Training - California State University, Stanislaus

Training - California State University, Stanislaus

Exploring Microsoft PowerPoint Chapter 1 Introduction to PowerPoint: Presentations Made Easy Objectives Describe common user interface Open and Modify existing presentations Describe various ways to print Describe different views and features of each Exploring PowerPoint

Chapter 1 2 More Objectives Use Outline View Add Clip Art Time and rehearse a presentation Describe Meeting Minder, Slide Navigator, and Pen tools Exploring PowerPoint

Chapter 1 3 Overview Microsoft Office Suite Application Create a professional presentation yourself Easy to learn 5 different views Content and delivery are very important and up to you

Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 4 The PowerPoint Window Menu Bar Standard Toolbar Formatting Toolbar Drawing toolbar

Slide Navigator Status bar Office Assistant Screen Tip Scroll bar View buttons Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 5 File Menu Vocabulary

Exploring PowerPoint File menu Close command Exit command Open command Print command Save command Chapter 1 6 Five Different Views 1. Slide view

2. Outline view 3. Notes Page view 4. Slide Sorter view Slide Miniature 5. Slide Show view Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 7 Adding and Deleting Slides AutoLayout Placeholders New Slide Command Clip Art

Elevator Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 Redo command Undo command Transition effects Animation effects 8

Slide Show Tools Vocabulary Exploring PowerPoint Rehearse Timings Action Items Meeting Minder Annotating a Slide Hidden Slide Pen Chapter 1

9 Introduction to PowerPoint Hands-On Exercise 1 1. Welcome to Windows 2. Obtain the Practice files 3. Start PowerPoint 4. Open a Presentation 5. The Save As Command Exploring PowerPoint 6. Modify a Slide 7. The Office Assistant 8. Show the Presentation 9. Print the Presentation 10. Exit PowerPoint

Chapter 1 10 PowerPoint Views Hands-On Exercise 2 1. Add a New Slide 2. Click Here 3. Add Clip Art 4. Select-Then-Do 5. The Slide Sorter View Exploring PowerPoint 6. The Outline View 7. The Slide View 8. The Slide Show

View 9. The Notes Page View Chapter 1 11 Slide Show Tools Hands-On Exercise 3 1. Open the Existing Presentation 2. Hide a Slide 3. Rehearse the Presentation 4. The Meeting Minder 5. The Slide Navigator 6. Annotate a Slide 7. End the Show Exploring PowerPoint

Chapter 1 12 Chapter 1 Summary A Presentation is a series of slides PowerPoint window follows CUI conventions 5 different views AutoLayout contains placeholders for objects Rehearse Timings, Pen, and Meeting Minder useful during presentation Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 13

More Practice 1. Hire a Marketing Whiz 2. Recommending a Strategy 3. The Send To command 4. Introduction to the Internet and Web 5. My Favorite Presidents 6. Landmarks around the World 7. LeAnn Rimes Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 14 Case Studies Planning for Disaster Slides to Go

Clip Art Microsoft Online The ValuPack and PowerPoint Central Exploring PowerPoint Chapter 1 15

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