UH-60 Technology Readiness Level TRL Assessment Lessons Learned

UH-60 Technology Readiness Level TRL Assessment Lessons Learned

UH-60M Technology Readiness Level Assessment Methodology TRL Considerations Is system new or recap/upgrade with legacy documentation? Does Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) exist? If not, how will critical technologies be determined? What does CRITICAL technology mean to the system? Is the objective of the system understood by key players including OSD representatives? How do TRL definitions apply to specifics of system development? UH-60M TRL Process 1 - Define CRITICAL technology.

- Those vehicle technologies, components, or subsystems whose success or failure most significantly affect the ability of a fully integrated UH-60M to meet Block 1 key performance parameters (KPPs) as identified by the ORD and System Performance Specification, AVNSPRF-10002. 2 - Using WBS, identify critical technologies for UH-60M. - Based on objectives of UH-60M Recap/Upgrade program, components of the WBS were selected as critical given improvements will be required in currently fielded UH-60 aircraft. UH-60M TRL Process (cont.) 3 - Define TRL levels in relation to objectives of UH-60M. 7 Assigned to components which are currently undergoing qualification testing for an Army rotorcraft program but have not been fielded on the UH-60

platform except for qualification and testing. 8 Assigned to qualified components of other fielded UH-60 systems (UH-60Q). 9 Assigned to components currently fielded on UH-60L platform. 4 - Perform Assessment. UH-60M TRL Process (cont.) 5 - Document results thoroughly. - Detailed information is necessary. - Focus on Spreadsheet which contains all relevant data. - Use one item as example and obtain all documentation.

Element Level Standard Stormscope 8 UH-60Q System Specifications, 1996. Paragraph, Stormscope. A stormscope shall be mounted in the instrument panel to provide thunderstorm detection and weather mapping capability. The unit will consist of an externally mounted antenna, a receiv

Report Agency Date Production US Army Qualification Test ATTC (PQT) PQT of the UH-60Q System Eval Report US Army of the UH-60Q OPTEC Results May-98 PQT, paragraph 80-82, page 26. Evaluated against System Specifications. WX-1000 was evaluated IAW Operators Manual modes: self test; weather mapping; Apr-99 checklist; and time/date. Accuracy of data determined by comparing to actual

conditions. AWR (Jul 00) f UH-60M TRL Manpower Requirements The UH-60M Recap/Upgrade program consists of massive amounts of legacy documentation, which may be 20 years old and difficult to locate. Given this, the UH-60M TRL required: One Engineer - 8 Weeks Two Engineers - 2 Weeks Other Programs - 1 Week File Clerk - 2 Weeks TOTAL: Develop, track, coordinate, brief Track data for UH-60 Contact for info/data Locate, Copy Data 520 HR Engineering

80 HR Clerk UH-60M TRL Lessons Learned DOD 5000.2 contains minimal guidance and definition of TRL Assessment requirements. Establish POCs for involvement in process. Need coordination early to establish requirements for TRL Assessment. POCs must understand program objectives to achieve common results. Do not underestimate time or manpower required. TRL Assessment must be performed independently from Risk Assessment (required MS document) to capture essence of TRL Assessment. ACAT1D program 5000 changed in between TRL now a requirement A lot of the components are legacy components, TRL didnt make a lot of sense

Integrated master schedule Process of mapping to WBS 1500 lines Assigned govt person for each activity on that line Likelihood versus consequences Software built for high, moderage Cost, schedule, perform 40 risk abatement plans (sekorsky) Pull down menu identifies into abatement plan

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