Transportation & Logistics Career Day

Transportation & Logistics Career Day

Transportation & Logistics Career Day Friday, October 27, 2017 What you need to know What is T&L Career Day? Recruiters from regional, national and international companies are invited to participate, bringing corporate representatives and students together for one-on-one prescheduled interviews and the T&L Expo.

Transportation & Logistics Career Day started in 2002 with a handful of companies and was held as an annual event until 2007. In 2008, Career Day became a biannual event held in the fall (October) and spring (Feb. or early March). T&L Career Day Sponsors Presenting Corporate Traffic Breakfast AV Logistics Lunch - Yusen Logistics Americas Networking Reception - C.H. Robinson, Inc. T&L Employer Expo Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Companies registered for T&L Career Day Fall 2017

AJC Logistics AV Logistics Bennett International Logistics C&S Wholesale Distributor C.H. Robinson Central Oceans CEVA Logistics Corporate Traffic Crowley Maritime Florida East Coast Railway Florida Rock & Tank Lines Grimes Logistics

Henry Schein Interline Brands/Home Depot

Interline Brands STOCKWISE J.B. Hunt Landstar McKesson Medical & Surgical Ryder Integrated Logistics Shoreside Logistics Southeast Trans. System Stein Mart Suddath Companies Sysco International Total Military Management Tote Maritime

Werner Enterprises Yusen Logistics T&L Career Day Schedule Herbert University Center, Bldg. 43 Registration & Breakfast 7:45- 8:30 a.m. Orientation 8:30 8:50 a.m. Interviews 9 11:55 a.m. Lunch 12 12: 50 p.m. Expo Check-in 12:30 1 p.m. T&L Employer Expo 1 2 p.m. Networking reception* 2 3:00 p.m. *All students are required to attend reception

Requirements - Interviews T&L major, minimum GPA 2.75. S.T.A.R. certified through Coggin Career Management Center (CMC) by Oct. 13. Recommend students do a mock interview prior to Career Day even if previously

S.T.A.R. certified. Requirements T&L Expo T&L major or recent graduate (within 1 year), minimum GPA 2.50 S.T.A.R. certified through Coggin Career Management Center (CMC) by Oct. 13 Resumes

Resumes must be critiqued by the CMC prior to submission. Deadline to submit, Sept. 29. Submit resume in Word document directly to [email protected] (I dont have access to Osprey Career Link) Use UNF or professional email address on resume.

Students who work for a company that is participating in Career Day are not allowed to review resumes of other students. Samples of Correct Format for Naming Your Resume Smith_John_4-18-I.docx This is what it means: John Smith graduates Apr. 2018,seeking an internship. Smith_John_12-17-F.docx John Smith graduates Dec. 2017, seeking a fulltime position. In this case internship = part-time. Dont use P or PT, use I.

Samples of how NOT to name your resume John.Smith_December2017-P.docx John.Smith_4-2017_F.docx Final Resume.docx Latest_resume.docx Please pay close attention to instructions. Any resume that is named incorrectly will be returned for correction. What to wear Business Professional Ladies:

Conservative dark or neutral suit (skirt or pants), comfortable shoes. Minimal jewelry and make-up. Avoid fragrance. Men: Dark or neutral suit (no sport coats and slacks). Shirt and tie (make sure shirt is pressed). Minimal or no fragrance. Make sure you locate your suit and have it dry cleaned at least a week before. All participants should be wellgroomed (hair, nails, facial hair). Business Casual Business Professional

Business Casual Business Professional What to bring Resumes: 30 copies printed on resume paper. Check for watermark. Padfolio: To keep resumes, business cards, and notes organized. UNF Student Business Cards: Order from Pick up at CMC. Firm handshake, good posture, good questions. Confidence, Energy, Enthusiasm, Preparation: You only have 1 chance to make a first impression.

Follow up after Career Day Take notes during Career Day to keep things straight. Send a thank you note or email. Follow up regarding a specific position that youre interested in/applied for. Develop a tracking system to stay organized. Be patient, it may be months before you get a call back. How the interview schedule is determined Preferences of students and recruiters are put into a mathematical model that makes a logical match.

Recruiters have access to resumes on a secure website. Recruiters rank candidates based on the resume. Recruiters submit position descriptions. Students receive position descriptions. Students rank companies according to preference based on job description (if provided) or company profile, #1 being best.

Ranking spreadsheet will be provided to students. Email to [email protected] by Oct. 13. Rank every company. (Ex. If unable to relocate and it is required, rank that company last). I didnt get an interview with my first choice. Why not?

The interview schedule is based on the data received from students and recruiters. If you ranked a company as #1 and the company does not want to interview you, you will not get an interview. If you are not qualified (grad date, etc.), the company may decline an interview regardless of your preference. If you dont submit a preference the schedule will be completely random (not recommended). Scheduling & Last Minute Issues If you need to start late, leave early or have any time constraints, tell me by Oct. 13. Deadline to withdraw is Oct. 13. Dont be a no show.

You will receive your interview schedule the day before Career Day. Do not email me to ask when you will receive your schedule!! Your schedule is subject to change. You will receive a text or call if there is an opportunity for an additional interview. Be ready! Helpful Hints Make [email protected] a safe sender so messages dont get caught in junk mail. Check your email every day. When you send resume, rankings, or any other important information request a delivery receipt or expect a response from

me. If you dont get a response within 2 days check back to make sure your email was received. Research EVERY company

Prioritize and focus on your top companies. Start early and have a working knowledge of every company. Ask good questions. Company website, Linkedin, Google, Glassdoor Articles in Jax Business Journal, WSJ, annual reports, online articles, trade journals. Check Osprey Career Link for positions. Companies may not have open positions, but are there to create a talent pipeline. Dont blow off an interview no matter what! Informal interviews

Be prepared to make a good impression during the: Networking breakfast Lunch T&L Employer Expo Networking reception Ask for a business card, offer your resume, sell yourself. Dont be shy and give it your best shot! After Career Day Students are required to report Career Day results directly to [email protected] 2nd interviews, job offers and any offer accepted. Include salary information (confidential for tracking

purposes), job title, contact information. A tremendous amount of time and resources is invested in this program, but the only way to justify the program is to show the results and outcomes. T&L Career Day Committee If you would like to volunteer to help with the event please contact [email protected] This is a great way to network in a more informal atmosphere. And a great way to prove yourself in real time.

CTL Certification from APICS T&L students who earn their BBA in T&L are eligible to apply for CTL certification through the APICS blanket waiver program. UNF is one of only 30 universities in the nation that offers the CTL part of the Blanket Waiver program to all graduates that apply The CTL is the CPA of logistics CMC Services & Resources Individual Career Counseling/Advising

Job/Internship Search Assistance Mock Interviews Resume & Cover Letter Help Career Fairs & Workshops Mentor Program & Student Ambassadors

S.T.A.R. Program Skills To Achieve Results 25 T&L Career Day Questions? Contact [email protected]

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