SITE INDUCTION ULTIMA BUILDING GROUP PTY LTD Construction Induction (White Card) No induction will be done without a valid white card The White Card may be from any Australian State Regulator Legal requirement to have the White card with you while working We CANNOT accept a card/certificate issued by the trainer Duty Of Care Take reasonable care of your own and others

health and safety. Take reasonable care that your own acts do not adversely affect others. Comply with reasonable instructions and cooperate with reasonable policy or procedure. We believe that no job is so important that it cannot be done safely. Personal Protective Equipment Minimum site PPE requirements are: Hard Hi Visibility clothing

Steel Any Hat Capped boots other PPE required by SWMS All PPE must be: In good condition To Australian Standard Work Not to Manufacturer's guidelines out of expiry date

Mobile Plant The following site rules apply: 1. Mobile Plant Operators must not leave mobile plant unattended whilst running 2. All personnel and other mobile plant must not enter the delineated area before making positive contact with the operator and making sure bucket attachments are grounded 3. Only licensed/competent persons to operate plant 4.

Plant must be operated in line with the OEM, and SWMS Excavation All excavations over 1.5m must be protected (benched, battered or shored), particularly if people will be working in them All open excavations must be barricaded to prevent unauthorised access No person may enter the swing radius of the excavator while it is operating Review site services plans and check if any permits are required before digging

Ensure Dial before you dig is completed for excavations Spoil needs to be kept distance of maximum excavator arm reach from trench edge Work at Heights- Roof & Truss All roof works MUST have suitable edge protection prior to beginning Edge protection MUST extend 1m above the edge of the roof

Trusses must be stood without standing on the top plate, work from platform ladders and behind secured trusses as per the SWMS Gaps between trusses and joists must be no more than 600mm centres Work at Heights- Ladders & Trestles Ladders and trestles should be inspected prior to use for any damage, and ensure locking devices are working Ladders and trestles must be industrial rated and meet a minimum of 120kg load rating

Ladders and trestles must meet Australian / New Zealand Standards Extension ladders must be adequately secured, extending 1m past the landing and used for access and egress only- where work is required to take place from ladder, a platform ladder should be used to allow 3 points of contact Scaffolding If accessing scaffold to complete work, the following must be adhered to: Only licenced scaffolders are to erect / modify scaffold, you cannot remove any components

Check there is a current scafftag in place and do not exceed the working load Do not throw (bomb) materials from the scaffold Use only designated working platforms and accesses Comply with all scaffold signage, do not use incomplete scaffold TOOLS & EQUIPMENT All tools & equipment should be inspected for any damage prior to each use Storing and using tools and equipment correctly will help prevent

damage Where tools and equipment are used at heights, consider use of tool belts and / or lanyards to prevent fall on to persons working below Do not remove any safety devices (e.g. guards) from tools & equipment Be aware of how / where you are positioning yourself when using tools and equipment, and ensure you are not putting yourself at risk of injury Ask for instruction if you are unsure on correct use / equipment of tools & equipment Electrical Equipment

Prior to starting work, all electrical equipment must be checked to ensure it is tested and tagged (every 3 months) A visual inspection should also verify there is no damage to cords such as cuts and freys. Electrical Equipment Only Industrial grade Extension leads are to be used (30 meter max) If requiring a multi board a portable RCD may be used The joining extension leads is not permitted Electrical Leads must be suspended off the ground using insulated hooks or hangers RCDs must be fitted to all power sources and protect each piece of equipment.

RCDs must be tested monthly and a push button test done prior to use. Hazardous Manual Tasks Prepare yourself for work, prepare for work by warming up and stretching Whenever it is practical to do so use a forklift, trolley, or other mechanical aid ask the assistance of others to eliminate the need or minimise the risks of manually handling materials OR ask for help for a team lift To minimise the risk of injury, correct lifting techniques should be used when lifting: Think and plan the lift Assess the risk

Adopt a stable foot position Keep a firm grip / lift with your legs Hold load close to body Avoid bending and twisting Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Substances used on site must be stored, handled and disposed of correctly as outlined in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets give all the information of Hazardous substances and dangerous goods including ingredients, first aid information, PPE that must be worn, how to dispose of correctly etc SDSs must be accessible on site at all times for referencing Examples of Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods include: Petrol Cleaning Products Concrete mix

Glues / silicones / adhesives Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Substances must be kept in adequate clearly labelled containers Substances storage areas must display correct Hazardous Goods signage Once the substance is on site: Employees using the product are made aware of correct use, hazards, control measures and spill containment.

Waste Management 1. Concrete/Cement sludge must be contained. If requiring to wash out, this must be done at a designated washout area 2. Paints must be contained. No paint brushes are to be washed on site. 3. Chemicals requiring disposal must be disposed off in accordance with EPA rules. 4. Non toxic/non hazardous Construction Materials Waste must be organised and placed in the sites construction waste skip bins. 5. Food scraps, and all wind blown materials (papers & packaging materials) must be placed in the sites general waste bins.

Housekeeping Poor housekeeping leads to; Crush injuries; Splinters, cuts and eye injuries; Wasted time; Cuts to hands and fingers; Fires;

Slips, trips and falls; Serious injury or death and Poor quality work. All mess you make, you clean up Dispose of trade waste as you go Ensure waste is secure, particularly in high winds Segregate waste where required (wood, metal, cardboard etc)

No food scraps / rubbish is to be left on site and must be disposed of in bins correctly. Leave roadways and paths in clean condition, free of mud left from tyres and boots Incident Management What is an incident? An incident is an unplanned or undesirable event resulting in, or has the potential for personal injury, loss of productivity, environmental or property damage, or a combination of these. Report all incidents/near misses / injuries immediately to your Supervisor QUESTIONS?

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