Title of Project

Title of Project

University College Educational Planning and Registration Session DePaolo Hall www.uncw.edu/uc 910-962-3245 Overview You will be signing up for classes today Academic Advisors are here to help you We will have a short presentation before you

sign up for courses Orientation Form Write your current interest area/major and cell phone number AA/AS at top Placement Testing Information Additional Placement Information

English Placement: If you did not transfer in English credit, its based on SAT or ACT If you did not take SAT or ACT, you can sign up for ENG 101 Special Section ENG 101 / 101 Resource Supported Writing Class Math Placement: Based on ACT scores, UNCW Math Placement Test, AP or Transfer Credit

If scored 1 or 2 on placement exam, take MAT 105 or do MyMathTest module in the Fall or summer Supplemental Credit MAT 161 with C or better 3 additional credits Additional Placement Information Foreign Language Placement Two options Continue with high school language: Take UNCW

placement test and take what you place into or build off transfer credits Start a new language at the 101 level no need to take placement test If no lang in HS, must take 101>102>201 No more than two courses are required from students who graduated high school more than seven years prior to matriculation to UNCW. Supplemental Credit

Language 200 or higher earning a C or better 3-6 additional credits Transfer Credits Fill in AP/IB exams and college courses completed (that are not already listed) List the score next to the test if you know it Cape Fear Community College

ENG 111 Transfer Credits DO NOT register for any course for which you have received (or expect to receive) transfer or AP/IB credit. Available transcripts have been reviewed for transfer credits and equivalencies at UNCW. Have FINAL transcripts sent to UNCW ASAP.

Equivalency questions ask advisor!! Can pull up unofficial transcript in another window. Orientation Prep Sheet Advisors have reviewed academic transcripts and major/Univ Studies Follow recommendations in file

update advisors of changes to major ASAP and update advisor on additional coursework for other recommendations Graduation Requirements Complete University Studies 39-50 hrs. Fulfill Major requirements 39-70 hrs. Earn minimum120 Semester Hours (may need electives)

Univ Studies If an AA/AS Will be waived from US EXCEPT: - PED 101 (also waived for Military students-unless qualify for Bilateral Articulation Agreement) - Foreign Language up to 201 in language studied in high school or 101-102 in new language - Diverse Nation or Global Society (unless Bilateral AA) - Competencies 3 in each category

If you have taken the exact equivalencies within these areas, you will get credit for them. Bilateral Articulation Agreement If you have graduated from a school below w/ an Associate of Arts, Science, or Fine Arts, with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA the following are also waived: PED 101 Global Society and Diverse Nation MUST meet UNCW Foreign Lang requirements

Bilateral Articulation Agreement Members Alamance CC Fayetteville Tech CC Asheville-Buncombe Tech CC James Sprunt CC

Bladen CC Brunswick CC Cape Fear CC Carteret CC Lenoir CC Pitt CC Sampson CC Southeastern CC

Coastal Carolina CC Wake Tech CC Craven CC Durham Tech CC Wayne CC

UNI 201: Transfer Seminar UNI 201 is 3 credit, elective seminar-style course that supports transfer students in their transition to UNCW. Students are able fulfill 3 hours Information Literacy and 3 hours Writing Intensive Competencies. Students will leave UNI 201 with: Academic and career plan Rsum and cover letter

Academic strategies and skills Knowledge of campus resources, opportunities, and policies Library and research skills Community with other transfer students To register, search for University College and select UNI 201. Pre-Health and Pre-Law Students Pre-Professional Programs offers advising, resources, and programs to prepare pre-law and pre-health students for admission to graduate school.

We help with determining prerequisites for the program youre interested in, how to incorporate those into your chosen major, what extracurricular pieces are required (shadowing, volunteering, research, etc.), help with personal statements, application guidance, etc. from the time you begin at UNCW until you are admitted into a graduate level program! We also provide programs and events throughout the year to help you on your way to becoming a successful candidate to the professional program of your choice. Enroll today at uncw.edu/preprofessional to start your path to success! [email protected]

Drop in hours Mondays & Thursdays, 10am 12 noon Registering for Courses Follow recommendations in file update advisors of changes to major ASAP and update advisor on additional coursework for other recommendations University Studies and Major Courses (if applicable) 12 credits full time status

Prerequisites may need override if not on transcript ask advisor Be flexible with your schedule Balance of coursework rigor, strengths, and weaknesses Dropping and Adding Classes Reserved seats are available until 12pm the day after orientation

SeaNet will stay open for registration until the end of add/drop Wed. Aug. 28 11:59pm Classes begin on Wed. Aug. 21 You may add or drop a class on SeaNet Talk to your advisor before making course changes Note: Military Veterans You are waived from PED 101

Send all final transcripts and test scores to UNCW You received a navy blue folder during your military session today. There is a form that must be filled out with your schedule. Bring this to Financial Aid in Warwick before you leave

today! Get advisor signature before exiting SeaNet Check Out Instructions Get advisor signature on duplicate worksheet before signing out of SeaNet this is final approval. Go to checkout in Burney Center

Can pick up OneCard Registration Time! Go to http://www.uncw.edu/uc Click on How To Register for Courses in the middle of the page. Lets Get Started


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