section can be used for reporting purposes or to view Interactions by category.

8 Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request Contd.. Title: A brief description field to enter the title by which the Interaction will be known, displayed in different views, and searched by (e.g. User cannot access the internet). Description: The detailed field to enter a full description regarding the Interaction,

this field will be used to document any necessary information others might need to know in case the Interaction is escalated to an Incident or Service Request to be handled by another support group. Category: This field is used to classify the type of call, and is very useful for reporting. A Fill box is used for category fields allowing a wizard interface to walk you through category selection. The categories available for selection are the output of the categorization workshops held with all involved stakeholders. 9

Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request Contd.. Impact: Indicates the number of people impacted by an outage. It is broken down into five options: Enterprise: Potential to affect all Users or impact business critical

applications Site/Department: Significant number of Users in one or more locations Multiple Users: 2-10 Users User: A Single User Low: A Single User 1 Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request

Contd.. Urgency: Indicates the speed in which the Interaction should be addressed, options for urgency include: 1

Critical: Complete Loss of Business Function or Application Capability Urgent: There is a likelihood of financial loss. High: Significant Loss of Business Function or Application Capability

Average: Partial Loss of Business Function or Application Capability Low: Minimal Loss of Business Function or Application Capability Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request

Contd.. Priority: Is a calculated field that derives its value from a combination of Impact and Urgency selected for the Interaction (Impact + Urgency /2) In the configured instance of HPSM. Critical:- The system is unable to be used for normal business activities. There is certainty of financial loss to PURCHASER. Urgent:- There is a problem with part of the system, which impacts on Purchasers decision making. No viable workaround is available. There is a likelihood of financial loss.

High:-The efficiency of users is being impacted, but has a viable workaround. Medium:-A low impact problem that affects the efficiency of users but has a simple workaround Low:-A fault which has no particular impact on processing normal business activists 1 Service Desk: Tasks Need to Perform While Registering User Request Ticket Owner: Name of person who opened ticket

Interaction Actions Performed: Steps taken by the Service Desk Agent to resolve the issue. Closure Code: Box to pick from a pre-determined list of resolution codes Solution: A brief synopsis of how the ticket was resolved Client Info Tab: More information about the client Contact Info Tab: More information about the contact Attachment Tab: Tab to add an attachment to the ticket 1

Incident Management The primary goal of the Incident Management process is to restore normal service operations as quickly as possible and to minimize the adverse impact on business operations. Thus ensuring that the best possible levels of availability and service quality are maintained. Incident Management involves logging, classifying, prioritizing, assigning, tracking, analysing, and resolving Incidents. 1

UPAPDRP Incidents SLA Information 1 Tickets Flow-HPSM Step 1 Step 2

Step 3 1 End-User Service Desk Technical Team HPSM End User Login Screen

Please login to the homepage through following URL http://hpsm.uppclonline.com:8080/webtier-9.20/ess.do And enter your username and password same as yours Domain ID and password. Click on > Login 1 HPSM Default logging web page for end user After user logging in HPSM the following default request page opens. 1

User need to fill all required fields for registering request. Click on > Submit Button. 1 Request Id Number SD12059 2

Now that ticket comes to Service desks bin. SD123059 2 Service Desk can see detail of ticket. 2 Service Desk person filled required fields like Category, Area, Subarea, Problem Type and Impact. Then click on Close Interaction button if she/he is able to resolved user request with Closure code & Solution.

2 If Service Desk not able to resolved user request so he/she can Escalate the request to Technical Support Group with respective level. Click on Escalate button 2 While Service Desk Person Escalate the issue he/she can relate the interaction with opened incident if issue matching with logged incidents. Or Click on >Open New incident

2 Fill the Location and Assignment group then click on Next button 2 Incident Number IM621734 created & assigned to CCB teams bin 2

CCB team member work upon this ticket. After that She/he take ownership of the issue with Change Status of the incidents Open > WIP and assignee name. 2 If technical team member have any update or query so he/she can mention update and click on check box (visible to customer) Also can view related record for the issue SD123059. 2

If Level 1 engineer not able to resolve the issue he/she can forward to Level -2 ,3 engineer with taken action details. Ongoing SLAa are incidents highlighted by arrow. 3 If technical team able to resolved the issue he/she can give Closure Code and Solution and click on > Resolve Incident. 3

Closed Incident IM621532 activity history ,related record SD122983 & SLA status. 3 Once IM621532 is closed & related record SD122983 will be auto closed with solution posted in IM 3 3

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