Unit 4 Response - Ohio Emergency Management Agency

Unit 4 Response - Ohio Emergency Management Agency

1 Introduction to Emergency Management in Ohio Unit 6: Response 1 2 Objectives Describe the role of emergency management

Define the role of the emergency manager in response Explain the ICS/EOC relationship during response Explain the role of the EOC in response Describe the escalation of emergency response 3 Role of Emergency Management Emergency Management is an enterprise; an organization of multiple entities in a coordinated effort to address the

consequences of a disaster or incident. 4 Role of Emergency Management What is our role? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Alerting and notifying

Warning Protecting citizens and property Providing for public welfare Restoration 5 Role of Emergency Management Alerting and Notifying Two groups of notification: General Public Emergency Response personnel

Many methods for notifying: Social Media; Facebook, twitter Television/radio Messaging Preparatory actions Protection measures 6 Role of Emergency Management Warning Distinction from notification:

Immediate danger Protective action required Methods for warning: National Weather Service Emergency Alert System Out-door Warning Sirens Messaging Immediate actions to preserve life and property 7 Role of Emergency Management

Protecting Citizens and Property Protection of life safety, property, environment & economy. Actions taken by emergency responders within the EM system Emergency response (fire, law enforcement, emergency medical) Evacuation Rescue operations Preventative measures (sandbagging) 8

Role of Emergency Management Providing for Public Welfare Caring for people during and immediately after the emergency Actions taken by service agencies within EM system Sheltering/just in time and long term Feeding Provision of essential supplies Personal care kits Ice/Water

Tarps 9 Role of Emergency Management Restoration Actions to repair/reconstitute essential services Actions taken by public works and government offices within EM system

Debris removal Transportation Utilities Private sector Response and recovery interface

10 Role of Emergency Management What is my role? 11 Role of Emergency Management Information sharing and resource support and coordination. Will vary from location to location On-site support for incidents and minor events

EOC manager for large scale events and disasters Advises policy/decision makers Coordinates support to response activities 12 Role of Emergency Management Maintains Situational Awareness Across multiple jurisdictions and levels of government

Coordinates emergency and disaster declarations Documents administrative and financial information 13 EOC/ICS Interface Incident Command Conducts tactical operations on-scene Keeps the senior officials at the EOC informed and up to date on all important matters pertaining to the incident.

EOC/ICS Interface EOC Activation Emergency Operations Center Physical location(s) at which the coordination of information and resources to support incident management activities normally takes place. EOC sets policy, supports the mission to be accomplished, shapes the overall strategic direction, and provides authority.

Providing policy direction does not mean that Senior Officials direct incident objectives or tactics. 14 15 EOC/ICS Interface 16 EOC/ICS Interface

17 EOC/ICS Interface Incident Command System (ICS) at the scene Local EOC supports ICS State EOC support local EOC FEMA Regional Operations Center (ROC) supports state EOC

18 Role of the EOC What is the role of the EOC? 9-1-1 Call Center vs. Multi-agency coordination 19 Role of Emergency Operation Center Information collection, evaluation, and dissemination. Priority setting when appropriate.

Resource management and documentation. Decision making 20 DISCUSSION What can I expect?

Who can help me? What are the EOC partners expectations? What are the EOC obligations to the Public? 21 Role of the EOC Who decides if the EOC is to be activated? Incident Commander Emergency Manager Elected Officials

22 Role of the EOC Activating the EOC Who can activate the EOC will vary by jurisdiction Should be documented in policy Emergency Operations Plan Everyone must understand Who makes the decision in your jurisdiction The circumstances for activation

Pre event Post event 23 Role of the EOC Staffing the EOC Consider essential functions: Those functions that enable agencies to provide vital services to the public . Emergency/Essential Support Functions: ESF 24

Role of the EOC Staffing the EOC Knowledge of the critical tasks involved Skill in performing the tasks Ability to work under pressure

Ability to interact with others Authority to perform the tasks assigned 25 Role of the EOC Delegations of Authority should: Have clearly defined start and end dates Have clearly defined circumstances under which the delegation of authority is valid Have clearly defined authorities delegated 26

Role of the EOC What mechanisms are in place to assist with your local EOC? 27 Information Coordination Rapid Assessment The ability of

local governments to The ability of local governments to perform a Rapid Needs

Assessment perform aand Rapid Needs Assessment accurately within the first few accurately andincident within or

theemergency first few hours after an after an incidenta or emergency ishours critical to providing response

is criticaltotosave providing a response designed lives and support life designed to save lives and

support life sustaining actions. sustaining actions. 28 Information Coordination Rapid Assessment Rapid Needs Assessment is not a complete damage assessment. Focus on issues related to life sustaining or life

saving needs and operations. In addition, other areas that are known to be problematic must be included in the process. 29 Information Coordination Rapid Assessment Example: A local campground may be subject to flash flooding during heavy rains. Plans should be made for this

area to be assessed if a major rainfall event occurs. 30 Information Coordination Rapid Assessment The data collected by the Rapid Needs Assessment must focus on those subjects and areas that are essential for use by decisionmakers. 31

Information Coordination EVENT Rapid Assessment 32 Information Coordination Situational Awareness What has happened? What is happening now? What is likely to happen next?

What factors affect the response? What resources are needed and available 33 Information Coordination A common operating picture: Means that personnel from all organizations at all locations have the same information Is based on situation awareness of: Current status and evolving situation Availability and location of resources Needed resources

34 Information Coordination How information flows: Local flow of information from IC/Responders to EOC Local EOC information to State EOC Duty officer Field Liaisons Assessment Logger WebEOC State EOC information to ESF partners

35 Information Coordination How information flows: State EOC information to county directors Conference calls Meeting notes State EOC information to elected officials Situation Reports State EOC information to public

Social media Press releases 36 Information Coordination Priority Setting/Decision making Effective decision making can: Avert tragedy Help manage incidents Build community trust and support Effective decision making is based on:

Accurate and timely information 37 Information Coordination Priority Setting/Decision making Policy Group/Elected Officials Responsible for decisions that affect constituents Based on information and recommendations from EOC Important to include policy group in development and training of EOC.

38 Resource Coordination What is a resource? Something that can be used to support or assist a responding entity An available supply that can be drawn on when needed Tools to deal with difficult or troublesome situations effectively I understand you're a man who knows how to get things. 39 Resource Coordination

40 Resource Coordination Types of Resources Expendable Expendable resources are those which are designed for a single use or can be used up and do not include an inexhaustible supply Example: Fuel, water, food Non-expendable - Non-expendable resources are those that may be used over and over and retain their original characteristics during their useful life Example: Truck, chair saws, pumps

41 Resource Coordination Mutual Aid Local and regional mutual aid agreements Statewide mutual aid agreements Fire Response Plan Law Enforcement Response Plan Intrastate Mutual Aid Agreement (IMAC) Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

42 Resource Coordination The Cost of a Resource Costs associated with a resource are often overlooked by the requesting entity. If Local EMA requests it, they are responsible to pay or transfer the cost to the requesting entity. If the state requests it on your behalf and it has a cost, most likely you will be responsible for the bill.

43 Escalation of Response 44 Escalation of Response Local Response Local Emergency Declarations State Response Disaster Declaration

Federal Response Federal Emergency/Disaster Declaration 45 Local Response Local jurisdictions response through fire, law enforcement, emergency medical, etc. Regional mutual aid Use of public/private partnerships State-wide mutual aid systems Fire Response Plan Law Enforcement Response Plan

Ohios intrastate mutual aid compact 46 Local Declaration What does a local declaration of emergency do for you? Statutory impacts Eased purchase capability Public perception

Government doing something in response In limited cases a requirement for funding programs 47 State Response State response in absence of a state declaration is limited to statutory authorities

ODOT on state routes OSHP performing LE responsibilities ODNR watercraft performing water rescue ONG 52nd Civil Support Team (hazmat) Ohio EMA provision of sandbags and plastic 48

State Declaration What does a state declaration of emergency do for you? Statutory impacts Public perception Government doing something in response A requirement for some funding programs Allows state agencies to expand response beyond statutory limitations ODOT on county/township routes Guard activation

49 Federal Declaration State requests Emergency or Disaster Declaration through FEMA to the White House. Funding mechanisms Direct federal assistance 50 Federal Response

Generally assigned through federal mission assignments based on high level mission requests from state. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers U.S EPA assets Federal Highways Administration 51 Summary Can you now Define your role in an emergency? Do you know your responsibilities in an emergency?

Define the Role of the EOC? Understand the importance of information coordination? Understand resource mechanisms available in response? Describe the escalation of emergency response?

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