Title of presentation

Title of presentation

Availability of Financing Options for SMEs, Listing and Operations of SME Exchange BSE Home to SME Companies 2702 3000 No. of Companies 2500 2000 1326 991

1500 1000 500 0 Less than Rs. 10 Crs Above Rs. 10 Crs < Rs. 25 Crs Rs. 25 Crs and above 2 Financing Options for SMEs 3 Regulatory Framework

Whether there existed a regulatory framework that allowed SME companies to access public? 4 Different Packaging No SEBI filing and vetting process, but only with the Exchanges WOW !!! Diluted regulatory requirement No SEBI eligibility criteria

No IPO grading Lower no. of minimum allottees Lower continuing listing requirements Opportunity available for migrating to main board 5 Providing Safeguards

Participation only by investors willing to invest minimum of Rs. 1 lac Mandatory market making for a period of 3 years from date of listing 100% underwriting 6 BSE Eligibility criteria Net Tangible Asset of atleast Rs. 1 crore Net worth of atleast Rs. 1 crore Minimum post issue paid up capital of Rs. 1 crore Track record of distributable profits in 2 out of 3 preceding financial years

OR Minimum Net worth of Rs. 3 crores 7 BSEs Endeavour to encourage this segment Extensive awareness programs across India with various industry chambers, professional bodies etc. Dedicated website www.bsesme.com Research report coverage on companies listed on SME Lower costs of listing 8

SMEs apprehensions Lack of familiarity of capital markets Family owned structures and fear of losing control Costs and fulfillment of regulatory requirements during and after IPO Lack of investors and existing uncertainties surrounding success of offering after paying initial costs 9 Statistics Details

SME Market Number of Listed Companies 8 Market Capitalization (Rs. Crores) 171.02 Daily Average Turnover for Sept 2012 (Rs Crores) Sectors Finance Capital Goods

Healthcare Information Technology Miscellaneous 0.59 Number Market of issuers capitalization (Rs Cr Sept 2012) 4 1 1 1 1

70.54 52.02 25.50 14.97 7.99 10 Issue Costs as per offer document Issue Costs Payment to Merchant Banker including fees and reimbursements of selling commissions brokerages, payment to other intermediaries such as legal advisors, registrars, bankers etc and out of pocket expenses Advertising and marketing expenses

Printing and Stationery (incl. distribution) Other (Regulatory fees and other expenses) Total Rs. In lacs % of issue cost 36.98 63.96 5.00 7.50

8.34 8.65 12.97 14.43 57.83 100.00 11 Experian Limited 2007. All rights reserved. Confidential and proprietary.

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