Trevor Scott -

Trevor Scott -

Making the Most of the Pupil Premium Plus Trevor Scott Education Adviser 03/01/2020 | Page 1 Pupil Premium Plus What is the money for? The pupil premium plus is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to help children in care raise their attainment and to address their wider emotional and social needs if these are barriers to progress Key Words: Additional, Attainment, Emotional, Social, 03/01/2020 | Page 2

How can we use the money? Schools are free to propose how the money might be allocated through the PEP PEP must show how it will impact on attainment 03/01/2020 | Page 3 Evidence from Ofsted of less successful schools Lack of clarity about intended impact of PP+ spending Funding spent on teaching assistants, with little impact Poor monitoring of impact on attainment Poor performance management system for support staff

03/01/2020 | Page 4 Ofsted will look for evidence of: Effective systems to support the decision making process How need is identified Who is involved in determining barriers to progress How the school has identified intended impact

How you will measure progress in attainment and wider needs 03/01/2020 | Page 5 Aim High

Often your pupils will have had a disrupted learning journey Lower attainment and gaps are not about ability Plug the gaps in learning Explore the learning opportunities. Ability groups or Possibility groups? Support those who are ready to work broader and deeper Dont underestimate the possibilities for your children just because they are in care. Aim high Dont settle for mediocrity. 03/01/2020 | Page 6 Who can advise?

LA, the Virtual School & Designated Teacher National Organisations Sutton Trust BAAF Pupil Premium for Adopted Children Case Studies March 2015 03/01/2020 | Page 7 Spending it wisely Broader use of PEPs Create a shared understanding of need and possible barriers Pool ideas about how to address the barriers Develop highly trained staff

03/01/2020 | Page 8 Some characteristics of children in care Attachment relationships with adults Managing peer relationships Managing feelings and behaviours

Coping with transitions Developing executive functioning skills How might you plan to remove these barriers? 03/01/2020 | Page 9 Suggestions for the use of funding (Virtual School Survey and other sources) Provide nurture and relationships through:

Nurture breakfast clubs Pre and post teaching sessions Meet and greet Nurture room / groups learning Nurture groups: A Handbook for Schools Trained staff 1:1 03/01/2020 | Page 10 Some suggestions for the use of

funding Scaffold childrens social skills and peer relationships through Social skills groups or circle of friends interventions Lunchtime Clubs Staff Training Friendship Groups

Buddy Scheme Peer mentoring Peer Mentoring in Schools Review 03/01/2020 | Page 11 Some suggestions for the use of funding Support emotional literacy and emotion regulation through: Emotional literacy and emotion regulation groups Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) Calm boxes and 1:1 time Calm zones Alternatives to detention and isolation

Look at What Works in Developing Childrens Social Competence and Wellbeing? 2003 DfE 03/01/2020 | Page 12 Some suggestions for the use of funding

Support children to cope with transitions and change by: Providing structure during break times Providing safe spaces Appointing a transition worker Identifying staff who can provide cover for absence Preparing children for change in advance Liaising with carers and guardians Visits to Universities 03/01/2020 | Page 13

Some suggestions for the use of funding Develop childrens executive functioning (EF) skills through: Training staff Providing individual and group sessions Providing coaching Consider At a glance: Classroom Accommodations for EF Issues 03/01/2020 | Page 14 Pupil Premium spending. Key questions

The message is : Propose to spend it how you want but . . . . Why did you spend it in the way you have? What difference did it make and how do you know? 03/01/2020 | Page 15 Thank you For information regarding a Pupil Premium Healthcheck contact: [email protected]

EES for Schools is owned by Essex County Council | 03/01/2020 | Page 16 References Pupil Premium Plus A PAC-UK Education Service Guide

Pupil Premium for Adopted Children Case Studies Thomas March 2015 DfE Evaluation of Pupil Premium Research Report July 2013 Ofsted The pupil premium: an update 2014 Ofsted How schools are using the Pupil Premium funding to raise achievement for disadvantaged pupils 2012 Ofsted The Pupil Premium How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement 2013 The Pupil Premium Analysis and Challenge 2013 DfE What Works in Developing Childrens Social Competence and Wellbeing? 2003 Essex Pupil Premium Policy and Practice 2016 03/01/2020 | Page 17

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