An experienced land management software that won't inhibit your most senior land administrators with system constraints and will enable your junior land people to think for themselves and become more experienced administrators in a shorter period of time Michelle Holt, Cequence Energy _experience the commitment TM What is Landman? LANDman is a comprehensive, integrated modular land management system for the resource industry Easy to use and scalable to any size organization Powerful reporting functionality both standard and ad-hoc with export capabilities Landman interfaces with other CGI products (Envision, Wolfpac, PVR and soon, PAS) as well as third party O&G financial, engineering, reserves and mapping applications Driven by User Group requests, industry changes and CGI Vision, Landman continues to evolve to help our clients reduce costs and maximize revenue. 2 2010 Product Overview - Landman LANDMATE ACCESS AGREEMENTS Choose from various interface options, Easily use the system to generate ADAPTER custom links and reports. master agreements and addenda . FEE LANDS AND SPACING UNITSCustom CROWN RECONCILIATION Road use billings and accounting Interfaces & Units

Exceptional ability to manage Fee Service Agreements Trigger Events Facilities Simplifies reconciling crown rental entries can be generated monthly Lands automatically generating aReports (Unitization send electronic updates (Types and Rates) (Plants, Batteries, P/L) WELL invoices with land records Agreements) CONTRACT & MINERAL mineral file from the Fee Title record. Can be interfaced to other well Automatic linking tospacing related files same legal rights The unit with module is designed systems. interface AccessCommon Agreements SURFACE edits propagatedfor instantly

without company input accessing and can beeach allows upload of PPDMand accounting Billings ADAPTER individual file. integrated DOI information canRental be maintained at the JIFI with third party records and Crown compliant information & REPORTING Accounting PROJECTS entriesfrom can be Companies generated Event publishing Mapping desired with historical data retained. that level operate units andInvoice facilities reapand significant applications. Road Use Crossings Interfaces other third party

data sources The comprehensive selection Interfaces monthly for multiple operating and as services advantage (Rental implementing invoices) the JIFI module it enables easy Reconciliation filtering capabilities of the LANDman companies. interface to various management ofproject these complex agreements and the rates in tool coupled with the powerful third party the associated service agreements. ad hoc reporting delivers exactly the applications

Wells are automatically linked at the touch ofwhen a button via the right information where and its Contract government unitneeded. code. If Save desired, well status beit! updated it, Mineral reuse it and can share Fee Lands & Well Surface (Op & Acct Rules, via data load using PPDM standards. Service agreement (Legal Structured Spacing (Landholder Access (Well header,

Ownership, Royalties, Rights, Ownership, rates can be automatically applied to all or selected wells. Rights) license, ownership) Legal Structured Units JIFI LANDMATE LANDMAN Royalties) Rights) Reports/Ad Hoc Reports Projects System Administration Application Administration Environment Oracle 10G Third Party Interfaces Land Information (Accumap, GeoScout, MapQ) Public Well Information Drilling

Management (Wellview, Custom) Document Management (IHS, Accumap, Geologic, GeoWebworks) Landma n Joint Interest Billing (PowerVision, Livelink) SAP/Other (Export as requested) (JIBlink) Reserves Information enVision (GLJ, Seton, etc) MS Excel (Client Table, Cost Centers, Accounts, Rental JE) 3rd party FM (Client Table, Cost Centers, Accounts, Rental JE)

4 Landman Implementation Services New Installations Minimal start up effort Opportunities: Data Entry Assistance for additional cost Documentation Specialists can help write standard business procedures for clients Automated Conversions Standard conversion scripts/procedures for some competitor products. Land Consulting and Data Entry specialist is available to assist in data review and cleanup activities Release Upgrades Release Upgrades are standard Landman Custom code is upgraded at time and materials Testing of new releases can be done on ASP for a small fee or brought in house for testing on client data Manual Conversions & Merges Recommended for smaller datasets Landman has a Data Entry Specialist on staff for this function Data Entry support also provided for operations when client has a staff shortage 5 Landman Education and Training Services Training Trainers on staff:

Training sessions by module Training Manuals for each module On-line Help for each screen How-To Instructions for key activities Help Desk Help Desk hours Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm CGI also can provide IT and Data Base Support Services at client sites as well as Hosting Services 6 Landman Custom & Complementary Services Custom Development Land Consulting Handled on first comefirst served basis Active in CAPL, CAPLA, CAPPA, PJVA, PPDM Application support Business processes / best practices Documentation Specialists can help write business procedures for clients Outsourcing Project Management Conversion data entry and consulting ASP offering Data review and cleanup support Acquisitions, Conversions, Data Merges CGI experts manage client land conversion projects to completion 7

A Landman 8.1 Sneak Peak!!! 1) Integrated Project Management 2) Enhanced multi-column Quick Query filter screen empowering users to filter on exactly what they want from pull down lists and export 5) Multi-parcel and cornerto-corner legal search 4) Merger of Quick-Query and Projects only search features 3) MS Excel export 8 A Landman 8.1 Sneak Peak!!! Excel export Merger of Quick-Query and Projects only search features Multi-parcel and corner9 to-corner legal search Ready for a Demo of LANDman? Contact us: LANDman Help Desk: 403-213-8490 [email protected] Sales: 403-213-8300 10

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