Unseen Poetry

Unseen Poetry

UNSEEN POETRY Section C of Paper 2 You have two more poems to read in this section. The first poem will relate to question 27.1 and BOTH poems will need to be used to answer 27.2 The first question will be marked for AO1 & AO2 (24 marks) The second question is marked for AO2 ONLY (8 marks)

Suggested Process 27.1 1. Read the whole poem first with the question in mind. Look for key words that relate to the question. 2. Try to hear the poem in your head as this could help you to understand the poem better. 3. Look at the title, does it give you any clues? 4. Look for different shades of meaning/lexical fields within the text. 5. Think about how the poet has written it. What choices have they made about vocabulary, language device etc. 6. Pick out some specific language features. Is there a connection between any words/images. 7. You dont need to write about every line, write about what stands out to you.

8. Think about why the poet describes things in a particular way. Explain this in your response. 9. Offer an alternative interpretation for the above (think of another reason why they may have described it that way). 10.Look for shifts/changes/emphasis. 11.Look for the story of the poem, how is it created? 12.Re-read the poem quickly (if you have time). 13.Comment on the use of punctuation. 14.Final re-read and a check for any last inspiration. Focus on what is interesting to you, what you understand and what you can talk about. The examiner wants to know what you think.

Suggested Process 27.2 1. The second poem should offer a different view of the first point. There should be a connection between the two texts. 2. The response to this question can be quite short. 3. Focus on comparing how the ideas are presented through similar/different methods. The method is the bigger focus for this question. 4. You MUST use subject specific terminology. 5. Look at language features, form and structure.

(1) How does Jonson present attitude s towards death in "On my First Son"? (2) Compare how Armitage

and Jonson present attitudes towards death in "Hitcher" and "On my First Son".

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