Transplant Administrators Committee (TAC) - UNOS

Transplant Administrators Committee (TAC) - UNOS

Transplant Administrators Committee (TAC) Spring 2018 2017 UNOS Staffing Survey Release: March 2018 Closes: June 15, 2018 * Updated deadline Only programs completing the survey can see benchmarking data results

Results available at Updated help documentation and FAQ available 2017 Updates

Questions regarding staffing for kidney exchange registries Questions regarding staffing for central scheduling New FTE categories: Mid-level (PA or ARNP) Pre- and Post- Transplant Medical Assistant for Only Clinic Support Nurse Educator Several items are better defined and broken out for better data collection A refreshed FAQ page will help further clarify various points of the survey UNOS Request For Information (RFI) 2018 UNOS RFI release January 31, 2018: 2017 RFI closed when 2018 RFI was released Closes when 2019 RFI is released Contact payers for deadlines 2018 Updates

Included current dates Removed SRTR table in Payer View Completed Programs Section Enhanced user experience by clearly informing users that the forms cannot be edited once submitted Corrected several known programming glitches Transplant Administrators Listserv Join our Listserv! ators/info Questions? James Pittman, RN, MSN Committee Chair [email protected] Angel Carroll, M.S.W. Committee Liaison [email protected]

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