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MFS Global Technology Infrastructure Analysis 9 December 2016 Table of Contents 2. Table of Contents 3. Analysis Summary 4. MFS vs OIT Network Comparison 5. User Setup and Support Comparison 6. Takeout Cost Estimates 7. Net Cost Savings Estimates 8. TSA Impact 9. Timeline 10. Impact and Day 3, Whats Possible 11. Appendix (Supporting Documents) 2 Executive Summary After reviewing a preliminary analysis detailing a potential move to Options IT infrastructure, the EC asked the Transition Team to conduct a more thorough technological and cost comparison analysis between the current MFS Global planned User solution and the Options IT Core solution Analysis Process OIT team sent to all MFS work sites to inventory the Day 2 environment OIT team provided following report on each site (see slide 12) ; 1. Site survey form detailing list of current inventory 2. List of missing inventory (see slide 13) required to be purchased to connect to the OIT infrastructure and provide the Core Services (see slide 14 for list of Core Services) 3. Final cost estimate for each site to stand up the additional required infrastructure enabling Core Services and an aggregated cost estimate for all sites (see slide 15) Conducted an analysis of the MFS infrastructure setup compared to OIT network setup making direct comparisons and conclusions (see slide 4) Conducted a cost takeout analysis from the MFS budget estimates spreadsheet (see slide 6) and compared to costs of additional spend required to takeout the existing MFS User infrastructure (see Net Cost Savings Estimates slide 7) Surveyed the MFS Global team for information regarding costs associated with the current MFS network Requested hardware, network, and site infrastructure projected spend in 2017 to replace end of life hardware, software, and components Provided an Impact Analysis of what could be in a move to Options IT and a Day 3 scenario (see slide 10) 3 Network Comparison Network speeds on OIT will increase by up to 10X providing much improved performance Network Site Bandwidth Description & Impact MFS 100 MB1 100 MB2 All User activity points to a central data center Q9 via a each site connection OIT 10 GB 100MB-1 GB

With data centers deployed across the globe, each office connects to the closest regional data center to access the OIT 10GB backbone. OIT Network Benefits Performance / Capacity - Network has (for large sites) 10x allocated bandwidth as compared to the MFS network - Full redundancy with same bandwidth - Use of the OIT backbone provides advantage in performance over the MFS network which uses the Level 3 VPN backbone - Without UAT performance metrics; it is apparent that the OIT network will perform significantly better on the provisioning aspect alone Scalability - OIT network can scale with no change given embedded additional capacity and can further scale via an increase in circuit bandwidth - While the L3 backbone in global, it is also shared and currently provisioned for considerable lower capacity which will impact performance Federation - User applications and file shares will be removed from Citrix and exist at local sites thereby reducing network traffic. In future, MFS will have the option to maximize performance based on case at each site. Notes: 4 Offices are connected via primary Level 3 MPLS VPN service across their global data centers with a cloud VPN network backup at a maximum of 100MB connection (some less) 2 100MB with 200MB MPLS redundancy (aggregated across all offices) 1 User Setup and Support Comparison With the option of maintaining comparable onsite support at a (lower) cost, we will be also able to leverage the global OIT support system providing optimal monitoring, patching and maintenance # of Staff Annual Cost Upgrades, Patches MFS 10 $930k Run through Q9 in Toronto OIT 9 on-site + Global 24/7 Online Support $480k Support included in Core Service Model Automatic Globally MFS In total, 10 dedicated infrastructure team members globally to provide all maintenance, support, testing, etc. 24/7/365 with 2017 allocated cost of $930k, remaining IT team (55) allocated $11.2MM budget OIT

5 Each office will have a dedicated support team member on site (minimum 1 per 100 employees) Real-time 24/7/365 support for all sites from the global help desk Dedicated User support team Dedicated Networking team Includes setup of Active Directory, network setup, troubleshooting, reboots, patching, procurement, call outs and upgrades See slide 16 for User support model details Takeout Cost Estimates and Net Cost Savings In comparing the MFS 2017 budget for IT desktop infrastructure to OIT CORE solution, the estimated take out cost impact is summarized as follows IT Cost Summary STAFF COST TRAVEL & EXPENSES COMMUNICATIONS INDIRECT IT TOTAL IT COSTS Total 2017 2,758 125 3,060 6,496 12,440 Takeout Cost Assumption 930 18 2,460 3,835 7,244 Impact Summary A move to the OIT User solution is expected to result in an $7.2MM+ takeout of existing costs (see slide 17) The MFS solution Year 1 cost is estimated at $7.21MM+ and subsequent years of $6.0M There would be steady state cost savings of ~$1.3MM per year OIT cost model includes cost of hardware; MFS budget has no cost allocation for hardware (as it was considered a capital cost) OIT transparency to IT costs will result in additional cost savings and capitalization of all hardware MFS Global will need to upgrade most MFS hardware and software soon as most is end of life, this will be accomplished by a move to OIT See next slide for net cost savings estimates for 5 years 6 Net Cost Savings Estimates Net (worst case) cost savings estimates over the next 5 years Year Takeout Cost OIT Spend Cost Savings Year 1* 5,794.8 7,213.1

-1,418.3 Year 2 7,243.6 5,968.1 1,275.5 Year 3 7,243.6 5,968.1 1,275.5 Year 4 7,243.6 5,968.1 1,275.5 Year 5 7,243.6 5,968.1 1,275.5 Total *Year 1 Takeout Cost reflects a 20% transition charge 7 3,683.6 Commentary A very conservative view of the Takeout costs was taken due to data transparency issues with existing MFS IT budget with an opportunity to take out an additional $0.5-1.5mm/year Even on a cost neutral basis, the resiliency, bandwidth, and functionality is far superior with OIT and could required an additional $5-10mm investment on the MFS platform to bring it up to par Future scalability and upgrades will not require MFS capital investments and are included as part of OIT recurring charge TSA & Application Impact TSA Impact - Rollout

8 We expect to be ready to cut over the OIT Core Desktop by March 17th, 2017 Go-Live A Big Bank approach will be taken with All office locations transitioning over the weekend of March 18th-19th A firm Go commitment for the Application cutover is required from the MFS team no later than 8 weeks before the Go-Live date In order to improve performance, we will be establishing circuit connections from our OIT data centers to the MFS managed application data centers Currently there are two data centers, one at Data Fortress and the other in Toronto at Q9 and we will need to know if we need to plan on connections to both data centers or just Q9 connection to the other via Citrix over the Internet Regardless, we will incur cost of the circuits but can slow their delivery down in the case where the application hosting platform is not available and Users will need to access via Citrix We can migrate independently and are planning to set-up circuits from OIT data centers to MFS data centers (Q9 and SunGard for DR) and so if the managed hosting has not transitioned, we will need to Citrix to the DF hosted applications Timeline CRITICAL TASKS AND TIMELINE REQUIREMENTS Wednesday, Nov 25th | Transition team submits MUTB MFS Global Technology Transition Proposal Friday, Dec 9th| EC receives MFS Global Infrastructure Analysis Monday, Dec 12th | EC decides and gives verbal approval Friday, Dec 12th | OIT places additional circuit orders as required (reuse of L3 circuits if possible) Wednesday, Dec 14th | MFS Global submits preapproval form Friday, Dec 16th | Sign OIT SSA for MFS Global User Infrastructure Friday, Dec 16th | OIT places additional equipment orders Friday, Dec 16th | Remaining site visits and hardware inventory completed Friday, Dec 23rd | MUTB formal approval (need to confirm with Tokyo team) Sunday, Dec 25th | Santa returns Tuesday, Jan 3rd | Transition Project Team begins transition process 9 Impact and Day 3, Whats Possible Day 3 Considerations; A change to the OIT infrastructure would enable us to; Step 1 Move to OIT global datacenters Benefit from the flexibility to deploy federated architecture as needed by pushing out file shares and network storage to local sites (gets data closer to the User) Improve performance Limit use of Citrix to only applications requiring high data throughput (less traffic across the network and more concentrated locally) Step 2 Migrate the Citrix Farm (currently 129 servers) to the OIT 10G backbone Significantly reduce the associated bottlenecks Users are experiencing with applications Step 3 Transfer managed applications to the Options environment Capitalize on a more scalable architecture as we add Clients Step 4 Optimize environments Deploy the latest technologies in memory mesh, storage, and data throughput Potential to reduce server footprint by up to 66% Significant performance boost Significant reduction in cost (imagine adding Clients and just adding boxes with no substantial IT spend) Focus MFS technology efforts on automating the fund accounting and administration processes which will increase revenues and margins as well as make us more competitive Full transparency to our infrastructure costs, capitalization of those costs, and specific assignment to revenue 10 The first step is to move the User infrastructure now Appendix

Supporting Documents 11 OIT MFS Office Site Report - Inventory OIT global site scoping detailing inventory at each site and requirements analysis for joining the OIT platform MFS Global Site Scoping 12 OIT Site Report Missing Equipment A summary of equipment that will be required to be purchased. A detailed inventory can be found in the embedded spreadsheet. Office Bermuda Canada - Halifax Canada - Mississauga Canada - Toronto Canada - Waterloo Cayman - Elgin Ave Cayman - Strathvale House Dublin - George Quay Dublin -Leeson Street Hong Kong Jersey London Minneapolis - Caslte lake New York Singapore Grand Total Microsoft Excel Worksheet 13 MFS Global Infrastructure Analysis Conf Phones Monitors 5 0 5 0 1 0 5 85 5 0 1 0 2 0 5 0 3 0 1 0 3 66 5

0 1 0 1 0 1 0 44 151 SCCM Dist Point 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 15 Switches 3850X Telephones 0 49 0 112 0 70 1 95 0 105 0 24 0 165 0 84 4 205 0 10 3 33 0 15 0 14 0 40 0 49 8 1,070 UPS

Systems 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Voice Gateway 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 7 Workstations 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 33 0 0 0 0 33 Services Provided by Options IT | Core Services Desktop Solutions Domain management Mail hosting in a redundant and highly-available MS Exchange 2013 or Office 365 environment Secure and compliant instant messaging, presence, screen sharing, voice- and video- conferencing through MS Lync 2013 Global Cisco VoIP Telephony File sharing and network-hosted user private drives

SFTP web-based file sharing Full Audit trail of all access and actions on the platform through Varonis SCCM software deployment to all desktops quickly and efficiently SCCM continuous management/auditing reporting Security Monthly endpoint security report covering all workstations, servers and users Custom-built web-filtering Powerful Fortimail mail gateway security Virus and Malware scanning with constantly updated Trend Micro deployment Sensitive data on file servers encrypted with Symantec File Encryption Secure desktop estate managed with control over USB/CD-ROM access, user admin rights, password policies and app blacklisting Endpoint and traffic modelling, allowing alerting to even zero-day threats with Observable Networks Access Exchange and Outlook email systems with Webmail access Blackberry Enterprise and ActivSync Services,MobileIron device management Remote access to hosted applications, desktops and VDIs through a resilient global Citrix deployment; including Dual factor authentication Fully functional home offices deployed and managed using secure DMVPN configuration Compliance Mail and IM archiving with Global Relay Reliable voice recording with Red Box Audit trails, user group memberships and permission reports with Varonis DatAdvantage Business Continuity Daily, weekly and monthly backups data retained for 7 years minimum Backup tapes stored off-site with industry-leading tape management companies All key services replicated between multiple global datacenters A knowledgeable and capable engineering team to assist with DR plans and exercises 14 OIT Aggregated Cost Estimates Summary Report Aggregated Cost Estimates for all sites Service Product Description Unit Price Qty $600 0

$350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 $350 179 84 45 10 15 34 165 20 45 71 45 105 112 28 14 Non recurring (NRC) Monthly recurring (MRC) Managed Desktop - Fully specified IT Service 2 FTE onsite schedule visits + on call schedule visits + on call 1 FTE onsite 2 FTE onsite 1 FTE onsite 1 FTE onsite 1 FTE onsite 1 FTE onsite schedule visits + on call schedule visits + on call Discounts Connectivity Total (est) Total Managed Desktop services package per user list Dublin - Leeson Street Dublin - George's Quay Singapore Hong Kong London Jersey

Cayman EA Cayman SH Bermuda Toronto Mississauga Waterloo Halifax New York (less already contracted users) Minneapolis Pricing includes 30% Discount on above users only Monthly 20k cash discount if users stay above 800 only All Fiber, cross connect and internet as per Connectivity tab $78,425 972 $0 $206,630 $89,850 $48,850 $13,600 $24,980 $100,190 $199,850 $23,100 $49,650 $99,010 $46,850 $110,150 $113,300 $49,215 $17,400 $72,724 $34,584 $16,920 $4,460 $5,640 $16,024 $82,840 $10,520 $31,420 $32,776 $16,920 $47,480 $50,112 $11,228 $5,264 (12 NYC Contracted) -$20,000 1 $52,400 $78,425 Total Non-Recurring $1,245,025 Total Monthly

15 Notes 1 12 IHC users in NY and 1 Salesperson in Dallas already contracted with OIT $497,337.0 0 OIT User Support Model High Touch Client Engagement Technical Account Management Regular face-to-face meetings with a Technical Account Manager ensures Options deliverables line up with client priorities Account status calls scheduled at intervals that suit client needs Quarterly dedicated Security and DR/BCP meetings offered with Options senior engineers and specialists Support Desk 24x7 Follow-the-Sun Support: Reachable by mail, Phone or Jira ticketing system. Dedicated on-site Support Operate as a single global team spanning multiple sites across the Americas, Europe and Asia Fully transparent Support escalation tree, through regional Team Leaders to Global Head of Support Knowledgeable Procurement / Licensing Team Service level agreement Table represents common SLA practice Service Level Operating time Maintenance windows Values 24x7 Weekends Definition, Measurement Operating time is 24x7, excluding planned or emergency maintenance Local server time. At least 10 days notice is given except in cases of emergency change. On-Call service time 24x7 All support for our infrastructure is included in the monthly server fees and is available 24/7 globally Agreed service time SL 24x7 *note that service credits are calculated on a 24x5 service time Availability in % 16 99.9%

Target availability is 100%. Achieved availability over the last three years is >99.99%. Service credits begin if any service in a given quarter is less than 99.75% Takeout Cost Detail IT Staff Costs Base Salaries Contract Staff Pensions Medical Insurance Payroll Taxes Other Benefits IT Dev Capitalization Total Staff Costs IT Travel & Business Expenses Travel & Business Expenses Meals & Entertainment Total Travel & Expenses IT Communications Internet MPLS Communications Total Communications IT Infrastructure Co-Location Hosting CGI Hosted Exchange Citrix IBM Advent Net & Smartnet Microsoft Oracle Disaster Recovery Help Desk Infra Managed Services IBM Banking Solutions Managed Backup & Monitoring Log Management Service Helpdesk Software Network Tools Enhancement Minor HW Minor SW IHC Costs 17 Other Indirect IT Total Infrastructure Total IT Total 2017 4,632 503 293 376 227 14 (3,286) 2,758 Takeout % of 2017 Assumption Budget Comments 713 15% 6FTE + 4 contractors providing all user infrastructure support. (10 of 65) 77 15%

45 15% 58 15% 35 15% 2 15% 0 930 120 5 125 18 0 18 15% Same % as IT Staff 660 1,200 1,200 3,060 660 1,200 600 2,460 100% Replaced by OIT 100% Replaced by OIT 50% Replaced by OIT except for communications required at Q9 483 360 350 210 40 550 500 903 90 200 20 250 56 150 100 180 540 408 1,107 6,496 12,439 435 360 118 210 0 189 0 361

90 200 20 125 0 150 100 180 540 204 554 3,835 7,243 90% 100% 34% 100% Replaced by OIT Replaced by OIT Replace/Reuse of Citrix VDA license $10/User added back to OIT Costs Not needed 34% Replaced by OIT and captured in OIT costs 40% 100% 100% 100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 50% 50% Allocating 10% to User Infrastructure DR and 30% to BCP Replaced by OIT Replaced by OIT Not needed Allocating 50% to User infrastructure - Citrix desktop and file share backup, monitoring, and troubleshooting Replaced by OIT Replaced by OIT Replaced by OIT. Replacement cost estimates 150k-175k Replaced by OIT MFS Network Q9 + DF MFS Network Design 18 OIT Network Proposed OIT Network Design 19 Timeline and Resourcing Timeline Based on rollout of MCA and RFS, we would propose the following timeline and associated high level tasks Milestones W1 W2

21-Nov 28-Nov W3 5-Dec W4 W5 W6 12-Dec 19-Dec 26-Dec W7 2-Jan W8 9-Jan W9 W10 W11 16-Jan 23-Jan 30-Jan W12 6-Feb W13 W14 W15 13-Feb 20-Feb 27-Feb W16 6-Mar W17 W18 W19 13-Mar 20-Mar 27-Mar W20 3-Apr W21 10-Apr W22 17-Apr Sign Off on Options proposal Contract signed Connectivity (Order & Install) Network equipment (Order & Install) Initial Site Visit (Scope) Setup on Options platform Network Design User Migration Deep Mail Migration UBS Dive - Deep - Mail Migration Deep Dive Maildive Migration Mail Migration

Data Domicile confirmation Data Migration Software Licensing - MS OS, Office, Adobe etc SCCM Server environment (Citrix, NAS) Telephony Security Remote Access Video Conferencing Deployed TAM and Policy Docs Defined Office and Comms room built End User Desktops Migrated Handover to Support Desk Time Critical Resources OIT | Included in the cost estimates; End-to-end organization, coordination, communication, planning and execution of project tasks MFS Global| Team leads, SMEs and UBS leads to manage migration and transition to TSA exit Transition Team | Management and site personnel to manage the OIT team through TSA exit on each site (expected from MFS) Margin of Error There are only two situations that would cause us to miss the delivery deadline, which are; Both are unlikely but should be mentioned as risks 1. Insufficient time to turn up all require network connections and 2. Unknowns at the site locations 20 MFS Users and Sites Users and Sites OIT will need to roll out coverage for the following Users and work Sites; Region Americas - Canada Americas - Canada Americas - Canada Americas - Canada Americas - USA Americas - USA Asia Asia Caribbean Caribbean EMEA EMEA EMEA Grand Total 21 Location Waterloo Halifax Mississauga Toronto Castlelake (Minneapolis) New York Hong Kong Singapore Bermuda Cayman (2 offices) Dublin (2 offices) Jersey London

# of Staff 105 112 45 71 14 40 10 45 45 185 263 34 15 984 Cost Estimate| Brand NEW Infrastructure In order to provide an accurate cost analysis, we are providing the cost of (I) Standing up the User solution on Options IT Core Solution, (II) Estimates on what we can reuse, and (III) Net cost estimate (CORE minus RE-Usable) Scenario I: Options IT Core Product Solution Estimate (new build) Service Product Description Unit Price Qty Non recurring (NRC) Monthly recurring (MRC) $600 0 $0 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 263 105 71 45 28 45 15 34

10 112 185 14 45 $131,500 $52,500 $35,500 $22,500 $14,000 $22,500 $7,500 $17,000 $5,000 $56,000 $92,500 $7,000 $22,500 Managed Desktop - Fully specified IT Service 2 FTE onsite 1 FTE onsite 1 FTE onsite schedule visits schedule visits Share with TO schedule visits 1 FTE onsite schedule visits 1 FTE onsite 2 FTE onsite schedule visits 1 FTE onsite + on call + on call + on call + on call + on call Total Managed Desktop services package per user list MUFG Core users Dublin Waterloo Toronto Singapore New York Mississauga London Jersey Hong Kong Halifax Cayman Castle Lake (Minneapolis) Bermuda 30% Discount on above users only Scoping Travel Estimate -145800 T&E to site visit all offices globally to confirm project $150,000 4 permanent onsite staff included each additional

$8,000 onsite/mth Telephony Gateway and Telco connections in areas $3,000 Voice Gateway Options does not have Voice Gateways Video Conference Package Small Conference Room Package (see tab) $11,955 $14,925 Medium Conference Room Package (see tab) Large Conference Room Package (see tab) $16,862 Video Conference Room support and network $500 PC's/Laptops HP Prodesk 600 G2 - Core I5 6500 3.2 GHz 8GB 1 TB $715 Zenbook 13.3 inch laptop 6th Gen i5 8GB 256 SSD, $800 Win 10 Plugable USB Docking Station (up to 3 monitors) $100 Phones Cisco IP Phone 7965G with 6 lines (with CH1 license) $450 Networking Cisco 3850 48 port switch with SEC licenses(refurb) $7,000 $550 Redundant Power StackPower and Stackwise Cables $110 $80 Cisco Smartnet support for 3850 switch Cisco Aironet WAP with licenses $750 Installation/Migration/ Initial migration, Network, Security and User creation $500 Setup (excludes travel expenses if applicable) Full home setup per user (router/pc/phone required) $75 Home Setup RSA Key per mobile device $95 RSA Server Software per user licence $75 MS Office ProPLus 2013 (annual fee, 3 yr min) $16 Software Citrix VDA licenses $10 All Fiber, cross connect and internet as per $78,425 Connectivity Total (est) Connectivity tab Onsite Support 22 1 5 $150,000

0 $0 $40,000 5 $2,500 $15,000 4 10 5 19 500 472 $47,819 $149,253 $84,312 $0 $357,500 $377,600 $0 $0 $0 $9,500 $0 $0 472 972 44 44 44 44 26 972 $47,200 $437,400 $308,000 $24,200 $4,840 $3,520 $19,500 $486,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 0 0 0 972 972 1

$0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $52,400 $0 $0 $0 $15,552 $9,720 $78,425 Total Non-Recurring $2,552,044 Total Monthly $508,397.0 Total Non-Recurring Total Monthly $ 2,552,044 $ 508,397 Non-reoccurring costs include Hardware Purchase: Machines and docking stations Desktop phones Conference room equipment, including VC Switches, power and cables Fiber T&E for Global Discovery Analysis Installation, Migration and Setup Monthly-reoccurring costs include Core Managed Service Based on reference user scope and location Includes 30% discount Details reflected on slide 3 Dedicated on-site support; 9 total MS ProPlus 2013 and Citrix VDA licenses Connectivity maintenance Comms room support and maintenance

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