UES Overview

UES Overview

The Canadian Integrated Approach to Economic Surveys Marie Brodeur, Peter Koumanakos, Jean Leduc, ric Rancourt, Karen Wilson Statistics Canada International Workshop on Economic Census Beijing, July 26-29, 2005 Overview of the presentation

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Scope of the presentation Background Core Underlying Principles Survey Characteristics Business Register Sampling Achievements Enterprise Financial Program Management of UES Future Directions

Statistics Canada 2 1. Scope of the presentation Paper provides details about our complete integrated approach Systems of National Accounts Business Register Unified enterprise Survey (UES) Establishment level Enterprise level Statistics Canada 3

2. UES Background Major project to improve provincial statistics (1996) Reliable Annual Provincial Data for the Allocation of HST Revenues (SNA I-O Tables) More detailed Industry & Commodity data Creation of Enterprise Statistics Division (ESD) UES Pilot (RY 1997) -- 7 surveys Gradual Expansion of Surveys; Covers 75% of GDP Statistics Canada 4 3. Core Underlying Principles Use of Single, Unduplicated Frame -- the BR

Expended coverage Common Sample Design Methodology Integrated Questionnaire -- common / simple language; harmonized concepts / variables Data collection at the Statistical Establishment level Statistics Canada 5 3. Core Underlying Principles

Common generic processing systems and methods Centralized warehouse Head Office Survey Maximum Use of Tax Data Annual Profiling of Large Enterprises

Enterprise Portfolio Managers Statistics Canada 6 4. Survey Characteristics Separate Enterprise & Establishment Surveys 42 Establishment Surveys Over 55,000 collection entities representing about 68,000 establishments (17K replaced by tax for RY 2004) Centralized Collection -- $3.5 million budget Smallest businesses estimated through tax Statistics Canada 7 5. Business Register (BR) BR covers all sectors Incorporated and unincorporated businesses

Complex and simple enterprises Structure Legal Operational Statistical (Enterprise & Establishment) Updated with Administrative Data Statistics Canada 8 6. Sampling Time-in sample is managed by sample control file (SCF)

Stratified Random Sample Industry (NAICS 4) Province Size 1 Take-all stratum 2 Take-some strata (50% of units replaced by tax) Take-none strata (under Royce-Maranda thresholds) Statistics Canada 9

Sampling Process BR (2.3M businesses) Survey Universe File (2M businesses) Sample Control File (700K businesses) UES Sample (70K businesses) Survey Interface File 38K CEs / Questionnaires Tax Estd (1.3M) 55K CEs Tax Replacements 17K CEs

Statistics Canada 10 7. Achievements Timeliness Centralized Processing Systems and Databases Use of Tax Data Respondent Burden Reduction Statistics Canada 11 7a. Timeliness Very problematic during start-up years

Many processing systems in development Problems with questionnaires Task force created in 2001 Target: 15 months after reference year For RY 2003, all surveys between 12-15 month period Statistics Canada 12 7b. Centralized Processing Systems and Databases Develop centralized systems

Move away from stand-alone Single point of access for security Integrated Questionnaire Metadata System Edit and imputation Allocation and Estimation Data Warehouse Statistics Canada 13 Collection Pre-Contact (17K Businesses) Score Function

Mailout (38K CEs) Edit / Verification (BLAISE) Receipt (75% target) Clean Records Capture / Imaging Delinquent Follow-Up Statistics Canada 14 Post-Collection Processing Clean Records Pre-Grooming

Tax Data Central Data Store USTART Edit & Imputation Allocation / Estimation Subject Matter Review & Correction Tool Statistics Canada 15 7c. Use of Tax data Significant

process since 1997 Close to 600,000 small simple establishments (under threshold) - Macro adjustment 17,000 additional simple establishments Tax data used in editing and imputation Result Almost 65% of units replaced by tax data Statistics Canada 16 7d. Respondent Burden Reduction Reduced From size of questionnaires 12-14 pages to 4-5 pages

Use of the Chart of Accounts Related to the use of tax data Ombudsman function Enterprise Portfolio Managers Result 40% reduction of # of hours between 2000 to 2004 Statistics Canada 17 8. Enterprise Financial Program Monitor the size, the financial structure and position of the corporate sector Business Register Survey of complex enterprises over $250 millions in revenues or assets Consolidated Balance Sheets and Income

Statements, corporate taxation Use of Tax data Statistics Canada 18 9. Management of the UES ESD provides functional support and coordination A series of committees is charged with process clarification & decision making Project Management Team Operations Management Committee Frame Operations Sampling

Tax Data Operations Content / Collection Processing Operations Statistics Canada 19 10. Future Directions SID/Culture Stats survey integration and content harmonisation into UES

Change Management Team Sign-off process Holistic Response Management strategy Business Register Redesign Welcome new surveys Statistics Canada 20

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