Title goes here - Emmaus Hull

Title goes here - Emmaus Hull

Emmaus Hull & East Riding Stakeholder Information Event Who are Emmaus What do we do The Orchard Why we are different Working with us

The Future Abbe Pierr Founder of Emmaus The first Emmaus community opened in Paris in 1949 A priest, MP and former member of the French Resistance during the Second World War As an MP, he fought to provide homes for those who lived on the streets of Paris

Key facts 25 communities across the UK. Supporting 640 formerly homeless people 240 volunteering opportunities 65 shops and social enterprises Seven new groups working to open new communities Every community recycles or reuses around 300 tonnes of goods

each year. The Orchard We are opening an new Homeless Centre called The Orchard in Hull that will be supporting those homeless in Hull & East Riding. The Orchard will offer Accommodation, Community Caf, Community Learning, Recycling, Furniture Super Store. The Orchard All legal & funding negotiations were

finally completed by June 2014. August 29th spade in the ground. In October 2015 Hobson & Porter will have finished the build and Chevin Housing Association will hand over the buildings to us. Sat on waste land, this bespoke build we be the start of Emmaus Hull & East Riding.

The Orchard The Orchard What we offer Homes for 30 formerly homeless people. Ensuite facilities Comprehensive support & training available for all Companions

Access to a full range of volunteering opportunities across Emmaus Enterprises. Weekly allowance, holiday funds, leaving support fund. Our retail expansion plans In 2015 we entered into a working arrangement with Dove House Hospice to develop our retail

presence under their guidance & expertise. Both charities are working to together to support Emmaus development. In 2015/16 we plan to open four new shops. We are on a mission to develop our stock base with many campaigns underway

Retail activities EBay Shop Walton Street Market Pop up shops Recycling Auction Deliveries & collection service Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a companion room with personal support 5,000 20 available Provide the furnishings and personal items for a companion, together with the induction and personal support to help him or her become a contributing member of the community. Sponsor a Companion Place Setting 1,500 Provide one companions share of the

furniture and equipment in the social and dining areas to enable companions to share community life. Why Emmaus Hull? Stable home (not time specific) Meaningful work (Social Enterprises) Re-build self-esteem Gain skills and experience

(includes qualifications) Re-establish family relationships Accessing Emmaus Referral and application process includes reference checking. Interview Taster Session Offer short term Offer permanent

Journey specific What we expect Sign off from welfare benefits Companion must work to the best of their ability 5 days a week, 37 hours per week

Engage in support plans and all training Be honest and develop the Emmaus Ethos. Our impact Research carried out in 2012 showed that for every 1 spent with Emmaus, there

was an 11 social, economic and environmental return on investment, with savings to the benefits bill, healthcare, a reduction in crime reoffending and a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill. Accessing referral Information

All referral information will be available via our website. www.emmaushull.org.uk Companion Tab http://emmaushull.org/companion/ Stakeholder Involvement Support service development and clear working partnerships

Evaluate and review our service Support the LAs wider homelessness agenda and indeed support those most in need Access our facilities and support Enterprise and business growth Develop move on opportunities for homeless individuals Qus for Companions


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