Tranont CORE Services - Tranont Team Summit

Tranont CORE Services - Tranont Team Summit

TRANONT CORE SERVICES Tranont CORE Services Financial Education and Tools Tranont OneView Tranont Defend Tranont TaxBot Tranont Legal Tranont Tax Preparation & Services Tranont Credit Services Tranont Health

Tranont OneView Tranont Defend 47% of U.S. adults had their personal information exposed in data breaches in 2015! Tranont Defend ID theft monitoring & alerts o Covers personal, financial, medical ID theft

Credit monitoring, reports, scores Lost wallet protection ID theft & fraud hotline Full ID theft recovery service * Individual coverage included with Associate membership Tranont Defend

Unlimited, live expert tech support: Computer security checkups Virus/malware removals Problem troubleshooting/repair System tune-up and maintenance Mobile device security support

* Support for 1 computer (PC/Mac) and all your personal mobile devices is included with Associate membership Tranont Defend 24/7 social media monitoring Cyber-bullying, violence, drugs/alcohol, sex predators, reputation Email, text message alerts Local sex offender & crime maps Internet scam & security alerts Online parent education center

Tranont Taxbot Easy to set up Automatic Mileage Tracking Digitally Store your Receipts

Keeps a running tally of all expenses Greatly simplifies any future audit Itemizes all expenses Stores all records securely in the cloud Tranont Legal TRANONT LEGAL IS A SERVICE FOR ASSOCIATES AND THEIR FAMILIES. As legal needs arise, our partnership with corporate service professionals makes it easy for you to get quick and effective legal advice that is just a phone call away. At an additional cost, you can have

business entities created and representation for your business. Tranont Legal TRANONT LEGAL IS A SERVICE FOR ASSOCIATES AND THEIR FAMILIES. Your legal services include: Legal advice Letters and phone calls on your behalf Contract and document review Trial defense services We believe you and your assets should be protected from the unexpected at all times which is why we

partner with attorneys who specialize in many different aspects of the law to give you the best representation possible Tax Services Includes Personal and Business Taxes Associate must be on autoship for 6 months in calendar year Corporate taxes include entity setup by Tranont only Does not include existing entity (tax preparation and services may be purchased for existing entity fee based on number of schedules estimate of $150/schedule)

Credit Services Tranont Credit Services Allow You To Gain An Education In The Complicated Landscape Of Credit, Improve Scores And Repair Bad Credit. In a partnership with the dedicated team at ReCredit who have decades of experience in the credit arena. They can help you with:

Comprehensive credit education Establishing credit for the first time Monitoring credit changes Maximizing credit scores and status Credit restoration strategies Credit Services Managing credit

Real estate and other large transactions Credit cards Business loans Personal loans Student loans Legal recourse The team at ReCredit will evaluate and educate you in the areas specific to your needs. They will work with you until the matters are resolved. We know credit plays a major role in your financial well-being and we want to provide you with options to lower interest rates and improve your buying power.

Mobile Healthcare Acute Care Triage (ACT) Online resources can reduce your time lost waiting for doctors, expenses, and difficulty navigating healthcare systems: Immediate treatment for non-emergency medical conditions such as these: Allergies Headaches Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Bronchitis Colds, Coughs, and Sinus Problems Ear Infections Flu Symptoms Stomach Aches Musculoskeletal Injuries (Sprains, Strains) Pink Eye

Visits Required for Regular Medicine Refills Urinary Tract Infections And Much More! Mobile Healthcare ACT Health Savings Benefit Program Plan Include: 24/7 Online Telehealth/Nursing Portal Discount Prescription Rx Program MRI/CT Scan Network LAB discount Network Diabetic Testing Supplies National Discount Chiropractic Network

Humana Dental Discount Program Coast to Coast Vision Discount Program Medical Concierge Program Hearing Aids

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